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Store Lighting

Grocery stores, or supermarkets, offer a diversity of products to be purchased. Typical items for sale include fruits and vegetables, meat, fish and poultry, baked goods, dairy products such as milk and cheese; along housewares such as dishware.

The primary purpose of store lighting is to create a welcoming environment for shoppers. Light creates a sense of space and brightness and removes shadows that may make the store seem less inviting.

ShineLong Lighting is the best way to illuminate your store. It offers the best-LED store lighting for your retail establishment. With their energy-efficient, long-lasting, and specifically designed LED solutions you will be able to light up your store with highly efficient lighting.

We offer LED lights for a variety of industries, including grocery stores, big-box retailers, convenience stores, and more. All of the lights are bright and have no glare or flickering. They also have a longer life span and can be installed very quickly with minimal effort.


Features of Parkade IP66 LED Tri-proof Light for Store Lighting

Parkade IP66 LED Tri-proof Light for Store Lighting has the following features;

  • IP66 Waterproof, IK10 Protection, 94V0 materials
  • Unique design, Mitsubishi PC material with Aluminum PCB & Housing
  • SMD2835 LED Light Source with Global Patent Protection
  • ENEC-Certified Flicker Free Driver, THD<15%
  • High Efficacy, 130~160 lumens per watt (+/-5%)
  • L80B10 life span of 50,000 Hours (@ Ta = 25°C)
  • No Dark Areas, No Sulfur Seal, No Yellowing, No Cracking
  • Dimmable / Motion Sensor / Emergency Options Available
  • Power Options: Sides, Back, Cable Mount, or Plug & Play

Full Solutions from Custom Store Lighting Manufacturers

There’s never been a better time to invest in your parking garage lighting needs than now. Instead of spending on expensive fixtures, installation costs are minimal. And there’s no need for battery replacements due to our highly efficient LED lights (which last 15 times longer than traditional incandescent lights). The entire garage is lit with a mix of modern LED fixtures and traditional incandescent LED lights. All custom-made to accommodate the schedule, range of light levels, and individual preferences that each customer will have!

Custom Color Temperature

ShineLong has a wide range of custom color and temperature options available for store lighting. These variations are ideal for creating a welcoming environment for shoppers. Some examples are: Warm white 3045±175K; Natural White 3985±275K; Pure White 5029±283K; Cool White 6065±415K

Custom Length

ShineLong Store Lighting provides adequate illumination for the safety and security of employees and customers. We have a variety of different lengths of light options to suit any budget requirement. We offer store lighting of the following lengths: 300 mm, 600 mm, 1200 mm, 1500 mm, 1800 mm, 2400 mm, and 3000 mm.

Custom Efficacy Version

ShineLong provides the best lighting solutions to ensure you always work in your store in the most efficient way possible. Custom efficacy version of Parkade IP66 LED Tri-proof Lights for Store Lighting comes in two forms; Frosted PC Cover Standard: 130~140lm/w and Premium: 140~150lm/w; Striped PC Cover Standard: 140~150lm/w and Premium: 150~160lm/w.

Custom Function

ShineLong's Parkade IP66 LED Tri-proof lights create an ideal luminous environment and facilitate work to be done most efficiently without any hindrance. The custom functions of Parkade IP66 LED Tri-proof Lights are: DALI & 0/1-10V Dimmable; Microwave Sensor with 100% on/off Version; Emergency Version with emergency power from 3W to 8W.

Custom Packaging

ShineLong's Parkade IP66 LED Tri-proof Lights for your store has eco-friendly custom packaging. Custom packaging is available in various Lengths, Carton sizes, and N.W. (CTN). Packaging has the following features: custom label, custom laser logo and custom printed outer box.

Custom Power Supply

To maintain proper lighting in your store without any hindrance, we offer the following custom power supplies: MeanWell, Osram, Philips, Lifud, Tridonic, and Boke.

Quality Parkade IP66 LED Tri-proof Light for Store Lighting

ShineLong is one of the leading LED IP66 tri-proof light manufacturers in China. The energy-saving and environmental protection in this type of LED light are well known. We offer a competitive price, high quality, and good after-sales service.

Parkade IP66 LED Tri-proof Light is a high-quality product due to IP66 waterproof, IK10 protection, unique design, and high efficacy of 130~160 lumens per watt (+/-5%). It has no dark areas, sulfur seal, yellowing, and cracking.

These features and 5 years warranty clearly show that Parkade IP66 LED Tri-proof Light is a very high-quality product available in the market.

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Best in Store Lighting Factory

ShineLong is a professional LED store lighting factory; we have been in this field for more than 10 years. Our factory is the best store lighting factory in China, offering the best and most affordable store lighting solutions. We have a rigorous research and development plan that assures superior quality products.

We have a well-crafted design and manufacturing process that guarantees high-quality output. And the best part is that our products have numerous safety and quality certifications from renowned global regulatory authorities including UL, DLC, TUV-GS, SAA, UKCA, ERP, CE, and RoHs.

ShineLong’s Parkade IP66 LED Tri-proof Light is composed of 94V0 materials and has Mitsubishi PC material with Aluminum PCB & Housing. It is a waterproof product and has 5 years warranty.

ShineLong also specializes in customizing your store to perfectly match your needs. Contact us today for any further details!

Customer-based Store Lighting Design

ShineLong offers the best customer-based store lighting design service to help you save money. Our team is experienced in retail lighting design, so we understand all the necessary factors to create the best store atmosphere for your customers.

It is a leading provider of energy-saving lighting for retail stores, restaurants, and supermarkets. Our customer-based store lighting design helps to make your store a cozy and inviting environment for your customers. You can customize your store lighting according to your needs and budget. Contact us today!

Why Choose ShineLong’s Parkade IP66 LED Tri-proof Light for Store Lighting?

Are you looking to fulfill your store lighting need with the best-LED lights? ShineLong is offering the customizable Parkade IP66 LED Tri-proof Light. It also has IP 66 protection, meaning it’s safe from dust and water. It provides not only a long life but also a bright and energy-saving solution that can be used in any environment.

It also has certifications from renowned regulatory authorities which make it the most trusted light worldwide. So, if you are looking for the best place to buy lights for your store then ShineLong is the single option for the best quality and long-lasting lights.

Store Lighting Suppliers Since 2011

ShineLong Lighting is one of the leading suppliers of high-quality lighting in China. Our company has 20,000 square meters area, with 2 buildings. We have 20 sets of Production Line with 10 SMT machines, 4 automatic aging machines for LED panels, and a quality control lab in-house. We offer a wide range of superior quality LED lights products and great service to residents and commercial customers.

Our company has a wide variety of high-quality, durable, and affordable products that will appeal to any type of customer. We have a wide range of LED lights including indoor and outdoor lighting, food industry lighting and store lighting solutions, and more.

Wholesale Store Lighting

ShineLong is the best wholesale store lighting supplier in China, we specialize in LED light fixtures, LED tube lights, LED panel lights, and other related products. You can purchase ShineLong products with confidence that they are of the highest quality.

ShineLong was founded by a group of professional industry experts and has been committed to providing high-quality and best service to our customers. We offer a one-stop-shop for your wholesale needs. Our ultimate goal is to assist retailers toward an easy way to buy LED lighting at the lowest prices possible.

Buy Store Lighting in Bulk

If you’re looking to buy store lighting in bulk, then ShineLong is the place for you. We offer a wide variety of LED lights to meet your needs at affordable prices. Buy LED store & mall lighting in bulk for a wide variety of applications.

Find high-quality, low-priced bulk store lighting for your retail store at ShineLong. We are serving retailers nationwide with over 10 years of experience. Buy today high-quality Parkade IP66 LED Tri-proof Lights for your store.

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