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Expert T6 LED

Expert LED T6 Tube lights are the perfect replacement for fluorescent tubes. They are energy efficient, have a very small current draw, and can last for as long as 70,000 hours. These tubes come with Sanan LED chips, which guarantee you quality performance at a very affordable price. They also come with an internal driver, which prevents flickering.

The tubes are available in two energy options: 120 Lumens per watt and 140 Lumens per watt. You can also find them in a variety of color options: purple white, warm white, and cool white. This makes them ideal for a wide range of uses, from residential spaces to commercial spaces such as offices, factories, subways, hotels, shops, and malls, etc.

The Expert T6 tubes are not only built for performance; they also come with a rugged design that helps to improve their durability. The design features a 6060# aluminum housing and a Mitsubishi lens. The housing and the lens protect the internal components of the tubes from damage, thus increasing their lifespan.

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