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Quality Management

At ShineLong, quality is one of the key things we put into consideration. We manufacture high quality LED lights that will satisfy all our customers. We use high-quality material and we have a team of experts who inspect the quality of the product from the first stage of manufacturing. Here are some of the things we put into consideration in making sure we meet our desired quality.

LED Lights (LED Tri-proof Lights) Safety Checks

ShineLong is unique because of its durability, compatibility, and high quality LED lights. Being a top-notch company, we check the safety of the LED Tri-proof lights and make sure it is good to be used by our customers. Our experts carry out some tests at this stage to ensure everything is all right. Some of the tests carried out include:

1. LED Lights Withstand voltage test

We make sure that we applied the correct voltage to our quality LED lights to avoid unnecessary breakdown. Our professional team does this by making sure that the product input including L and N wire and the grounding end of the withstand voltage tester connection / withstand voltage tester test rod and product shell reliable contact: Class I / II withstand voltage tester set test voltage AC1500V, test time 5s leakage current 10mA; test the product cannot have breakdown leakage arcing phenomenon (equipment can not appear alarmed).

2. LED Lights Grounding test

The test is only applicable to the products with grounding. Our experts test the two test clamps, a clamp on the ground, one end clamped on the exposed metal parts of the product shell: instrument parameters set 25A, limited resistance value should be 0.5 ohms, test time set 60 seconds, the test process equipment may not appear alarmed.

LED Lights (LED Tri-proof Lights) Function Checks

ShineLong manufactures products with high standards. We do not rush into commercializing our products before carrying out deep checks in making sure that their functionality is perfect and ready to be given to our customers. Some of the test we carried out to ensure the functionality of the lights are fine include:

1. Parameter test

Our experts access the product and check the voltage rate. The product power and power factor are in line with the order requirements (no special requirements when the product power: nominal power ± 10%; power factor pF≧0.9).

2. Light parameter test

The test is to ensure the nominal rated voltage of the panel light power supply, light parameter test is input. Considering its luminous flux (luminous efficiency), color temperature (CCT), color rendering index (Ra), etc. in line with the order requirements.

3. Emergency function

Some of the products with the emergency system of four input lines such as European standards and U.S standards. When the switch line is closed, the product must be completely closed without a light (the charging green indicator must be on). The non-switch line outside the L / N line any one power failure, the green indication should go out, and the product emergency light must be on (first to ensure that the battery has power, the product will not light / cannot start lighting when the battery is not charged).

4. Induction function products (infrared or microwave)

We check the induction function of our products based on their specifications in the ordered time. (± 10 seconds), the product off or slightly bright, in front of the product 120 degrees angle range, 5 meters away from the product walking products need to light up.

5. No stroboscopic products

The product rated voltage lit at maximum power test, the stroboscopic value of the stroboscopic meter needs to ≦ 1%.

6. Dimming function test

We ensure the consideration of the dimming function by checking the SCR/0-10V or DALI dimming, 3-5 products need to be connected in series together for the dimming test, and dimming process color/brightness changes need to be uniform and consistent (no obvious color or brightness differences, no light jitter).

LED Tri-proof Lights Structure Checks

ShineLong expertise team inspects the full structure of LED light starting from the size, material, and design of the product. The main things we focus on include;

LED Tri-proof Lights Appearance Checks

ShineLong being the leading manufacturer of quality LED lights we counter-check the physical appearance of the product so that it is easily separated from those of our competitors. We check the labels and logos in our products before sending them to the markets. These are some of the key things that we check on the appearance of our products.

Things we consider before commercialization.

The product label should be pasted at the terminal end (the bilateral line can be at either end, if the mask has laser information, it should be at the same end)

UL product stickers Sharon label or has made a sub-certificate customer label (UL anti-counterfeiting label cancellation)

TUV-GS products must be attached to the Sharon label with the customer’s name and address information label (European customers do not need to paste information labels for sub-certification); product line out generally use rubber wire.

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