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LED Tri-proof Lights

LED Tri-proof Lights At ShineLong

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At ShineLong, we take pride in being one of the best-LED manufacturers in the market. For us, quality and value for money to our clients matter.

ShineLong Quality Tri-Proof LED Lights

High-Quality Lighting

ShineLong LED manufactures some of the best quality fixtures; not just in terms of performance but also the overall design and aesthetic. That way, you get a fixture that looks good and still manages to give you top-tier service.

Very Efficient Fixtures

One of the biggest considerations you have to make when shopping for light fixtures is efficiency. Obviously, you want a light that uses every ounce of energy it gets to produce the maximum amount of light possible; without any wastage in the form of heat. If so, our Tri-Proofs fit this description. And that’s because they consume very little power but still manage to yield bright and consistent light.

Unrivaled Durability

To get the best value for your investment, you want a light that will last for years, right? Well: Under optimal conditions and if used for 12 hours a day, ShineLong Tri-Proof lights can last up to 25 years without any issues. And that’s because our fixtures can give you up to 100,000 hours of quality, low-maintenance lighting. Only a handful of lighting brands can match up to these lifespans.

Cost-Effective Lighting Solutions.

With our fixtures, you get to save money in so many ways including:
Low maintenance costs.
Minimal replacement/repair needs.
Highly efficient light i.e. use less energy to produce more light.
And low operational costs.

Up To 5 Years Warranty

At ShineLong, we live by our promise and commitment to manufacturing the best quality of light fixtures in the market. And that’s why our Tri-Proof LEDs come with extended warranties ranging from three (3) to five (5) years. Bottom line: These are just 5 valid reasons why ShineLong should be your one-stop manufacturer for LED Tri-Proof Lights.

LED Tri-Proof Light Buying Guide: Everything There Is To Know

Have you ever wondered:

What is an LED Tri-Proof Light and why are they regarded as some of the best lighting fixtures in the market?

If so, you’re in the right place.


Before I dive deep into the nitty-gritty, here’s a little background on these awesome lights.

What is an LED Tri-Proof Light?

From the name “Tri” (derived from Triple), these are fixtures that are designed to offer you three awesome features; i.e. they are:

  • Water/Moisture-Proof.
  • Dustproof.
  • And Impact-Resistant.

Impressive, right?

This simply means that these lighting fixtures cannot be damaged by water/vapor, dust, or impact from drops or flying projectiles.


That’s why LED Tri-Proof fixtures are regarded as some of the toughest lights; ideal for extreme condition environments.


Due to their high resilience and damage-proof designs, these fixtures can be used in humid and dusty spaces like including…

  • Food processing factories.
  • High-pressure carwashes.
  • Parking lots.
  • Poultry lighting.
  • Extremely humid warehouses.
  • Grocery stores.
  • Slaughterhouses.
  • And swimming pool areas just to mention a few.

With this in mind:

Let’s get down to the juicy, more informative bits about these lights…

By now:

You already know what LED Tri-Proofs are.


That’s just one piece of the puzzle; there’s so much more to learn about these fixtures. So, if you are planning to buy these fixtures, here’s everything you need to know about them:

01. Why Should You Choose Tri-Proof LED Light?

Get this:

It’s only natural to ask why you need these kinds of lights. However, your decision should always be based on the number of benefits that come with such a purchase.

Ask yourself:

Do these fixtures meet my needs and requirements?

If so, they are worth buying.


When it comes to Tri-Proof LED fixtures, there are a ton of reasons to buy them. 

For example:

a. They Are Designed To Meet the Needs of Their Intended Purpose

Let’s face it:

The last thing you want is to invest in fixtures that only fulfill a portion of your needs.


Well, with Tri-Proofs, that will be the least of your worries.

These fixtures are usually uniquely designed to meet the needs of their working environment.

For instance:

The ShineLong Parkade is a fixture that works great in indoor parking spaces. It meets the needs of such an environment by:

  • Offering sufficient brightness.
  • Not being affected by cold weather.
  • Being dust-proof.
  • Having a long lifespan and so on.

Get it?

b. They Are Robust and Fully Shielded From Premature Failure

We can all agree:

Nobody wants to spend money on inferior products that get damaged easily.  


Tri-Proof fixtures get their name from the fact that they are built to withstand some of the harshest working environments.


Whether it’s a super-cold freezer, an excessively humid environment, dusty workspaces, or factories that experience occasional projectiles, these fixtures can handle it all.

Therefore, a Tri-Proof light is one of a few fixtures that guarantee you great value for your money and a secure, fool-proof lighting system.

Impressive, right?

c. They Are Aesthetically Designed To Blend in With Your Space Décor


You want a fixture that won’t stand out or mess up your taste in style and décor, right?

Well, aside from being high-performance fixtures, LED Tri-Proofs are also beautifully designed to blend in with any type of décor.

So, it’s evident that there’s so much to love about these fixtures.


How can you tell that you are getting the right ones for your space and needs?

Read on to find out.

02. What Factors Should You Consider When Buying Tri proof LED Lights?


You’ve decided to buy LED Triproof lights, right?


But, how should you go about this to ensure you make the right purchase and decisions?

That’s what this part is about. Below is a quick and easy checklist that will simplify your decision-making process:

Intended Purpose - What Do You Want to Light?


The first and most important factor to consider is what you intend to illuminate with these lights.

Knowing the purpose allows you to know:

  • The type and sizeof the fixture.
  • How brightthey have to be.
  • How manywill be necessary to fully illuminate your space?
  • As well as the most ideal IP ratings.

Once you know all these, you can proceed to the next consideration…

Fixture Sizes and Shapes - What Size/Length of LED Triproof Lights Do You Need?


LED Triproofs come in different shapes and sizes; you won’t get a one-size-fits-all option here.


Since the spaces and intended uses differ, it’s important to know how big your most ideal fixtures should be.

Failing to make this consideration can leave you with fixtures that don’t fit into your space.

You don’t want that, do you?

If so, start by planning and taking measurements. That way, you’ll know how many fixtures you’ll need and how big (or the shape) they should be to seamlessly fit into your space.

Moving on…

Wattage - How Many Wattages Do You Want on Your LED Triproof Lights?

You might be wondering:

Why is the wattage so important when shopping for Triproof light fixtures?

Well, the wattage affects three critical aspects of a lighting system, namely:

  • Overall Lux– Yes! Wattage determines how bright the fixture will be. Once you have a light’s luminous efficacy, it’s quite easy to calculate how many watts will be needed to yield the required amount of brightness.
  • Power Load– This is the total amount of stress your electrical system can handle to support your new lighting setup. Note that buying a lot of LED fixtures (or any other type of light) without taking your power load into consideration can cause an electrical overload.
  • Overall Cost– Lastly, your monthly lighting energy expenditure will be determined by how many watts of power you consume during that period. So, it’s important to know how many wattages you’ll need and how much it will cost you to maintain them; so that you can budget accordingly.

Light Color Temperature - Which Color Do You Want Your LED Triproof Lights to Produce?

Here’s a fun fact:

Do you know that light color temperature has the power to dictate mood?


That’s not all.

It also affects the productivity of your staff, the health of your poultry, as well as growth patterns for green-house/indoor plants.

Impressive, right?

And that’s why it’s imperative to buy the right color temperature lights because they help to improve mood, productivity, and growth.

Lumen Output - How Bright Do You Want Your LED Triproof Lights to Be?

Get this:

It’s important to remember that different work environments require different levels of brightness for optimal productivity.

So, ask yourself:

How much light do I need to sufficiently illuminate my space?


Buying fixtures that give you sufficient lumen output is beneficial in many ways including:

  • Creating an optimal and productive work environment.
  • Improving visibility and minimizing the chances of accidents and injury.
  • And ensuring minimal errors in a production line by highlighting flaws early.

With this in mind and a suitable wattage range mapped out, it will be easy for you to know the ideal Luminous Efficacy of your new fixtures.

Features And Functionality - Which Function Of LED Tri-Proof Lights Will You Choose?


One of the biggest reasons why LEDs have grown so popular these days is the fact that they come with numerous features.

And the best part is that even Triproof LED fixtures come with functionalities like:

a. Dimming


Dimming is the process of regulating the amount of light a fixture gives out.

Why is this feature important?


  • It reduces energy consumption.
  • Increases your fixture’s lifespan.
  • Allows you to create an ambiance.
  • Enables you to adjust your fixture’s brightness to a comfortable level; depending on the activity, for example, low light for relaxation and bright light for work.

Awesome, right?

b. Emergency Lighting

Another great feature of LED Tri Proof lights is Emergency Lighting.


These are fixtures that automatically switch ON during emergencies. That way you’ll be able to see the problem and act on it before it’s too late.

c. Motion Sensor Lights


Do you want to keep your assets secure without necessarily using a lot of power?

If so, then you’ll find this LED light feature amazing.

How does it work?


Motion Sensor lights are fixtures that stay OFF for most of the time but Switch ON instantly/automatically as soon as their sensors detect movement.

And that makes these lights ideal; not just for your security but also for safety whenever someone is moving close to them at night.


The fact that they switch ON automatically when there’s movement means that you’ll be made aware of the presence of an intruder early; hence, giving you enough time to plot a suitable response to your current situation.

Installation Preferences - How Will You Install Your LED Triproof Lights?


You need to consider how your installation preferences match up to the lights you plan on buying.

Imagine buying Triproof fixtures meant for suspension lighting to use in a space that requires ceiling/wall-mounting.

It will be a dreadful waste of your time, money, and effort, right? And that’s why you have to buy fixtures that match up to your installation needs.


Considerations aside, what else can you do to make sure your purchase of LED Tri-Proof lights goes smoothly?

Read on to find out…

03. How to Buy LED Tri-Proof Fixtures?

Get this:

When making a purchase – especially if it’s a bulk order – it’s always wise to have as much information as possible about the product.

Yes, you still have to dig deeper for information.


After you’ve made all the considerations on your side, the next step is usually to find a suitable supplier.


Follow these steps:

Step #1 - Research the Market

At this point:

You have to search for the best products that meet your lighting needs and requirements.

And that means searching for the best LED fixtures and making comparisons to see which ones are the most ideal for you.

Note that:

There are thousands of products from different manufacturers in the market today; some of good quality and vice versa.

This simple fact can be confusing.

Therefore, your main goal during research is usually to identify a few good-quality LED lights out of the many available.

Bottom Line:

For the best shopping experience, the fixture you choose must meet most, if not all, of your lighting needs.


Step #2 - Choose the Right LED Tri-proof Light Manufacturer


Once you have an ideal product in mind, the next step is usually to find a reputable LED Triproof Light Manufacturer.

The best part about this is that it is easy.

All you need to do is:

  • Search for light fixtures that are similar to the one you settled for in Step #1.
  • Compare them and makes sure you read through user ratings and reviews to find the best one overall.
  • Find out everything you can about the final product’s manufacturer; including how long they’ve been in business, what their clients say about them, their manufacturing capacity, as well as any offers or deals they might have for bulk orders.

At the end of this process, you’ll be able to determine which manufacturer will serve you the best.

Step #3 - Contact the Manufacturer

To get the ball rolling, you have to contact the manufacturer.


In doing so, you get the chance to learn even more about their products and services.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions; because it’s always better to be fully informed before committing to a bulk order.


Speaking to a manufacturer gives you the opportunity to discuss any customizations you feel will work best for your space.


Customized LED Tri-Proof may cost more than standard design fixtures; but at the end of the day, having something unique and designed to serve you optimally is always worth the effort and money.


Luckily, with ShineLong LED at your side, you don’t need to follow these lengthy procedures because:

  • We have the tools, experience, and workforce needed to deliver quality lights on time.
  • We offer customization
  • Plus, all our products are made using the best materials and a fool-proof Production Flow Process to ensure the best quality possible.

With that in mind:

Let’s look at the best, common kinds of LED Triproof fixtures available…

04. What Are the Types of LED Tri-proof Light?


LED Triproof Lights comes in different shapes, sizes, and types.

And that’s because each has been tailor-made to meet the requirements of a specific work environment.

To get your ideal fixture, you must first understand the differences between each type.

So, here’s what you need to know:

1. Alpha - IP65 Triproof Lights for Warehouse Lighting

The ShineLong Alpha Tri-Proof light is one of the best in the market because:

  • It is waterproof, dustproof, and strong enough to withstand sudden impact.
  • Made of the best materials for a longer lifespan and value for money.
  • This fixture is designed for ceiling, suspension, and wall mounting, hence giving you a wide array of mounting options.
  • Comes with an impressive luminous efficacy; i.e. uses less energy to produce more light.
  • And it has a 50,000-hour lifespan rating.

So, what’s not to love about this fixture?


The ShineLong Alpha can be used in supermarkets, warehouses, high-bay buildings, indoor sports arenas, and libraries just to mention a few.

2. Parkade - IP66 LED Tri-proof Lights for Parking Garage Lighting


If you’ve been searching for the perfect Triproof light for your parking space, the ShineLong Parkade fixture is your best option.


This fixture is perfectly designed to meet the challenges that come with the parking area environment.

From being dustproof to having a high lumen output, you can always count on this fixture to yield sufficient illumination suitable for a parking garage.

What’s more?

Aside from being high-performance fixtures, parkades also feature a unique design that’s not only appealing but also built for resilience.


You can use these fixtures to illuminate your home garage, workshop, building parking lot, grocery store, as well as the corridors/stairways/rooms in learning institutions.  

3. Gauls - IP68 Tubular for Food Industry Lighting

So, have you ever wondered:

Where can you find a fixture designed for food factories?

If so, the ShineLong Gauls Triproof tubular lights are your best option.


Well, aside from being designed for highly humid environments, these fixtures and waterproof and tubular; hence, making them quite easy to clean and maintain.

They come fitted in a strong PC housing with an impact rating of IK10 (the highest in existence).


Well, there’s more.

These Tri-Proof fixtures can achieve up to 130lm/W in luminous efficacy; thus, ensuring your staff has an easy time processing food and identifying flaws in time.

And with a 50,000-hour lifespan and a 5-Year warranty, you can rest assured that these fixtures will serve you for long.

4. Rancher - IP69K LED Tri-proof Light for Poultry Lighting

Without a doubt:

The ShineLong LED Triproof Rancher is our strongest fixture yet.

So, what makes it so unique?

Well, it’s the only product on our catalog that comes with an IP69K rating; meaning it’s fully protected from water, dust, vapor, and jets of water.

And these features make it ideal for farm use and barn illumination.

Our Rancher LEDs come with strong, impact-proof, corrosion-resistant, UV-repelling housing materials; this not only guarantees longevity but also ensures your poultry and livestock reside in a safe and well-lit space.


Since these fixtures are designed for suspension mounting, installation is quite easy and straightforward. 

Anyway, aside from farm applications, these fixtures can also be used in high-pressure car washes, heavily humid manufacturing plants, and in laundry rooms.

5. EcoMini - Waterproof LED Lights


You can get the ShineLong EcoMini LED Tri-Proof light.

Here’s the deal:

You don’t have to buy a bulky fixture to enjoy the benefits of having Triproof lights. And that’s all thanks to the EcoMini.

Just as its name suggests, the EcoMini is a small-size fixture specially designed to meet the needs of someone looking for a small, yet high-performance, lighting fixture.

Despite being tiny, these fixtures still manage to yield the same amount of brightness as other lights.

And their size makes them ideal for lighting up small spaces with ease.


Have you found what you are looking for?

I hope so.

Next up, let’s discuss installation.

05. How to Install LED Tri Proof Lights?


Due to their intuitive designs, installing Tri-Proof LED lights is quite easy.

With the right set of tools, anyone can do it.


Installation is usually dependent on the mounting technique. And while there are numerous mounting options, these two are the most ideal for Triproof lights:

a. Ceiling Mounted Installation

With this, the fixture is screwed onto the ceiling of your workspace.

It’s usually more secure and ideal for activities that require the light source to be rigid and held in one place.

Pro tip:

For ceiling mounting, it’s always advisable to ensure that the ceiling is close enough to your workspace for optimal light.

Therefore, using a ceiling-mounted, LED Tri-Proof light in a warehouse with high ceilings won’t be wise.


The most ideal lights for ceiling mounting would be the Alpha, Parkade, and EcoMini. 

b. Suspended Installation

This technique involves using chains to suspend the fixture a slight distance from the ceiling,

It’s common in spaces that have high ceilings like warehouses, halls, indoor sports arenas, barns, and so on.

Suspension mounting is usually necessary when you want to place the fixture a little closer to your workspace without creating any obstructions.

Due to their tubular design, the ShineLong Gauls and Rancher are the most ideal for this installation method.

However, you can still suspend the other tri-proof lights if you want to.

Moving on…

06. How to Wire Tri Proof LED Lights?

Mounting is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to LED light installations.

You also have to come up with a wiring plan.


The goal is to set up an optimal lighting system that addresses all your lighting needs. That’s why wiring is also important.


What are your options? Well, you’ve got:

One Side Wiring – This is when a fixture is wired from one end. It’s usually the best method for installations that involve spacing out fixtures or when you’re only fitting a few fixtures per room.

Double Side Wiring – The beautiful thing about LED Triproofs is that they are usually designed with Double Wiring in mind. This is when you connect a fixture from both its ends. It’s usually common practice when trying to create a continuous series of lights to achieve proper illumination and curb appeal at the same time; as seen in supermarkets and food processing plants.

Dimming LED Triproof Lights Wiring – Yes! It’s important to use proper wiring when you want to use your fixture’s dimming feature. This process usually involves connecting a dimming mechanism that will help you adjust the brightness when the need arises.

Motion Sensor LED Tri-proof Lights Wiring – Even motion sensor lights require special wiring. That’s because most lights that come with this feature tend to have more functions. For example, our Alpha and Parkade have motion detection capabilities and more including camera recording, voice playback, and networking. Therefore, your fixture must be wired in a way that allows it to switch on all these other features when motion is detected.

Emergency Tri-proof Lights Wiring – This is just the same as the motion sensor wiring. The only difference is that, here, the light turns ON when there’s an emergency.


Before I wrap this up…

07. How to Solve Common Tri-proof LED Lights Malfunctions?

a) The Tri-Proof Fixture Is Not Lighting Up

When this happens, especially after installation, faulty wiring is usually the first thing to look out for. Go over your wiring to see if there’s something you missed or did wrong. If you can’t find any issue with the wiring, ask someone else to re-install the fixture to check whether you had made a mistake the first time.

b) Why is my Tri-Proof light flickering?

Flickering is usually a result of an unstable power supply; caused by the fixtures driver. To fix this, examine your wiring to make sure everything is in place. If the flickering continues, then it could be that your fixture needs a new driver.

c) Why is my LED Tri-proof not dimming?

There are a few reasons that can cause an LED fixture not to dim properly. For example:

  • When the light is fitted with old, inferior quality, or incompatible dimmers.
  • If the dimming mechanism/knob fails to work seamlessly with the light’s firmware.
  • When the dimming mechanism has been damaged.

Buying LEDs for ShineLong saves you the trouble of having to go through all these.


Well, our dimmers are up-to-date and made using the latest technologies; plus, we’ll always send you fixtures that have been tried and tested to ensure no flaws escape us.  

d) My motion sensor keeps acting up; what could be the issue?

One of the biggest issues behind a malfunctioning motion sensor is usually location and proximity to the target area.

In terms of location, fixtures placed next to trees will light up automatically; even when it’s just a leaf falling. To avoid this issue, always install your fixture away from trees and hanging lines.

When it comes to proximity, your motion sensor Triproof light will fail to detect movement if it’s placed far away from the target location. Remember, this feature will only be efficient if positioned optimally. Therefore, check the manufacturer’s recommendation on proximity to fix this issue.

In Conclusion…

Now you know everything there is to know about LED Tri-Proof fixtures.

But remember:

ShineLong LED Company offers you some of the best fixtures in the market. We are committed to quality and better service delivery.

Our Tri-Proof LEDs are made using the best materials, designs, and concepts so that we can offer you durable, strong, superior, efficient, and fool-proof LED fixtures

So, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’ll be more than happy to hear from you.

Thinking about the environment and you!

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