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Case Study: LED Flood Light for Street Lighting

ShineLong helps the street light contractor with genuine LED lighting

case study led flood street lighting
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Our customer is a contractor who was given the work of installing the street lights. The contractor has been doing the work for so many years but this time the customer wanted to produce the best. The contractor understands that the installation of street lights is not just any type of light but good flood lighting that will enable the work to be recognized by other parastatals. Our client is focusing on winning many contracts in the future and love doing the work perfectly.


Our customer has been working as a contractor for so many years and the last contract of constructing a street light did not go well as planned. This time around the contractor landed the contract and he needed the best lights to install in the streets. “Before partnering with ShineLong, I have been using different lights to set up the street lights but out of all that I have never found the best flood light for the streets.” Sometimes our customer fails to get the contract money because of the lights that are used in installing the street lights. Because looking for contracts is the only source of the income, and never wanted to lose an opportunity because of poor lighting. “I have done contracts of installing street lights in some places but I was not comfortable with the results. I remember sometime back I installed the lights and after sometimes it fails to work and I was not given the money and this leads me to a bigger loss.” The contractor has been doing research to find out the best light that will be used in the construction of the street lights. One of his friends recommended ShineLong company because he has used our products before and is sure of what we offer. “Since I got the contract, have been looking for the best company with quality lighting and I share the story with my friends. One of my close friends refer me to ShineLong and assured me that it was the best company that deals with lighting. I decided to try it because I know my friend like the best thing.” We receive the inquiry from our client, and we promise the contractor that we offer all kinds of lighting solutions and we were there to help them according to their request. “We made the request to ShineLong and they gave us immediate feedback and promise to solve the problem at hand. I was sure that they were going to help me come out of the challenge.”


Upon receiving the request from the client, we took the initiative of taking the contractor through the types of LED flood lighting suitable for the street. Our customer was so impressed and wanted to try it out to confirm what we were telling him was true. “We received greater reception from ShineLong and they were willing to do one trial with us so that will have full trust that their lighting is what we have been looking to use in the street lights installation.” ShineLong is a company that values its clients and makes sure that they meet their requests and satisfy their needs. We offer the trial to our clients and we installed one street light just to test if we offer the best lighting that will solve the problem of the client. We used the quality LED light to install the street light and the results were amazing. “We did the trial with our partners and they were able to give us what we needed. I was sure that the lighting will enable me to acquire many contracts in the future.” The trial was a success and the contractor loved our lighting and used them in installing the street lights. We always provide according to the requirement of our clients and make sure that their intentions are achieved. “From the time we installed the street lights using ShineLong lighting, I have received so many contracts because they know me as a contractor who produces quality work. When ShineLong is there then we will never face any challenge that concerns lighting.”


Since our client installed the street lights using our quality lighting products, they have observed a lot of changes in the area. One of the most positive impacts that the LED flood street lighting in the areas installed is 100% security. “Since we started working with ShineLong we have received positive feedback in the areas where we have installed the lights. Security has been the key issue and since the light installation the security in the area has been well the rate of crime rates that were reported before are not there anymore because of the quality lights.” The second observation increase in the number of businesses that run late-night hours. Good street lights have been a problem in the area, before the installation the businesses usually closed earlier because of insecurities and crimes. “The statistics indicate that since we installed the street lights the number of businesses that run to late hours has increased by 66% and this is quite impressing. The fear that business people had before the installation of genuine light has been taken away and now, they are coming to do their business without any worries. The lights from ShineLong are genuine and have grown the economy of the area.” The last outcome that has come as a result of quality street light installation from ShineLong company is a double collection of the revenue in the areas installed. Due to the increase in the level of security in the area, the businesses have been running smoothly and other new businesses have been installed leading to a double collection of revenue compared to before the street lights installation. “The installation of genuine and quality LED flood street lighting from ShineLong has not only brought greater impact to the people leaving around those areas but also to the government. The rate of revenue collection has doubled because people are running their businesses smoothly. People living there are saying that they have never seen the changes that the lighting has brought to the area and they are very confident while running the business.” These all outcomes and others have been observed because of good lighting. It is an indication that lights matter in everything that we do in our lives. Not all lights are good to be used in street lights that can improve the economy of the area, the best light is from ShineLong they are durable and good to be used in the streets.

How We Did It

Being the top-notch experts in lighting solutions, we are responsible for any lighting challenges and we give everlasting solutions to them. The contractor approached us and we knew that we are the best doctor to the problem and the customer was going to say bye to the challenge. We gave out the trial to our client to check whether we were going to solve the problem or not. The contractor was excited about the work and ready to work with us on the installation of the street lights. Being the leading and the best manufacturers and producers of LED lights we made sure that we provide the requirement of the customer. We have the required skills to customize any kind of light to fit any of the client’s requirements. Before carrying out any installation of any type of lights we usually do a background check to know how to achieve the set requirements from the client. Our focus at the end of the deal is on making sure that we satisfy our clients and making sure that they surpass their intentions in whatever things they do. Since we did the first project with our customers, we have brought nothing but joy to them because we always give them the priority they need.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Are you stuck with a lighting problem and you have been looking for a solution for many years? Worry no more, ShineLong is the best company that offers all the lighting solutions. We have worked with them and we have realized the greater impact of our contracts, they deliver exactly what you have asked. The unique this that our company realizes about ShineLong is that they provide legit and genuine products that will long-lasting durability. We will recommend ShineLong to any company that is looking for a lighting solution because they are the best manufacturers and producers that customize the light to fit the requirement. We can testify that through the lights from ShineLong we used in installing the street lights we have signed a lot of contracts because of the good work that we did. All could have not happened if ShineLong was not there with quality LED flood lights.”

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