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LED Tri-proof Light

LED Tri-Proof Lights are extremely durable and long-lasting LED light fixtures that offer excellent commercial lighting solutions. They come with full IP65, IP66, IP68 and IP69K protection, which protects them from damage against dust particles, water damage, and even corrosion. As a result, they are ideal for areas such as parking lots and warehouses. This makes them a perfect replacement for the T8 LED light fixtures.

In addition to being durable, LED Tri-Proof Light fixtures are also very easy to install, which helps to save time when replacing them. They also allow for multiple installation techniques such as wall mounting or suspended mounting. Therefore, you can install them at almost any location.

At ShineLong, we have been offering LED-Tri Proof Light fixtures for more than 4 years now. Our LED Tri-Proof Light product category is comprised of the best luminaries, which help you to realize better illumination with excellent energy saving benefits. These products include:

Parkade LED garage lighting – these are ideal for parking lots, corridors, warehouses, supermarkets and department stores, factories, food industries, etc.

Rancher LED lights – amazing illumination for parking garages, warehouses, food processing industries, car wash facilities, and animal sheds.

Gauls LED light fixtures – Gauls LED lights are designed for areas that are susceptible to dust, which makes them ideal for parking garages, warehouses, storage facilities, etc.

Alpha Vapor Proof LED lights – these LED light fixtures are vapor proof and very easy to install and maintain. They are the perfect commercial lighting solution for your parking garages, warehouses, corridors, and other areas that are humid.

EcoMini LED lights – EcoMini LED light fixtures are small, compact LED lights. They are perfect for replacing single T8 Light Fixtures.

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