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Meeting Room Lighting

Your meeting or conference room is ideal for coworkers to gather, discuss, and present new ideas. However, flashy lighting might distract from the job at hand and create an unwelcoming and unpleasant work atmosphere. To enhance employee productivity, optimal lighting design necessitates audiovisual integrators properly balancing various types of illumination.

Furthermore, lighting solutions must improve the operation of a multi-purpose meeting room. Effective meeting room lighting necessitates adaptability for purposes such as presentations, video conferencing, and notetaking.

Ultimately, the ideal meeting and conference room lighting solutions must allow workers to execute all needed duties while keeping harmony and balance across the meeting area. In light of this,  ShineLong presents the Alpha Vapor Tight for the meeting room solution.

Meeting Room Lighting

Features of Alpha Vapor Tight For Meeting Room Lighting

To promote maximum attention and productivity, the lighting design of your conference room must accentuate key characteristics of the environment. ShineLong’s Alpha Vapor TIght for meeting room lighting from an experienced team of specialists can precisely light up your meeting room demands based on the size and configuration of the space itself. We offer an eco-friendly lighting solution with impressive features, including:

  • 120-140 lm/w (+/- 5%)
  • ENEC-certified flicker-free driver
  • Full PC Housing with S304 Clips
  • High efficiency, 120~140 lumens per watt (+/-5%)
  • IP65 water resistance, IK09 protection
  • L80B10 life duration of 50,000 hours (@ Ta = 25°C)
  • Global Patent Protection for SMD2835 LED Light Source

Full Solutions From Custom Meeting Room Lighting Manufacturers

ShineLong is a one-stop provider and manufacturer of Alpha Vapor Tight For Meeting Room. This conference room lighting solutions provide a broad range of eye-catching features, styles, and value-added services. These offers include:

Custom Color Temperature

ShineLong offers a wide range of unique color temperature styles fo meeting room Lighting. They include warm white 3045±175K, natural white 3985±275K, cool white 5029±283K, and pure white 6065±415K and are ideal for complementing your meeting rooms.

Custom Length

ShineLong meeting room lighting is available in various unique lengths to fit any meeting or conference room's forms, sizes, and shapes. ShineLong provides lights for meeting room with bespoke lengths ranging from 600 mm to 1200 mm and 1500 mm.

Custom Efficacy Version

ShineLong offers a broad selection of application-specific solutions and maximum efficiency for meeting rooms lighting. They are available in two varieties: Frosted PC Cover (standard and premium) and Striped PC Cover (standard and premium).

Custom Function

ShineLong Alpha Vapor Tight for meeting room lighting produces an optimum light atmosphere, enabling meeting room users to take a maximum user satisfaction, concentration, and efficiency of a well-lit atmosphere. The Alpha Vapor Tight for conference room lighting has specific functionalities like 0/1-10V dimming, microwave sensor, DALI control, and an emergency solution.

Custom Packaging

ShineLong Alpha Vapor Tight for Meeting Lighting comes in eco-friendly packaging that includes a personalized label, laser logo, and custom-printed outer box.

Custom Power Supply

We provide the following efficient bespoke power supply to get your meeting room lighted up to increase sustainability, aesthetic appeal, and functions. MeanWell, Osram, Philips, Lifud, Tridonic, and Boke are the various options available for Alpha Vapor Tigh lighting.

Quality ShineLong Alpha Vapor Tight LED Light For Meeting Room Lighting

ShineLong Alpha Vapor Tight for Meeting room lighting can handle various multimedia forms. This lighting makes it possible for the screen and the speaker to become plainly visible during presentations. When utilizing a projector, Alpha Vapor Tight helps to darken the multimedia wall to produce optimal viewing circumstances. Our LED lights for meeting room offers uniform, glare-free general lighting in addition to changing accent lighting to allow attendees to read and write comfortably.

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Best In Meeting Room Lighting Factory

We offer intelligent lighting systems to optimize light based on aesthetic and functional variables such as lighting intensity, light hue, and the adjustable mixing of direct and indirect light components. Utilize your meeting rooms with our lighting solutions for a wide range of purposes, from upscale customer meetings and multimedia presentations to creative get-togethers and brainstorming.

Customer-based Meeting Room Lighting Design

ShineLong is a lighting solution company located in China. Over the years, ShineLong has specialized in commercial and industrial luminaires for meeting rooms with great skill, offering unique lighting choices in all market sectors. ShineLong provides a wide selection of interior and outdoor products that are excellent in quality, have great technical performance and have industry-leading power efficiency. ShineLong has a license to provide high-quality LED lighting for different meeting and conference rooms.

Why Choose ShineLong Vapor Tight Lighting for Meeting Rooms?


Because of our great expertise in lighting solutions throughout the globe, we can provide a broad range of high-quality, creative LED luminaires tailored to your project specifications.


Our LED technology consumes a fraction of the electricity that older lighting techniques used. Upgrading to LED lighting may significantly reduce energy use and your organization's carbon impact, our goal.


A wide variety of professional services by skilled industry specialists means we deliver a comprehensive lighting solution that consistently exceeds our customers' expectations.


Our extensive line of lighting items is developed and manufactured with cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials. Each is backed by a manufacturer's warranty.

Improved Color Rendering Index Options

Our LED light for the meeting rooms is one of the best-LED lighting brands on the market. Our LED Lights for meeting room Lighting exceed other manufacturers' LED and HID lights in terms of illumination. Because our luminaire has a greater color rendering index, they are a superior choice for meeting room illumination.

Fixtures that last longer

LEDs provide a lovely white light that does not malfunction or fade over time. Because they are built to last significantly longer than normal HID lighting fixtures, you will save money on staff and labor by not regularly replacing them. Our lighting solution product features a life expectancy of 8 to 20 years.

Meeting Room Lighting Suppliers Since 2011

ShineLong, headquartered in China, is one of the world’s top lighting system manufacturers.

ShineLong is a professional interior and outside lighting solution provider. Consequently, since 2011, we have been a leading Meeting Room Lighting Suppliers.

ShineLong provides cutting-edge meeting or conference room lighting and expert pre/after-sales assistance to reduce energy and maintenance costs while increasing visual comfort, manpower efficiency, safety, and environmental compliance.

We provide services to ensure a lighting system that is environmentally sustainable, efficient, safe, and comfortable, with minimal investment costs.

Wholesale Meeting Room Lighting

In hundreds of projects completed to date, we offer wholesale unique lighting solutions, which can be linked with a smart control system. And as a result, we have helped establish efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly places. In an era marked by fast advances in light and light-based technology, we are acutely aware of the critical role that lighting plays in all aspects of humans and the environment. Hence, our long-term goal for all.

Buy Meeting Room Lighting in Bulk

Because of our cutting-edge facilities and high-quality equipment for the manufacturing of Alpha Vapor Tight for meeting room illumination, we offer bulk sale options. Regardless of the quantity of your purchase, we’ve got you covered. We can provide as many amounts as possible. Your meeting room lighting system will be of high quality and perform properly; so, ShineLong provides a high-grade Alpha Vapor Tight Lighting system with the greatest characteristics for your meeting and conference rooms. Contact us today to request a quote!

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