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ShineLong’s LED Lights Warranty Statement

Building a competitive advantage through LED Lights warranty statement


We are an industry leader in quality LED light manufacturer based in China. At ShineLong, we are committed to offering you the best value for your money.

If you’ve bought (or are planning to buy) a product from us, here’s everything you need to know about our led lights warranty policy.


To offer timely, satisfactory, and sensible after-sale services, ShineLong issues the following limited product warranty statement to its customer(s) (“Buyer”) for all relevant product(s):

Our Warranty Periods/Lengths for Light Fixtures

We, as the manufacturer, warrant that all ShineLong LED Light Tubes / LED Tri-proof Lights / LED Panel Lights/ Industrial Lighting/ Customized LED Lights to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for the following periods (listed below), which shall be calculated from the effective date of shipment:

In order to offer timely and satisfied after-sales service to the customers, we hereby issue the following warranty statement:

  1. ShineLong Technology Corp., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “ShineLong”) guaranteesthat all standard LED lighting products are met the requirement for the certificate which applied, and 5 years life span, the warranty period is effective from the date of shipment loaded in China port.

Besides bleow three situation:

  • Three years guaranteefor emergency parts for emergency lighting .
  • One year for all assembling accessories.
  • Customized products and special warranty required will be confirmed by individual agreement.
  1. During the period of warranty, if a ShineLong product fails during normal circumstances and applications or have any defects above defined, ShineLong has its own choice to replace semi-finished parts, components or repair the defective products free of charge according to the defect status, and take the responsibility for transportation fees from ShineLong to the customer who purchased goods from ShineLongdirectly. ShineLong will not be responsible for any other losses (including but not limited to installation costs, labor costs, travel costs, etc.) arising therefrom.
  2. After discovering defective products, missing accessories or quality problems during the warranty period, the customer should make a request for handling defective products in the form of a technical support form within 7 working days, retain the defective products and provide relevant photos, videos and other supporting materials in writing notifying your sales representative. Please contact your ShineLong representative to receive a copy of the Technical Support Form. ShineLong will response all claimed technical support form within 3-10 working days due to different complaint situationand provide solution as soon as possible.
  3. ShineLong hereby defines that provided proof should cover below info in order to meet ShineLong’s quality team’s verification:

    • One picture of clear product label that can trace order production date.
    • Couple pictures that can show the defective problems and installation ambient.
    • If necessary, video may be asked in some occasions in case some problems are unable to be illustrated by pictures.

5.If necessary, ShineLong may request defective products to be returned for further analysis, all related products must be packaged in the original or comparable packing. In the event goods are not properly packaged, or if shipping damage is evident, it will not be accepted for service under warranty. If ShineLong determines that the products returned for warranty service or replacement is not defective as herein defined, the customer shall be responsible to payall fees associated with their warranty claim, including but not limited to shipping and handling fees.

  1. For the warranty cases which is doubtful or un-verified by ShineLong, customer shall help on clarification till final confirmationis made from ShineLong.
  2. Each complaint must be discussed and confirmed by both parties including customer and ShineLong.

    • If the claim rate exceeded 5% of the total shipping quantity, ShineLong shall provide the replaced products free of charge, bearrelated shipping from ShineLong to the customer who purchased goods from ShineLong directly and inspect all the rest products. If it’s predicated that all the rest products under the same shipment have the same hidden risk, ShineLong will take all the responsibility for replacement.
    • If the claim rate lower than 5% of the total shipping quantity, ShineLong shall send out the replaced products within 10~25 working days after presentation of the claim report, to ensure the customer can replace the products timely. And customer shall cooperate with ShineLong double discussing & confirming how to deal with the claim products.

Warranty Exclusions & Conditions Statement

  1. This warranty becomes voided if following situations occurred:
  • If the product is modified, improperly installed or used, damaged by accident or neglect, or if any parts are improperly installed or replaced by the user.
  • If any defected samples were disassembled without agree from ShineLong
  • If any damage occurred during the transportation shipped by the customer appointed forwarder
  • If any damage caused by unsuitablepackage which confirmed and requested finally by the customer
  • If any functional defects caused by customer provided material (including led lights, drivers, connectors, screws or wires etc.)
  1. For the warranty cases which is doubtful or un-verified by ShineLong, customer neither refuse providing related proofs nor positive communication to help further clarifications.NO WARRANTIES OF PERFORMANCE, MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE IS MADE EXPRESSELY, ORALLY, OR IMPLICITLY, WRITTEN BY SHINELONG.
  2. While ShineLong’s desire is to be responsive to your specific needs and questions, ShineLong shall not assume responsibility for any specific application to which any products are applied includingbut not limited tothe compatibility with other equipment.
  3. Buyer who purchased products from ShineLong has obligation to test samplesin site to ensure product will be compatible with installation ambient, otherwise all the negative consequences such as product damages (including components damages) aroused therefrom shall be borne to buyer if any skip testing process.
  4. All statements, technical information, or recommendations relating to ShineLong Products are based upon tests that are subject to change, but do not constitute a guarantee or warranty.
  5. ShineLong’s liability for warranty claims may not exceed the invoice price of the Product claimed defective.  
  6. ShineLong does not assume responsibility for delays in replacement or repair of products.
  7. No salesperson, representative, or agent of ShineLong is authorized to make any guarantee, warranty, or representation that contradicts the foregoing warranty. Any waiver, alteration, addition, or modification to the foregoing warranties must be in writing and signed by the CEO of ShineLong to be valid.

  8. Shinelong all products required unless otherwise noted, all used SanAn LED chip,Product by Shenzhen Jufei Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.
  9. ShineLong reserve the right of final explanations of this warranty statement.

  10. This warranty statement is written in both English and Chinese languages. If there is a difference in meaning of the same point in two languages the Chinese languages version is agreed to have priority.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions concerning our led lights warranty or would like to submit a warranty claim, send us an email at [email protected] or give us a call at +86-755-85203898. We’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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