LED Tri-proof Lights

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With fuel prices soaring higher every day, the demand for sustainable and efficient lighting solutions keeps rising too. Truth is, life without light is almost impossible. That’s because we need light for work, at home, our safety, and growth. Yes, light is that important. So, how can you combat rising power costs? Well, the solution is quite simple – by switching to a more efficient lighting system like ShineLong’s Tri-proof lights.

At ShineLong, we’ve been manufacturing affordable, efficient and high-performance lighting fixtures for years. We understand the value of durability and the need for more efficient lights, and that’s why we devote a lot of resources, time and effort towards refining our LED products to be the best in everything. Our Tri-proof series comprises of our best and strongest lights that are designed to be almost damage-proof with protection ratings ranging from IP65 and IP69K.

These lights are all easy to install, mount, use, and maintain. What’s more, they last longer than most LED products in the market offering up to 100,000 hours of high-quality lighting. Impressive, right? Well, there’s more. So, which products make up ShineLong’s Tri-Proof LED light Series? Well, here they are:



When it comes to illuminating parking garages, warehouses, and supermarkets – just to mention a few – no other light does it better than our Parkade LEDs. They are strong, beautifully designed, durable, and impressively efficient.



Are you a rancher looking for the best lights for your farmhouse, chicken shed, barns, slaughterhouses, and so on? If so, the ShineLong Rancher is the only LED light designed and capable of being used in such environments without getting damaged.



Patent cylinder design, easy installation, low maintenance needs, proper and evenly distributed illumination, and high energy efficiency. These are just a few of the many perks that our Gauls LEDs have to offer.



If you are looking for a high-performance lighting fixture that doubles up as an aesthetics booster, then the ShineLong Alpha Vapor Proof LED lights are exactly what you need.

Eco Mini, Waterproof LED Lights 4


Simple and small, but super powerful. Those are only a few best ways to describe ShineLong EcoMini lights


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