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For more than 8 years, ShineLong Technology CORP., LTD has been manufacturing, improving, inventing, and supplying LED light products to all corners of the globe. Thanks to our exemplary service delivery and product superiority, we’ve earned global recognition as one of the key players in the LED light industry.

At ShineLong, we understand that proper illumination is just as important as cost-effective lighting for any business. And that’s why we’ve spent a great deal of time and effort refining our products to generate a higher luminous flux but at a very low energy consumption rate. Therefore, with our vast LED luminary lineup, you are guaranteed at least one lighting fixture that meets your lighting needs to the fullest. So, how do you benefit from buying ShineLong products?

Well, the list of perks is endless. We always strive to be among the best-LED light manufacturers in the world. And that’s why ShineLong staffers are always keen on quality, durability, performance, efficiency, user-friendliness and most importantly, customer satisfaction. We believe that when our client’s business thrives, ours does too. This is why we always offer them the best lighting solutions for their commercial or industrial spaces.

Our Engineering Department

Probably one of our most important departments, the RAD (Research and Development) department is responsible for the design, innovation, and improvement of our LED products. It comprises of some of the brightest minds in the industry. With enough data, resources, and all the experience needed, ShineLong engineers always deliver stunning end-products tailored to improve and perfect LED lighting solutions for any kind of space.

They are always open to new ideas and eager to solve any day-to-day lighting issues that industrialists and entrepreneurs face. So, if you have any specific design or performance upgrade recommendations, they are usually the best people to handle that.

Our Sales Department

This is yet another vital arm of our enterprise. Our sales team is made up of sharp, attentive, and polite representatives whose main goal is often to ensure you buy and receive your order with ease, convenience, affordability, and in time. They are always in-tune with market price trends and convenient shipping routes to help them give you the best price and shipping plan in the market.

Unlike other companies, our sales department is committed to reducing the cost burden on you – our clients. That’s why you can always count on them to offer the best-LED lighting deals in the industry. If you’d like to request your FREE quote, we’ll have one of our sales reps handle your request as soon as possible.

Meet Our Team

To achieve meaningful business, leadership is always a vital factor of consideration; better leadership results in better end products. And this is the case with ShineLong because it is led by smart, visionary, and innovative heads.

James Lua
James LuaCEO / Founder
Ever since the company’s inception, James has led ShineLong from being a local business to becoming an internationally recognized LED Light manufacturer. He’s a visionary on a mission to change and improve the world’s perception of Chinese products through ShineLong’s superior LED light product lineup.
Connie Lee
Connie LeeCMO
With years in marketing experience, Connie oversees the planning, development, and execution of ShineLong’s marketing and advertisement campaigns. Her in-depth knowledge on industry trends and effective marketing strategies have helped to raise more awareness on the perks of using ShineLong LEDs.
Haijun Lua
Haijun LuaCTO
Highly-experienced, determined, innovative, and tech-centered; these are just a few best ways to describe Mr. Haijun – ShineLong’s Chief Technology Officer. When it comes to developing efficient, improved, and highly-applicable LED lighting systems for commercial or industrial use, he’s ShineLong’s main man.

Our Certification

All our products are usually eco-friendly, safe, and fully compliant with international laws and standards. And to prove that we are as good as we say we are, here are a few of the many certifications issued to ShineLong Technologies from international authorities over the years.

“There are so many things that define a brand. Some people talk about the brand’s irresistible price tags, others will discuss its vast product line. But, such conversations are always temporary. On the contrary, when the quality is good, the lifespan is impressive, and the performance is exemplary, the chatter that follows lasts a lifetime. And that’s how we want people to define the ShineLong brand.”


Without proper lighting, it’s pretty hard for a business to operate optimally. That’s because light affects the overall productivity, aesthetic appeal, and operation costs of any company. And this is one of the main reasons fueling our commitment to manufacturing high-quality, efficient, and bright LED lighting solutions for all types of businesses and spaces.”



Our tri-proof series comprises of the Parkade, Rancher, Gauls, Alpha, and Ecomini LED lights that are designed to be robust, durable, and highly efficient.


LED Panel

If you are aiming for an office décor boost, then or LED panels will fit right in. They include the Disk, Intact, Smart, Slice US and Slice EU LED panel.

Expert T8-menu-thumb

LED Tubes

The best way to replace Fluorescent lights is by retrofitting them with our LED tubes which include the Expert T6, T5 Tube, T5 Batten, and K-lens.



Thanks to our high-performance industrial lighting fixtures, lighting up your space becomes easy and convenient. You can choose between our Highbay Light, Tunnel Light, UFO Highbay, or Floodlights.

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