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LED Lights OEM & ODM Service

ShineLong is the leading manufacturer and producer of high-quality LED lights. We are full of ideas and we work with different companies and individuals from various sectors in providing durable and long-lasting solutions to lighting. We have experts that have the experience, capability, and resources to make OEM/ODM of LED lights. I believe you will be interested in OEM & ODM Service; I will take you to a comprehensive understanding or a complete guide.

What is the OEM & ODM Service of LED lights?

You have probably come across the term OEM and ODM before and wondering what are they. Understanding these terms and their differences is an important step before sourcing a product. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer where the manufacturer is capable of creating a product for the customer according to client specifications.  

ODM stands for Original Design Manufacturing where the manufacturer designs and builds the product and it is then marketed by the third party. Therefore, OEM of LED lights is producing lights depending on the specification and the requirements that the client put in place. ODM of LED lights is manufacturing the lights according to the company’s ideas and designs and then marketing them using another name. ShineLong is top-notch and provides OEM/ODM services by customizing the lights to fit customers’ different projects.

Differences between OEM and ODM explained in detail

OEM is the type of manufacturer that is in a position of designing the product to a customer’s precise specification or at least close to the guidelines. OEM allows a company to produce the product and get it to the market without needing a structure of factory or staff. The OEM customers provide product design, marketing research, marketing, and product testing. On the other hand, the OEM provides manufacturers’ intended product. The OEM producing companies are increasing the solution sought by startups and multinationals. They provide services at a lower rate compared to other companies due to the high level of competition. 

ODM also referred to as private labeling is where the importers select the already existing product designs and make some small changes then brand them as their own during marketing. The advantage of ODM over OEM is that the importer does not spend millions of money doing research and development to create new products they already used the available product they only customize them. The limitation of ODM compared to OEM is that it is difficult to differentiate your product from that of competitors that were manufactured according to the same design.

What does the OEM/ODM of LED lights include?

The OEM/ODM of LED lights includes the light designs, the material used in the designs, the durability of the lights, the marketing of the lights, layouts, environmental tests, and client satisfaction.

The complete process of OEM/ODM of LED lights

Our knowledgeable team is committed to delivering quality solutions to our valued clients through our OEM/ODM services. The complete process of OEM/ODM of LED lights starts with the initiation of the new project. Here we focus on the overall project discussion by checking the exact required specification and the quotation of the product. 

The second step is to research and design where we work closely with the customer to develop the concept and product demonstration. The third step is prototyping, in which we develop the functional product lights for research and testing. 

The next step is manufacturing where we assemble the production of lights. We pass the product through quality assurance where we test the quality and full function of the lights. The last step is service and support, we check the logistic services and aftersales support.

1. Initiation of New Project

OEM/ODM R&D Capability of ShineLong LED Light Manufacturer

The main aim of ShineLong is to bring you innovative, customized LED products to help you live better and grow your business stronger. OEM/ODM research and development capability of ShineLong LED light manufacturer is to produce quality, durable, and desired lighting for our customers. 

We have engaged in the research and development of LED lighting for over 13 years and we are now leading manufacturers with total production capacity and technical strength. For the past decade, LED technology has changed rapidly and the development of new applications has emerged. We are always on the frontline of the change in technology and ensuring that our products meet the needs of the customer.

OEM/ODM capacity of ShineLong LED Light manufacturer

Being the leading manufacturer and producer of high-quality, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and durable LED lights, ShineLong OEM/ODM produces high-capacity of LED lights because of our unique customization. We have studied the global market for LED lighting and we are aware of the demand and produce accordingly.

OEM/ODM case study of ShineLong LED Light manufacturer

ShineLong is the leading manufacturer of high-quality LED lighting in China. We have been providing lighting solutions for over 13 years. Our company has been receiving positive feedback from the clients because of the quality product they receive with many years of warranty. ShineLong provides OEM/ODM services to make sure that we customize the LED lights to fit the customer’s expectations. 

The research and development of technology and market trend of the LED light have enabled ShineLong to know the demand and this has reflected the capacity of production. For the past 13 years, we have been researching to come up with durable quality LED lights that will provide an everlasting solution to customers from various fields performing different projects. Currently, we are the leading manufacturers and producers of lighting solutions and all our clients are satisfied.

Get the OEM/ODM service process with ShineLong LED Light manufacturer

I know you have been looking for durable, quality with many years of warranty LED lights. Do not look further, ShineLong is the leading, manufacturer of LED lights and we customize to make sure that you get what you require. ShineLong provides OEM/ODM services because we focus on our clients’ satisfaction and the production of quality products. Get today the OEM/ODM service of LED light with ShineLong and you will forever be a happy client.

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