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Home > Products > Industrial Lighting > Explosion proof Lights
Home > Products > Industrial Lighting > Explosion proof Lights

Protac LED Explosion-proof Light for EU&AU

ATEX Lights for Hazardous Qreas Explosion Proof Light

14 years experience Specialized in the development and manufacturing in the world of luminaires with high protection ratings. Our solutions have been installed in chemical, oil & gas or heavy industries in more than 20 countries.Certified quality explosion proof light comply with ATEX standards, as well as CE and ROHS marks. Their quality is the result of reliable processes and consistent testing.

Our explosion light processes and products comply with the strict requirements of the most demanding industries. Specialised team Our experienced team cares for the conntinuos improvement of our luminaires and is at your disposal to help you find the appropriate lighting solution for each project. Safety Compliance with electrical, temperature or resistance tests, some of which are carried out in our laboratories, together with fully sealed products up to IP69K, guarantee that Ex-certified luminaires are suitable for hazardous areas where strict ATEX specifications must be met. explosion proof light luminaires are used during long times in challenging locations, so they offer a great resistance to acids, sulphur or salty environments. Durability Optimal thermal management allows a long lifetime up to 50,000 hours. Together with the low failure rate of electrical components and the high energy efficiency, it implies nearly zero maintenance while keeping lighting quality, which represents huge savings.

ATEX LED Explosion Proof Light

Explosion Proof Light Overview

The LED Explosion Proof Light offers energy efficiency and high-quality illumination, reducing maintenance costs and increasing safety.Oil and chemical industries have high concentrations of combustible particles in the air that can cause explosions at the slightest of casualties. Such high-risk environments require special equipment that is highly functional and does not cause ignition or spark. ‍ Explosion-proof lighting for hazardous areas can help workers operate smoothly at all times, and there are minimized risks of explosions due to lights.

The Explosion proof Light with an IP69K rating, it can withstand high-pressure, high temperature wash-downs, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Additionally, its ATEX certification means it’s safe to use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

ATEX LED Explosion Proof Light is built to withstand harsh environments, making it perfect for applications in industries like food processing, pharmaceuticals, and petrochemicals.

ATEX Explosion Proof Lights Specifications

If you are interested in the wattage of this explosion-proof light or any other needs, you can give us a message or call. 

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Guarantee with ShineLong

Response Time

Our response time is around 3 hours,so if you have an urgent problem with your project,you can call the business directly to secure your project.

Reliable Delivery

We have implemented ERP,PMC system management.Sample orders about 7 days,large orders about 15 days,special oeders can be expedited delivery time.

Guaranteed Warranty

Factory passed ISO9001:2015 international quality management system,all of LED lights have a 5-7 year warranty and all accessories have certifications.

Energy Savings

Up to 70% energy savings over traditional lights,report a 50 percent drop in their energy bill than they would have with conventional lights.

ShineLong's Five Value-added Services

ODM services, brand product modeling, and promotional materials, LED light design, LED power supply customization, lighting software development, LED lights for the full range of qualification certificates for the docking service and billing.

We ShineLong can provide you with value-added services for deep cooperation customers, and ODM services, only need you to provide LED light software and appearance ideas, our R & D team can help you with free design software and product appearance, in addition to LED light power supply can be specially customized, LED lights after the completion of the development of LED certificates samples and information can also be provided for the whole docking, until the LED Lights on the market, at the same time, our marketing department is responsible for 3D modeling and design colleagues, but also according to the idea to design your brand needs to promote promotional materials and videos. Most importantly, ShineLong also provides a billing period for large LED lighting customers.

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