EcoMini IP65 waterproof LED lights

If you are tired of having fluorescent lamps, a new LED solution is offered in the market and it is called EcoMini waterproof LED lights. What is interesting in this kind of light is it has a compact mini design that is perfect for replacing single T8 fixture. It can preserve more open space that can be used for other stuffs or to avoid a chaotic ceiling or wall. It has a detachable end cap and installation can be very easy and quick which is beneficial for business owners and of course the installers.

Because you don’t want to keep on refurbishing or equipping the metro station, parking garage, corridor, warehouse, supermarket, or other industrial places every now and then, EcoMini waterproof LED lights is the best choice. It has a long lifespan and a PC body for UV protection. It can be available in 0~10 V and DALI dimming and can be CE- and RoHs-certified.

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