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Expert T8 LED tube light

Introducing T8 Tube Lights to your business could save you a lot of money because these lights are designed to save up to 90% with high efficiency of 140 lumens per Watt. The more energy you can save, the lower is your electricity bill; therefore, the better.

T8 Tube Lights have a lot of features that you should take note of. One feature is its high luminous efficacy that can satisfy all general lighting needs. They light up your environment better than other standard bulbs. They are very easy to install and have a very low maintenance.

T8 Tube Lights have long service life which makes it more beneficial to avoid replacing every now and then. They have great stability against current variations and have good durability that they can withstand shock, vibration, and extreme temperature. They are also compatible with magnetic ballast that uses only one single coil or electronic ballast that uses multiple induction coils.

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