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Manufacturing facility situated in Shenzhen an hr drive from Hong Kong.

ShineLong focuses on the manufacturing of LED lights products, export to the U.S.A. as well as Europe, supplying appointments, analysis, quality control, and also one-stop logistic solutions.

To data, we have actually offered 4,000+ customers from 24 nations.

From experience obtained in handling illumination projectors, wholesalers, distributors, and brand retailers, we have handled to far better our solutions much more.

ShineLong will certainly be your ideal option when purchasing LED lighting & customized LED lights.

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Data of Our Factory

Founded: 22th Nov. 2010
Area: 20000 Square Meters, 2 buildings
Capacity:  2,000 pcs/day

Employees: 200 Staffs
Lovely Customers: 4,000 more
Annual Sales: US$18.5 Mil-US$19 Mil

Machine: 20 Sets of Production Line;
With 10 SMT machines;
4 automatic aging machines;
A quality control lab in-house.

ShineLong Timeline

Shenzhen Famous Brand
"Top Ten Outstanding" enterprises in the bio-illumination industry
  • At the end of August 2022, ShineLong Technology moved to a new factory, which is twice the size of the original one and is still located in Longgang District, Shenzhen city.
  • ShineLong Technology has in-depth cooperation with Shenzhen Agricultural Facilities Association to jointly draft lighting standards for animals. In August 2022, won the title of 'Top Ten Outstanding Enterprises in China's Bio-illumination Industry.
  • Relying on the mission of 'Defending Quality, Elevating Made in China'. ShineLong technology was recognized by the China CCTV International program group. The two parties held a signing ceremony to jointly promote the double cycle of Made in China.
Shenzhen Famous Brand
Running for Shenzhen Famous Brand Selection
Shenzhen Famous Brands

Established in 2010, as a high-tech enterprise providing commercial, agricultural, industrial, and outdoor LED intelligent lighting products and solutions, ShineLong's mission has been "Defend quality, elevating Made in China". Adhere to strict management, continuous innovation and improvement bring about greater than 99% of customer satisfaction over the past 13 years.

Our vision is to make ShineLong a century-old enterprise, take the values of integrity, gratitude, responsibility, and sharing, ShineLong family is committed to providing customers with suitable and unreserved support, offering high-quality lighting products and services for the middle and high-end markets.

In December 2021, ShineLong is running for Shenzhen's famous brand selection.

*Shenzhen famous brand selection activity in accordance with document No. 64 [2003] of Shenzhen government, The cultivation and evaluation of "Shenzhen famous brands" have been carried out for 19 years since 2003. The previous 18 selections have produced 847 "Shenzhen famous brands", accounting for only 4/10000 of the total number of enterprises in Shenzhen, the total export volume accounts for 35.39% of the whole city.

"Huawei" and other 59 Shenzhen famous brand enterprises rank among the top 3 in the international market segment; "Shenzhen famous brands have become the main force of Shenzhen's high-quality development and the first phalanx of Chinese brand building.

While expecting this honor and encouragement, ShineLong people will assume more social responsibilities under the stricter supervision of the Shenzhen government, we will keep up our quality policy of excellence and customer-oriented working concept, focus on environmentally friendly, intelligent, and reliable high-quality products, respect for our employees and customers, offer high-quality lighting experience for more customers all over the world.

Home Depot Partnership
Home Depot
Home Depot

Achieved further success in commercial lighting and passed the Lowe's factory inspection. The same year also started the first cooperation with Home Depot.

Smart Lighting
Smart Lighting Solution
Smart Lighting

Developed smart fixtures, like WIFI, bluetooth, RF and PIR functions. To upgrade LED light products and develop more functions in the future.

Customized LED Lights
Customized Lighting Solution
Table Lights

Customized LED lights, including solar light, table lights, night lights, emergency lights, etc.

IP69K LED Triproof Lights
Cattle Barn Lighting Solution
Cattle Barn

With 5 years of tri-proof light production and R&D, we have created the highest discharge grade lighting fixture, IP69K tri-proof light professionally applied to cattle barn lighting.

Go Public
ShineLong Go Public
Go Public

Stock code: 837457

Coca-Cola Supplier
Coca-Cola Vending Machine Lighting
Coca-Cola vending machine

Become a supplier of Coca-Cola and customize Coca-Cola vending machine lighting

LED Triproof Light
Alpha Vapor Tight
Alpha Vopar Tight Light

Creation of the first generation of Alpha vapor tight to replace 2x36W fluorescent tubes for garages, warehouses, etc.

We born.
James in the office 600

Founded in Shenzhen China by James.

Our Certificates

All our products are usually eco-friendly, safe, and fully compliant with international laws and standards.

Thinking about the environment and you!

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