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Warehouse Lighting: The Benefits of Sourcing Them from a Reputable Manufacturer


When it comes to warehouse lighting, a lot of considerations have to be made to ensure the smooth running of your commercial operations.

Some of the questions you have to ask yourself include:

  • Will the new lighting system provide ample illumination?
  • Are the new fixtures designed to function properlyin a warehouse like yours?
  • How much value for moneywill you get from the new fixtures; in terms of purchasing, installation, and maintenance savings?

And so on…

The thing is, the questions, puzzles, and doubts can be many and tiring. Especially, if it is your first time shopping for warehouse lighting.


On the plus side, having a reputable, reliable, experienced, and trustworthy manufacturer like ShineLong LED Company helps to smoothen the process.  

So, why choose ShineLong?

Well, aside from being an industry leader in LED light innovation and manufacturing, our company offers you the Alpha Vapor Tight Warehouse Lighting fixture.

It’s a unique, powerful, eco-friendly, and modern solution to today’s warehouse lighting needs.

Want to learn more about it?

Well, below is an in-depth brief on why our Alpha Vapor Tight Warehouse Lighting fixture is the best option for you.

Features of Alpha Vapor Tight Fixture for Warehouse Lighting

So, what does this lighting fixture have to offer? Well, aside from coming with a ton of perks, the ShineLong Alpha Vapor Tight Fixture has the following features:

  • Luminous Efficacy: Up to 150lm/W
  • Luminous Output: 2,600 – 9,000 Lumens
  • Wattage: 20W – 60W
  • CRI: >80
  • CCT: 3,000K to 6,000K
  • Beam Angle: 120-Degrees
  • Working Current: 450mA to 1450mA
  • Power Factor: >0.95
  • Optimal Temperature Range: -20 to +40℃
  • Protection: IP65, IK09
  • Housing Material: High-Quality PC with S304 Clips
  • Mounting Options: Ceiling and Suspended
  • Certifications: UL, DLC, SAA, UKCA, RoHS, and CE
  • Lifespan: Over 50,000 Hours
  • Warranty: Limited 5-Year
  • Other Features: Dimming, Series Connection, Motion Sensing, and Available in Different Sizes and Wattages

Full Solutions from Custom Warehouse Lighting Manufacturers

Custom Color Temperature

Do you have color temperature preferences? We have got you covered. ShineLong provides a wide range of color options to suit your needs and liking. Our Alpha Vapor Tight Fixture comes in four temperature options including Warm White (3045±175K), Natural White (3985±275K), Pure White (5029±283K), and Cool White (6065±415K).

Custom Length

Regardless of the size of your commercial space, our custom length solutions are designed to fit perfectly into your lighting plans. ShineLong Warehouse Lighting fixtures come in different sizes and wattages to suit different user needs. Our Alpha fixtures come in three different sizes - 600 mm (2ft), 1200 mm (4ft), and 1500 mm (5ft).

Custom Efficacy Version

Yes, ShineLong offers you the option to choose a luminous efficacy that meets your brightness needs. Our Alpha fixtures are available in two types - Frosted PC Cover and Striped PC Cover. The Frosted PC Cover fixture gives 120~130lm/w or 130~140lm/w (Premium). While the Striped PC Cover yields 130~140lm/w or 140~150lm/w (Premium).

Custom Function

With our custom function option, you get warehouse lighting fixtures that do exactly what you want them to do. ShineLong Alpha Vapor Tight LEDs are available with different features and functions. For example, they can be 0/1-10V dimmable, have Microwave (Motion) Sensors, be DALI Control enabled, or are designed specifically for Emergency lighting.

Custom Packaging

For companies and businesses looking to solidify their reputation, image, and brand, ShineLong also offers custom packaging. This option includes having Custom Labels, Custom Laser Logos, or Custom Printed Outer Box labels. Our packaging customization option is a great way to improve and promote brand awareness among the intended target group.

Custom Power Supply

Worried about the power supply on your LED fixtures? Well, don’t be. ShineLong is a staunch believer in quality and that’s why we always use the best of the best, flicker-free, durable power supply drivers on our Alpha LED lights. Depending on your preferences, we can design your lights with MeanWell, Osram, Philips, Lifud, Tridonic, or Boke LED light drivers.

Quality ShineLong Alpha Vapor Tight LED Light For Warehouse Lighting

As mentioned above, ShineLong is passionate about quality.

And that’s why our Alpha Vapor Tight Warehouse Lighting LEDs are designed to give value and superiority to the buyer.

Aside from being built to last, our fixtures also offer impressive service in terms of illumination, convenience, affordability, and aesthetics.


To ensure we remain true to our word, each fixture is subjected to rigorous quality control and testing process; to ensure it’s in line with ShineLong and industry standards.

Still not finding what you're looking for?
Contact our consultants for more available products.

Best in Warehouse Lighting Factory

You might be wondering…

What makes the ShineLong Alpha Vapor Tight LED the best in warehouse lighting?

Well, aside from being built for a commercial warehouse factory environment, our fixtures also feature some of the best materials.


With full PC housing complemented by S304 Clips, the ShineLong Alpha is not only sturdy, corrosion-proof, and lightweight but also very durable and easy to customize.

And, even better…

ShineLong Alphas comes with certifications from global regulatory and quality control authorities like UL, DLC, RoHS, and CE.

This guarantees that you’re getting an LED light fixture that’s approved internationally.

Customer-Based Warehouse Lighting Design

ShineLong takes pride in offering customer-based service packages. This means that most of our designs come from direct and indirect client input (feedback).

So, whether you are shopping for customized LED warehousing lights or want to buy what we already have, you can rest assured that the fixtures were designed with your needs in mind.

Why Choose ShineLong Vapor Tight for Warehouse Lighting?

Made Using Years of Experience

ShineLong has been in the LED lighting industry for over a decade now. And that means we’ve got what it takes to come up with functional, modern, and problem-solving lighting solutions. Each of our warehouse light fixtures is designed using a culmination of years of research and development.

High Luminous Efficacy (Up to 140lm/W)

High luminous efficacy is one of the main reasons ShineLong products have a strong reputation. Our lighting systems are engineered to yield more lumens per watt than most products on the market. With our Alpha Vapor Tight LEDs, you get up to 140lm/W to fully and comfortably illuminate your warehouse.

Highly Efficient Lighting Solutions

If you’ve been looking for ways to mitigate running costs without degrading the quality of lighting in your warehouse, the ShineLong Alpha LED is your answer. Our fixtures are impressively efficient – offering up to 80% energy savings compared to other lighting sources and technologies.

Sturdy and Durable Warehouse Lighting

Our LED fixtures are not only exceptional lighting systems but also products that offer great value for money. Regardless of the, sometimes harsh, warehousing environment, the Alpha Vapor Tight light is designed to operate optimally for over 50,000 hours. It’s also impact resistant, waterproof, and dustproof.

Numerous Features and Functions

With the customized function service, ShineLong is well equipped to design LED lights that work and operate to your liking. Whether you are looking for motion-sensing lights or fixtures that are dimmable, we’ve got you covered. Our Alpha Vapor Tight fixture can be customized in many ways to perform multiple functions seamlessly.

Improves Visibility, Security, and Worker Safety

Yes, ShineLong LED lights are more than just lighting fixtures. With a high Color Rendering Index of over 80, our Alpha warehouse lights help to improve the visibility and appearance of items in and around your working space. This not only improves worker safety but also ensures your property is well-lit and secure.

The Most Competitive Prices on the Market

Despite being some of the best products on the market, ShineLong Alphas also come competitively priced. Therefore, guaranteeing you more value for your money without any compromise on the quality. And it gets even better for bulk and wholesale purchases.

Warehouse Lighting Suppliers Since 2010

It’s only natural to ask: Why ShineLong?

Well, aside from having more than a decade of experience, ShineLong is also an industry leader in LED light production.  

We serve thousands of customers from all over the world with tens of thousands of successfully fulfilled orders.

One of our main objectives has always been to manufacture high-quality and competitively priced LED lighting solutions.

And that’s why we’ve devoted a lot of time and resources to our R&D department; to ensure that each of our products is efficient, durable, reliable, and in line with modern innovations.

Wholesale Warehouse Lighting

Looking for a wholesale supplier to help grow your business? Try ShineLong. We offer some of the best deals and prices to wholesalers.


With our customization services, you can add a little bit of your brand into every fixture to improve your brand awareness and popularity.

Contact us today to get a quote.

Buy Warehouse Lighting in Bulk

If you are a real estate developer, project manager, or supplier looking to buy warehouse lighting in bulk, ShineLong is your best bet. Our factory is well-equipped and fully staffed to handle bulk, customized orders quickly and efficiently.

So, regardless of the size of your order, you can count on us. We always deliver high-quality warehouse lighting on time. That way you’ll be able to complete your project or supply to your clients without unnecessary and expensive delays.

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