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Add Some Style and Vibrancy to Your Office Space with ShineLong LED Panels

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If you are fed up with having to deal with old, inefficient, and unattractive grille lamps, we have the perfect replacement for that. Introducing ShineLong’s ultra-slim LED Panels, the best and most efficient lighting fixtures for your office space, schools, hospitals, exhibition rooms, supermarkets, libraries, and so on. So, what makes our panel fixtures special?

Well, aside from having a sleek and charming design, these fixtures are engineered to be energy efficient, bright, high-performance, long-lasting, and highly applicable. In addition, our LED panels are eco-friendly and very convenient in that they light up instantly, never flicker, shield you against UV & IR rays, and you don’t have to worry about toxic substances like mercury.

The materials (Aluminum and PMMA Plastic) used to manufacture these fixtures are of the highest quality and built to last longer. These fixtures not only offer you high-quality lighting but also evenly distributed illumination to ensure every part of the room is well lit. What’s more, ShineLong LEDs are fully certified and made in compliance with international standards including CE, RoHS, ERP, SAA, and TUV among others.

Are there any specific types of LED Panels?

At ShineLong, we manufacture five different kinds of panel lights; each designed to meet a specific lighting requirement or need. Here’s a short description of each:

  • Slice EU LED Panels– These fixtures are specially made for the European market and come in an ultra-thin design. They are highly applicable and can be used in almost any type of commercial space.
  • Slice US LED Panels– Aside from being super-convenient, these luminaries are usually high-performance lights that can be used in schools, supermarkets, offices, hospitals, and so on. They are also specially designed for the American market.
  • Smart LED Panels– These panels often come with numerous perks including dimming capabilities, multiple mounting options, and an easy-install manual.
  • Intact LED Panels – With a 70,000-hour lifespan and a 100lm/W (130lm/W optional) energy efficiency, our intact LEDs are definitely a great office grille lamp replacement.
  • Disc LED panels– If you are not a fan of square or rectangular LED panels, then our Disc LEDs are exactly what you need. Their round design allows you to fully customize your lighting to fit into your space’s décor.


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