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Industrial Lighting

Commercial LED lights are perfect for lighting up offices, exhibition rooms, shops and supermarkets, garages, learning institutions, hospitals, and other commercials paces. However, if you own an industrial facility or warehouse, you will need more specialized lighting solutions.

The ideal LED lights for an industrial facility should have bright and even illumination to improve visual conditions (thus helping in easier identification of industrial parts as well as avoiding accidents). Industrial lights should also have excellent energy saving features, to keep operations expenses at a minimum. On top of that, they should be human-centric, so as to improve the working environment, and consequently, the productivity.

At ShineLong, we understand all of these industrial lighting needs, which is why we not only focus on commercial lighting fixtures but also industrial lighting ones. We have a great selection of industrial lights that include:

Flood lights – LED flood lights offer you a super bright, wide beam of illumination for various indoor and outdoor applications. You can install them almost anywhere in your facility.

High bay lights – These are powerful LED lights that provide you with a high light output, while still allowing you to enjoy immense energy-saving benefits. They are very easy to maintain and install, which means that you can install them in a wide range of places, from a factory to warehouse, storage facilities, and more..

UFO lights – UFO lights are similar to high bay light fixtures, only that they come with a small compact design. They are ideal for the indoor lighting of industrial facilities and warehouses.

Tunnel lights – LED tunnel lights are ideal for underground facilities. They are super bright and have a wide beam, which helps to provide maximum illumination so as to avoid accidents. They also have IP65 protection, which makes them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

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