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LED Flat Panel

SAVE UP TO 25% ON Electricity bill !

LED flat panel lights are designed to last for quite some time with over 70,000 hours of quality lighting guaranteed. Among the many benefits, you enjoy using our Slice EU LED panel light is the fact that they are designed to offer evenly distributed illumination to every part of a room.

Moreover, thanks to their 100lm/W (or optional 130lm/W) energy efficiency rating, you are guaranteed comfortable and vivid lighting at a very low operating cost. This means that you get to save a lot on power bills while at the same time enjoying high-quality and tasteful lighting.

LED Round Panel

recessed lighting

With LED lighting panels gaining traction worldwide, most people are used to the square and rectangular version of these amazing fixtures. But, what happens when you want an LED panels and the square or rectangular ones don’t quite fit into your styling requirements? Well, you should consider using our round panel light fixtures. Yes, ShineLong also manufactures Disc LED panels that equally strong, durable, and aesthetically appealing. In fact, these light fixtures come with extra benefits. So, why should you buy our Disc Panels?

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