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Supermarket Lighting

Lighting plays an important role in a variety of circumstances, and in this case, we’ll be talking about supermarket lighting and what you need to know when it comes to lighting up a supermarket. We have general illumination, but it is insufficient to meet the needs of highlighting and attractiveness of items in the supermarket.  When creating the lighting, the organization and essential values of the goods should be taken into account. Customers will feel more at ease if the lighting is agreeable, and they will be more likely to make additional purchases. In contrast to regular lighting, supermarket lighting is quite sophisticated. The primary goal of supermarket lighting, regardless of other objectives, is to increase sales. And supermarkets are known to provide customers with a level of comfort and make their shopping experience awesome that they would love to purchase more goods.


Features of Parkade IP66 LED Tri-proof Light for Supermarket Lighting

  • IP66 Waterproof, IK10 Protection
  • Special Design, Mitsubishi PC Cover with Aluminum PCB & Housing
  • SMD2835 LED Light Source with Global Patent Protection
  • 130~160 lm/w (+/-5%)
  • L80B10 life space of 50,000 Hours (@ Ta = 25°C)
  • 5 Years Warranty

Full Solutions from Custom Supermarket Lighting Manufacturers


One of the most common questions is what role does temperature has in the color of light, and the answer is that color does play a role in the temperature of light. The hue of a light source is measured by its color temperature. Kelvin degrees are used to measure temperature. We use thermometers calibrated to show degrees to measure cold and heat, so why are we talking about color using the same unit of measurement?

color temperature

Even though the cooler colors have higher Kelvin values, we are accustomed to thinking that colors that move toward red are “warm” and colors that go toward blue are “cold,” even though the cooler colors have higher Kelvin values.

  • Warm white 3045±175k
  • Natural White 3982±275k
  • Pure white 5029±283k
  • Cool white 6065±415k


There are different lengths as regards the custom length of supermarket lighting; and we would be looking at 600mm, 1200mm, 1500mm.

Here, we can look at either 4″ 1200mm Custom Length 180 Degrees or the 2″ 600mm Custom Length 180 Degrees Aluminum Turbo Intercooler Pipe.

Aluminum Intercooler Pipe: 1X Aluminum Intercooler Pipe is made of premium quality #6063 Alloy Aluminum.  It has a 1.8 mm thickness, and it is more durable than other aluminum pipes on the market.

Total Length:

  • 600mm/2 feet.
  • 1200 mm/4 feet.
  • 1500mm/5 feet.
  • 1800mm/6 feet.
  • 2400mm/8 feet.
  • 3000mm/10 feet.


Frosted PC Cover

The frosted PC Cover is comprised of frosted glass that differs from standard clear glass and can be used in a variety of settings to improve the aesthetic appeal of specific venues. You’ve come across frosted glass when you come across an appealing form of glass whose surface is not entirely clear but rather translucent, and you’re inclined to wash it or even dust it with an initiative that it could get cleaner.

Frosted glass is an opaque sheet of glass that has been sandblasted or acid etched from a transparent sheet of glass. Due to light dispersion during transmission, the glass appears translucent, limiting visibility even while transmitting light. Its translucent surface does not prevent light from passing through; light is still passed through and lighted.

These kinds of Lighting as used in the supermarket is broadly divided into two kinds;

  • Standard kind of lighting and it has a 130~150lm/w
  • Premium kind of Lighting and it has a 140~160lm/w

Striped PC Cover

A flexible circuit board with an adhesive backing and surface-mounted light-emitting diodes is known as an LED Strip Light (also known as an LED tape or ribbon light) (LEDs). Because LED strip lights are available in a variety of quality levels, understanding the differences between high and low-quality LED strips is critical.

The flat, low-profile form of these flexible LED strips allows them to be mounted anywhere and cut where needed (at any cut point), giving them a more adaptable lighting solution. Due to its brightness and customizability, LED strip lights are used for a variety of applications, from kitchen under cabinet illumination to replacing ceiling fluorescents, illuminating a small hobby project, or lighting a conference room.


There are some custom functions of supermarket lighting manufacturers

0/1-10V dimmable

0-10V dimming is a lighting control system that uses direct current voltage (DC) between 0 and 10 volts to produce light of varying intensities. The simplest lighting control method is 0-10V dimming, which allows for smooth operation and dimming down to 10%, 1%, and even 0.1 percent light levels. At 10 volts, the light will be at its brightest. At 0 volts, the light will dim to its lowest setting, yet turning the lights off completely may need a switch. This easy-to-use lighting controller connects to your LED fixtures to provide ambiance and a variety of lighting options.

Microwave Sensor

Microwave sensors work by emitting high-frequency radio waves that rotate 360 degrees. They work in the same way as radar does, detecting changes in reflected radio waves. They are especially useful in large locations like warehouses, where they monitor any changes in return waves and respond quickly. Another benefit of a Microwave Sensor is that it has several settings that may be controlled remotely via a keypad. For example, rather than just on or off, they will detect daylight levels, movement, and reduce lights as necessary. The lights primarily do what you want when you want them to, preventing you from wasting energy "when no one is present or in brilliant sunshine, saving you electricity automatically."

DALI Control

Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) is a lighting interface that allows you to control the brightness of your lights. It's a lighting interface technology that allows lighting to be controlled more precisely and easily using a digital signal. A DALI controller, which is commonly a computer system with software or a dimming controller, uses a two-way mechanism to communicate with LED drivers and ballasts. DALI is also an international lighting communication standard (IEC 62386), which means that any components of a lighting system bearing the DALI brand can interact with one another, even if they are from different manufacturers. This standard was created to ensure that industry lighting solutions are interchangeable and compatible.

For Emergencies

In dangerous scenarios caused by this convoluted backdrop, emergency illumination is a lifesaver. Importantly, it allows for the safe, rapid, and effective evacuation of places and buildings, not only in the event of a power loss but even when sunshine and mains lighting are still accessible. In addition to guiding individuals in and around enclosed and open spaces, a successful emergency lighting system also assists them in locating safety items, as well as refuge and assembly places. By providing vital illumination and directing inhabitants to safe locations and safety equipment, emergency lighting helps to reduce panic and save lives.


  • Custom Label
  • Custom Laser Logo
  • Custom printed outer box


The ever-increasing demand for high-quality LED lighting has prompted a slew of new lighting companies to enter the market. When compared to ordinary incandescent lamps (ICLs) and fluorescent lamps (FTLs/CFLs), several firms are now producing a wide choice of LED lighting products that are extremely efficient and environmentally friendly. Some of those that supply power are;

    • MeanWell
    • Osram
    • Philips
    • Lifud
    • Tridonic
    • Boke

Quality Parkade IP66 LED Tri-proof Light for Supermarket Lighting

Production Line

We would be pointing out some Quality Parkade for supermarket lighting.

  • 2ft 20W IP66 LED Tri-proof Light
  • 2ft 30W IP66 LED Tri-proof Light
  • 4ft 40W IP66 LED Tri-proof Light
  • 4ft 50W IP66 LED Tri-proof Light
  • 5ft 50W IP66 LED Tri-proof Light
  • 5ft 60W IP66 LED Tri-proof Light
  • 6ft 80W IP66 LED Tri-proof Light
  • 8ft 80W IP66 LED Tri-proof Light
  • 10ft 100W IP66 LED Tri-proof Light

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Best in Supermarket Lighting Factory

The #1 LED Tri-proof Light Manufacturer for 300+ Brands is no other than ShineLong. They have complete control over quality and functionality because their LED lights are manufactured in-house. They can help you adapt LED lights to your lighting project and bring your inventive LED lighting ideas to life.

Their team of LED Tri-proof light manufacturing experts is skilled at interpreting your lighting requirements and turning them into LED triplexes that are both functional and long-lasting. To ensure that their LED tri-proof lights are the best on the market, they only employ high-quality LEDs and other raw materials.

Aging test

Customer-based Supermarket Lighting Design

Our first aim as a professional LED light provider is to suit the needs of our customers. Our team of lighting professionals is always available to listen to your specific lighting needs and make recommendations. If you can’t find an LED product that meets your requirements, we can create one just for you.

The successful delivery of LED products does not mark the end of our relationship with customers. In reality, that is only the start. We believe in building long-term relationships so that you think of ShineLong, China’s most trusted LED light source, whenever you need bespoke lighting. We check in with our customers once a week to see if their LEDs are working properly.

Why Choose ShineLong Parkade IP66 LED Tri-proof Light for Supermarket Lighting?

ShineLong Technology, founded in 2010 with an emphasis on commercial and industrial lighting, has quickly evolved to become one of China’s leading LED lighting manufacturers. Its objective is to provide every customer with the best energy-saving and value-added LED products possible. Shinelong’s consistent quality philosophy is based on a careful production process combined with premium components. They believe that a high-quality product with excellent performance is an extraordinary advantage in the market, as well as a reflection of responsibility and guarantee for our clients. Read a case study about coke machine lighting, how it can be helpful for your bussiness.

Supermarket Lighting suppliers Since 2010

We offer unique lighting solutions for all your lighting needs, whether commercial, industrial, or even animal husbandry, at ShineLong, as a leading LED Tri-proof light supplier in China. Are you looking for a waterproof, tri-proof light that can be used indoors? ShineLong can assist you with illuminating all of your projects, whether you require unique LED lights or not.

Wholesale Supermarket Lighting

Light up your store with the best wholesale supermarket lighting from ShineLong. Browse from our wide range of options, including LED supermarket lighting and fluorescent supermarket lighting. Shop today and save! We offer a variety of high-quality LED lights for your supermarket. We have a team of experts who will assist you in selecting the perfect solution to meet your needs.

Buy Supermarket Lighting in Bulk

ShineLong is a leading supplier of supermarket lights and fixtures. If you’re looking to purchase supermarket lighting in bulk, we have the right equipment for your need. Shop for all your supermarket lighting needs at ShineLong. We have a wide selection of supermarket lights available in different shapes and sizes. Buy high-quality supermarket lighting in bulk at wholesale prices.

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