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Liberate Yourself from Low-Performance Lighting With Our LED Tube Light Luminaries

If you take a minute to consider the viability and efficiency of fluorescents in comparison to LED tubes, it’s pretty easy to see why a lot of people are switching to LED lighting systems. That’s because LEDs offer you everything you get from old lighting fixture and more. In fact, the light quality and performance efficiency of LED tubes are way better than other types of tube light fixtures.

Unlike fluorescents that offer multi-directional lighting, our LED tubes are designed to produce directional lighting thus improving the lights luminous flux and efficiency. ShineLong LED tubes allow you to direct more light to a specific part of a space with ease and precision. The best part about all this is that our LED tubes shine brighter, last longer, are more efficient, visually appealing and very convenient. When upgrading your lighting system to our fine LED tubes, you won’t need to retire because they fit perfectly into fluorescent tube holders.

ShineLong LED tubes consist of five types; each with its own unique set of advantages and features to accommodate the different lighting needs and requirements. They include:


Expert T8

They are strong, high-performance, impressively durable, energy-efficient, and the perfect commercial lighting alternative to standard T8 fluorescent tubes.


Expert T6

These LED fixtures are the ideal alternative to T5 fluorescent tubes because they have standard T5 pins and 180-degree rotating ends.


T5 LED Tubes

Easy to install, little maintenance needs, convenient, flicker-free, and noiseless. Those are just some of the perks that come with switching to our T5 LED Tubes.

T5-batten 4

T5 Batten Tubes

If you are more interested in an all-in-one LED tube light, then our T5 batten tubes are exactly what you need.


K-Lens Linear Light

Due to their linking capability, these liner lights are ideal for vast commercial spaces like warehouses and factories where ample light is needed.

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