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LED Tube

LED tubes are the most popular LED light fixtures available in the market. In commercial LED lighting, LED tubes lights account for more than half of all types of LED light fixtures. The reasons why they are so popular is because they make a perfect alternative to fluorescent tubes, meaning that you can easily switch to them without having to rewire all of your lighting fixtures.

LED tubes also provide better illumination, and thanks to their directional lighting (as opposed to the multi-directional lighting of fluorescent tubes), the light is only directed where it is needed. Other benefits of LED tubes include a longer lifespan, mercury free, energy efficient, and no flickering. Some tubes even come with additional features such as dimming function and motion sensors.

Product Categories

At ShineLong, we have a wide selection of LED tubes, which are designed to meet the different needs of the consumers. These include:

Expert T8 Tubes – these are durable, energy-efficient commercial lighting alternatives to T8 fluorescent tubes

Expert T6 Tubes – the Expert T6 LED tubes comes with standard T5 pins and standard 180-degree rotating ends. Therefore, just like the T8 LED tubes, they can fit perfectly into any existing light fixtures for T5 fluorescent tubes.

T5 Tubes – Standard LED T5 tubes for replacing T5 fluorescent tubes. They are very easy to install and maintain.

T5 Batten Tube – The T5 batten tubes are modern LED tubes that come with a batten that allows for easy installation (simple cable connection). They are also linkable, and you can connect several tubes together – up to 15 meters.

K-Lens Tube lights – Linkable liner lights that are ideal for commercial spaces where you need maximum illumination.

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