Parkade led lighting manufacturers


Deluxe Line
IP66 IK10
0.6 m - 3 m, Max 120 W
130~150 lm/w
Rancher light fixture


High-end Line
IP69K IK10
120~140 lm/w
Fit for aggressive environment
IP68 led lighting solutions


High-end Line
IP68 IK09
130~150 lm/w
EcoMini series triproof light led


Economic Line
IP65 IK07
Linkable design, easy installation


Base Line
IP65 IK09
120~140 lm/w
Easy installation and maintanence
panel light fixture


Max 130 lm/w
Flicker Free
UGR less than 19
SDCM lower than 3
T8 tube banner

T8 tube

Classical Line
Max 160 lm/w
180° rotatable caps
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Parkade LED Tri-proof Light

With 7 years of continuous improvement and innovation, IP65 aluminum tri-proof light evolved to be one of ShineLong’s proudest products because of its high quality and superior performance. Not only does it offer an extensive application range from commercial to industrial for any retrofit or new installation, but it is also a genuine champion for being energy-efficient and cost-effective.

If you are looking for an ideal luminaire for your parking garage, warehouse, corridor, workshop, etc, it will be your best option.

  • Available in different sizes from 0.6 m to 3 m and powers from 20 w to 120 w or any other customized requirements
  • Support side, back, cable self-mounted, plug-and-play connection
  • 130~150 lm/w
  • Capable with microwave sensor, DALI dimming, emergency version.
  • L80B50(Ta=25℃): 75,000hrs
Parkade ip65 tri proof led light

Who We Are

ShineLong Technology Corp., Ltd, a public company based in Shenzhen, China, is dedicated to independently innovating commercial and industrial lightings since 2010.

Our 7 years of experience focusing on professional lighting enables us to provide possibilities to various lighting projects and offer OEM & ODM services you need.


Why Choose Us

  • Advanced ERP & digital management
  • ISO9001:2008 certified plant with over 10,000 m2 dimension
  • Full range of production and test facilities, 200+ skillful workers
  • Independent R & D Department takes in charge of continuous product improvements and innovations, 20+ professionals

Professional, passionate, responsible, flexible

  • Adopting superior components in careful production process, coupled with strict quality control measures, is our main philosophy for our products.
  • Customer-oriented concept is our primary philosophy in sales management
  • The principle of good faith and being responsible to every client is our footstone in running the business.

Not only to make ShineLong a world-famous enterprise but also to set it as a good example when it comes to producing high-quality products, to let the world know that products with “made in china” stamps are absolutely dependable.

  • Our technical team is experienced and flexible as they can provide various possibilities when it comes to customized products or special projects.
  • Our team will take good care of you if you have inquiries or orders; you’ll get an unparalleled feeling of comfort and safety under ShineLong service.

Main Products

The key features of ShineLong products are always relevant to premium quality, high lumen, and long life span. Until now, ShineLong manufactures four main products series – Tube series, Tri-proof Light series, Panel Light series, and Industrial Lighting series.

IP66 Cylinder Tri-proof Light

Gauls IP68 LED Tubular

LED Flat Panel Light

LED Panel Light

IP69K Cylinder Tri-proof Light

Rancher Luminaire Tubulaire

UFO highbay light

UFO Highbay Light


LED Tunnel Light

Where to Used It

In ShineLong, it’s always easy to find a good solution with

the right products across agricultural, commercial, residential, industrial field.

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