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Case Studies

case study chicken farm

Case Study: Lighting Solution in Chicken Farm

ShineLong helps the Chicken Farm customer with lighting solutions to increase the production

case study advertising led light box

Case Study: Advertising LED Light Box

ShineLong assists the advertisement box producers with good lighting to increase their sales.

case study coke machine lighting

Case Study: Coke Machine Lighting

ShineLong helps the Coke Machine production company customer with a durable lighting solution to increase the sales.

case study hotel sterilization lighting solution

Case Study: Lighting Solution for Hotel Sterilization

ShineLong helps hotels with lighting solutions to overcome disinfections.

case study mushroom room lighting

Case Study: Lighting Solution in Mushroom Room

ShineLong helps the Mushroom farmer with a quality lighting solution to decrease the harsh external environment and provide a good working environment for the workers.

case study led flood street lighting

Case Study: LED Flood Light for Street Lighting

ShineLong helps the street light contractor with genuine LED lighting

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