Rancher LED luminaire tubulaire

If you want to equip your parking garage, warehouse, chicken shed, livestock shelter, slaughter house, car wash, or food processing industry with energy-saving and cost-efficient LED solutions, IP69K Luminaire Tubulaire is the best solution. It is ideal replacement for high-wattage and inefficient compact fluorescent lamps because it is an incredibly durable tube luminaire. It is impervious to water, dust, vapor, and other corrosive elements. It has a unique cylinder design and is fit for aggressive environments. Its lamp angle can easily be adjusted, depending on the kind of illumination needed.

Wiring connection is flexible as it can be connected from side, play-and-plug, or the cable is self-mounted. This is very important especially during installation and when needed to be replaced. It can be available in 0~10 V and DALI dimming. It should have a long lifespan. With PC body and PP or PE body, it is good for UV protection and anti-corrosion.

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