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Warehousing & Logistics

ShineLong is the top-notch and leading producer and manufacturer of LED Tri-proof lights. We have the best warehousing & logistics. We have a strategic warehouse located in China. It allows us to deal with more customers at a time. We have the best logistic team that makes sure that the products reach our clients on time. We store, ship, and distribute our customer’s products more efficiently.

Why inventory matters

Inventory is an important thing in the company, before partnering with any company make sure you understand their inventory. At ShineLong we put into consideration the inventory because we value our customers. Being the best company, we have higher demands from our customers and we have to make sure that we have enough space and warehouse expertise to work on the project and deliver on time. We understand our customer’s needs and in order to meet all their request we set up a spacious warehouse with quality materials that will enable us to work on the project and deliver according to the customer’s requests.

Advantages of warehousing and logistics

Safety stock

ShineLong monitors the inventory flow of our customers and makes sure that it is safe and intact. The presence of warehousing makes the storage of the product safe and secure. We have a well-planned structure that enables our logistic team to follow up on your product and ensure that you receive all the products that you ordered.

Better inventory management

ShineLong Warehouse provides a centralized location for your goods, making it easier to manage your inventory and track your goods. One thing that we have realized about having a spacious warehouse is that you can easily store, ship, and distribute our LED Tri-proof lights more efficiently. Companies for instance with poor inventory management tend to have late shipments of products, delayed order processing, and poor customer service experience. At ShineLong, customers are our priority and we make sure that our inventory management runs smoothly and all the orders are met on time.

Provides efficient packaging and processing

The presence of a warehousing & logistics plan provides good customer satisfaction. The equipment and the expertise that we have at ShineLong warehouse ease the packaging and the processing of our customer’s orders. We make sure that we have everything available so that we save time and the cost of processing the product. Warehouse enables us at ShineLong to manage our business well by packaging the customer’s product according to the legal requirements and your needs. We maximize the flexibility of the warehouse and the logistic team to make sure that we save on cost and that the product arrived at the client’s destination in the required time.

Strong customer service

ShineLong being the number one company in the production and manufacturing of LED Tri-proof lights we receive orders from all corners of the world. To make sure that all our customers are served accordingly our logistic team has strong customer service providers. Our team ensures that the goods are secure from the time it is stored in the warehouse to the time it is delivered to the client. The majority of our clients pay for their goods online and for us to satisfy you and gain everlasting trust we make sure that you receive exactly what you ordered. The strong customer service of ShineLong does not promise what they will not provide, we give according to the availability of the product. Our priority is making sure that customer satisfaction is met not our gain, when the customer is happy, we are also happy.

Ensures price stabilization

In all companies, the demand for goods and services varies from month to month depending on the customer’s demand. Having a good and spacious warehouse allows us to safely store our products throughout without any problem. When the demand for LED lights is higher then we have enough storage at our warehouse that we can supply and meet all the customer’s demands on time. Having enough stock in our warehouse assists us in stabilizing our prices because we do not only produce lights when demand is high but we produce more and store them in our warehouse. Upon receiving the order from our customers, we customize it according to their request and this takes a shorter time.

On-time delivery

Our strong team from the warehouse department always makes sure that your products are properly packaged and stored before being delivered. Our able team handles your product with care and makes sure that all the logistics are in place and your products are delivered on time in all the places that you are in. ShineLong never gives a misleading date of delivery, we make sure that our clients receive the exact date of receiving the products, and the logistic team works on it and meet all the client’s requirement. Having worked for over a decade we are known to be the company that delivers according to our words, we do not give fake promises. If you want the company that will deliver customized LED tri-proof lights across the globe look for ShineLong and we will deliver accordingly.

Shipping service you know and trust

At ShineLong we work with the shipping service you know and trust. We make sure that we partnered with the shipping services that will handle our customer’s products with care and arrive to you on the intended time. Our logistic team track and monitors your products to make sure the shipping service they use are genuine and deliver the order in the required time. We are known to produce and manufacture high-quality products and we make sure that our clients received them with the same quality that is the reason we choose the shipping services that are trustworthy and known to you. Some of the shipping services we worked with include DHL, UPS, FedEx, or TNT, we do it through Airline or sea shipping depending on the bulk of the goods and the intended customer mode of shipping. Using any mode of shipping services, our logistic team always follows up on the product until it is well delivered to our customer.

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