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LED high bay lights

LED Highbay Light is an LED lighting fixture that revolutionizes the world of LED lighting. It can be the most innovative LED fixture that offers a comprehensive solution and specific light patterns for large open spaces like warehouses, gymnasiums, manufacturing plants, supermarkets, auditoriums, department stores, recreating centers, storage areas, etc. It is mostly designed for 6- to 20-meter applications, with optional wattage from 60 to 200 Watts. It is energy-efficient and money-saving as it can save up to 50% energy compared to other traditional light sources. Also, it is environmentally friendly as it is free from ultraviolet rays, infrared radiation, HG, and thermal radiation.

To enhance productivity while help improves safety, LED Highbay Light is the best choice as it improves the visibility and functionality. The material is mostly comprised of frosted or clear optics and 6063 aluminum alloy. The cutting-edge, compared to other conventional lightings, can be the optical and electrical design in combination with lamp and ballast technology advancements.

Highbay Light has taken the LED market by storm. It is an SMT panel light that can be available in different sizes and watts so you can have a lot of options. It can be designed as ultra-thin so that it can be easily installed and replaced and can be connected into series. This kind of LED light has a dual capability: constant current and constant voltage version, but its cutting edge is it can be instantly turned on and turned off and can be free from noise, UV, flickering, glare, light leak, and shadow.

Because of its uniform lighting and intelligent technology, it brings unparalleled comfort and convenience to your office. It is energy-saving and cost-efficient and has a long lifespan. In addition, it can be available in 0~10 V, TRIAC, and DALI dimming and can be CE- and RoHS-certified so you can trust this LED solution.

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