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Slice US LED panels series

Commercial spaces require lighting solutions that work perfectly. However, finding the perfect commercial lighting solutions is not always easy. Fortunately, with the Slice US LED panels series, you never have to worry about lighting issues on your premises.

The Slice US panels series are the perfect commercial lighting solution. It is designed using Sanan LED chips, which guarantee you the best performance while keeping the costs low. It is also a high-quality and durable LED light that can serve you for more than 70,000 hours. The panel also comes with a 6060# aluminum frame, a durable metal alloy that protects the internal components from any form of damage.

In addition to its superior quality and amazing performance, the Slice US LED panels series comes with a non-flickering driver (with the driver box on the backside), which ensures that you get a perfect illumination without any flickers or shadows. And since the panel does not contain UV rays, lead, and mercury, it is perfectly safe to use on your commercial premises, not to mention very environmentally friendly.

In terms of installation, the Slice US LED panels series are very flexible. With a lightweight frame that weighs only 480g, you can opt for a variety of installation techniques, including recessed installation, suspended installation, or ceiling mounted installation.

The best thing about the Slice US LED panels series are that they are ideal for a wide range of spaces. You can install them in offices, schools, universities, and other learning institutions, hospitals, showrooms, libraries, supermarket, malls, exhibition halls, etc. So, whatever your commercial lighting needs are, you can count in this panel to offer you the perfect lighting solutions.

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