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Underground Car Park Lighting

The requirements for lighting in underground parking garages are extremely high, although they are frequently overlooked. Aside from the harsh climate, including extreme humidity, temperatures, and exhaust fumes, the architecture places high demands on lighting technology, with low ceiling heights, pillars, curves, niches, and ramps. As a result, our state-the-art lighting system is highly required to ease movement within the underground parking areas. Our luminaire underground lighting system ranges are modularly designed, which means that the luminous flux package, beam characteristics, glare control, protection rating, and level of smart technology can be optimally adapted to the individual project and application. The end result is perfectly illuminated areas with no glare or shadows.

Features of Alpha Vapor Tight For Underground Car Park Lighting

Underground Car Park

An underground car park has many specific needs, one of the most important being the type of lighting. The requirements are different from those for surface parking and street lights, especially regarding safety. And while there are more lights involved in underground environments, they need to be more carefully selected than their above-ground counterparts. As a result, ShineLong designed the Alpha Vapor Tight with the following impressive features to meet these specific needs. They include:

  • 120~140 lm/w (+/-5%)
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • ENEC Certifed flicker-free driver
  • Full PC Housing With S304 Clips
  • High Efficiency, 120~140 lumens per watt (+/-5%)
  • IP65 Waterproof, IK09 Protection
  • L80B10 life span of 50,000 Hours (@ Ta = 25°C)
  • SMD2835 LED Light Source with Global Patent Protection

Full Solutions From Custom Underground Car Park Lighting Manufacturers

Custom Color Temperature

ShineLong provides a comprehensive selection of custom color temperature styles for Underground Car Parking Lighting. These variations are ideal for complementing indoor parking garages, such as: Warm White 3045±175K; Natural White 3985±275K; Cool White 6065±415K; Pure White 5029±283K

Custom Length

ShineLong Underground Car Parking Lighting is available in various custom lengths to accommodate any indoor parking garage's forms, sizes, and shapes. ShineLong offers Underground Car Parking Lighting system custom Lengths including 600 mm, 1200 mm, and 1500 mm.

Custom Efficacy Version

ShineLong provides a wide range of application-specific solutions and maximum efficiency for Underground Car Park owners and operators: They come in two forms, including the Frosted PC cover and Striped PC Cover. Frosted PC Cover: Standard (120~130lm/w); Premium (130~140lm/w). Striped PC Cover: Standard (130~140lm/w); Premium (140~150lm/w)

Custom Function

ShineLong Alpha Vapor Tight for Underground Car Parking Lighting creates an ideal luminous environment, allowing vehicles and pedestrians to quickly identify and avoid barriers or dangers. The custom functions they offer include: 0/1-10V dimmable; Microwave Sensor; DALI Control; Emergency

Custom Packaging

ShineLong Alpha Vapor Tight for Underground Car Parking Lighting features eco-friendly packaging offers including: Custom Label; Custom Laser Logo; Custom printed outer box.

Custom Power Supply

We offer the following effective custom power supply to get your underground car parking garage lit up to improve both the visual appeal and functions: MeanWell; Osram; Philips; Lifud; Tridonic; Boke.

Quality ShineLong Alpha Vapor Tight LED Light For Underground Car Park Lighting

The ShineLong Alpha Vapor Tight LED Light is designed to replace all inefficient lighting fixtures in underground car parks. It offers a high-quality light at an affordable cost. It can thrive in the harsh environment of underground parking lots.

It’s a fact ShineLong Alpha Vapor Tight LED Light is the best way to produce commercially viable lighting products for all underground car parking lighting. After considering various factors such as design process, cost of materials, demand from industrial markets, and environmental impact, we discovered that the best route would be to produce a product like our ShineLong Alpha Vapor Tight LED Light for underground car park lighting.

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Best In Underground Car Park Lighting Factory

ShineLong has many years of experience providing underground car park lighting solutions that comply with the relevant material selection standards. Since we all know that outdoor car park lighting should focus on security and safety, we are highly qualified with world-recognized certification in producing high-quality ensuring that we are the best underground Car Park Lighting Factory. With our advanced lighting tech, we offer Alpha Vapor Tight LED lighting for every underground car park. Contact our experts today to request a quote.

Customer-Based Underground Car Park Lighting Design

ShineLong is a China-based lighting solution manufacturer. We specialize in commercial and industrial luminaires for Underground Car Park Lighting with great professionalism over the years, with unique lighting options in all market sectors. ShineLong offers a diverse range of interior and exterior products that are high in quality, have strong technical performance, and have leading power efficiencies. ShineLong has a license to manufacture high-quality LED light for various underground car parks.

Why Should You Use ShineLong LED Lights for Parking Garage Lighting?

The ShineLong LED Lights for Parking Garage Lighting is brighter, more durable, and have a longer lifespan than conventional fluorescent lights. ShineLong LED Luminaires were designed specifically for parking garages. They can also be used for workshops, warehouses, factories, storehouses, and more. They can last over 50,000 hours and never need to be replaced if properly cared for. ShineLong fixtures also feature 3W chips that emit 16 trillion color combinations, making each garage unique while remaining consistent. You will benefit from ShineLong in the following ways:

Optionsof Improved Color Rendering Index

One of the best-LED lighting brands on the market is our LED Light for the parking garage. Our LED Lights for Parking Garage Lighting illumination outperforms other manufacturers' LED and HID lights. They are a better option for parking lots and garage lighting because their luminaire has a higher color rendering index.

Longer-Lasting Fixtures

LEDs produce a beautiful white light that does not change or fade over time. Because they are designed to last far longer than standard HID lighting fixtures, you will not have to replace them as frequently to save you money on personnel and labor. It has a life expectancy of 8 to 20 years.

Lowered energy costs

LED lights not only provide better lighting, but they also consume less energy, saving more than half of the energy used. A typical HID system, for example, consumes 185 watts with a 150w Pulse Start Metal Halide (PSMH) light. Nonetheless, a comparable LED system consumes only 70 watts. Given that the HID has a life of only 15,000 hours and the LED has a life of 60,000 hours, a savings of 63 percent is possible.

Lower maintenance costs

We offer LED Lights for Parking Garage Lighting with long-life expectancy; you will save money on maintenance. If you do not need to change bulbs as frequently, you won't need to hire someone to do it. LED lights do not require any maintenance. To avoid early harm, you only need to ensure that they are protected from harsh elements.

Improved security

Impressively, expect increased visibility in and around parking lots and garages with light levels comparable to or greater than HID lamps. There's no need to worry about excessive shadows or not seeing all of the parked cars.

Underground Car Park Lighting Suppliers Since 2011

ShineLong is one of the leading LED parking lot lighting suppliers in China. With a large production base, we can assure you the best quality and best price!

ShineLong has served customers in and out of China for more than 13 years. We have various types of products, such as parking lot lighting, LED pole light fixture, LED flood light, LED street light and so on. We provide professional services to our customers from all walks of life, from governmental buildings to commercial buildings.

Wholesale Underground Car Park Lighting

At ShineLong, users have access to hand-picked brands at the forefront of energy-efficient lighting to provide you with access to the most cutting-edge underground car park lighting technology that can make a difference. We offer wholesale underground car park lighting since we are confident and proud of our product to be the best. Contact our expert today for more information!

Buy Underground Car Park Lighting in Bulk

We offer bulk purchase options due to our cutting-edge facilities and high-quality equipment for the production of Alpha Vapor Tight for underground car park lighting. We’ve got you covered, regardless of the size of your order. We can deliver as many quantities as possible. Your underground lighting system must be of high quality with proper functions; hence ShineLong offers a high-quality Alpha Vapor Tight Lighting system with the best features for your underground car parks.

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