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ShineLong LED lighting fixture

A while ago, conventional fluorescent lights were among the best lighting solutions for homes, offices, and other commercial settings. However, since the coming of LED lighting, these lights are no longer the best. LED technology has brought about better lighting solutions such as LED tubes.

While LED tubes can be used for both residential, commercial, and industrial settings, they are more effective in commercial and industrial spaces, for example, offices, parking garages, and outdoor spaces.

The tubes come with a similar design as the conventional fluorescent tubes, but with improved benefits such as a longer lifespan, no mercury or other toxic substances, no UV radiation, a reduced power consumption, and more.

At ShineLong, we have been offering LED tubes since 2010. Our LED tubes are geared for commercial lighting, industrial lighting, and architectural lighting. We have different types of LED tubes, depending on your lighting needs. These include:

LED panel replaced grille lamps – in some areas, for examples, offices, you need two or more LED tubes so as to get the perfect illumination. LED panels are the perfect solution in these cases, as one instead of two (and some even four) tubes inside.

LED tri-proof light replaced T8 light fixtures which comes with two LED tubes, and they are perfect for lighting large commercial and industrial spaces, for example, parking lots, warehouses, gymnasiums, workshops, and other high-ceiling areas. The strong housing of the tri-proof light protects the LEDs from dirt and moisture, thus increasing their durability.