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Case Study: Lighting Solution For Hotel Sterilization

ShineLong helps hotels with lighting solutions to overcome disinfections.

case study hotel sterilization lighting solution
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  1. Our client is a leading hotel with 5 branches in the region. The hotel started as a simple business serving a few menus and over years they have been expanding and they are planning to open other branches in different regions. They have existed for over two decades and they are growing rapidly. The fonder of the hotel were no man from the village but know he is among the leading millionaires in the region. Our customer has a unique way of attracting more clients and this has enabled them to be in the limelight all along.
  2. The founders of this hotel, who were once relatively unknown in the local community, have risen to become some of the leading millionaires in the region. Their inspiring success story showcases the remarkable journey of this establishment.
  3. Our customer employs a distinctive approach to attract and retain clients, consistently keeping them in the spotlight. This innovative strategy has been instrumental in their ongoing success.


  1. Our client has been experiencing a few challenges since they started operating. The hotel has been looking for a way to protect against the development and transmission of pathogens since they are dealing with the consumption of food. Before partnering with ShineLong they have been losing customers and receiving many complaints concerning contaminations.
  2. Health is paramount when dealing with food, our hotel has been looking for a company that will give us perfect ultraviolet lights that will help in protecting the development and transmission of the germs that causes diseases. Our company realizes that some damages caused by pathogens disinfection can be prevented and we will protect all our clients against the effect caused by food contamination as a result of germs.
  3. Our client realizes the use of UV lights when he had a business trip in a foreign country, he was so impressed with the initiative that he decided to implement it in his hotel. “I came across the technological use of UV lights to sterilize the hotel when we had a business trip in a foreign country. In the hotel that I checked in, I found different new things including UV lights I had to ask, and I was told it is useful in the prevention of pathogens, its main function is acting as disinfection. When I came back to the country, I share the idea with my team and they support it.”
  4. Our client looks for a better company that offers quality UV lights that will work perfectly for the required intentions. They receive so many recommendations from different people and they had to do in-depth research to find out the best company. “We took the initiative to look for the best company that will install the UV lights in our organization and we asked for recommendations of the preferred lighting companies from the people. We received so many organizations and we had to do research on each and every organization. Upon finishing our reviews, we settle with two organizations and we had to do a pre-visit to them to find out which one is the best.”
  5. Our customer approached us and we showcased what we can do, and they loved our services. They decided to choose ShineLong to fix their UV lights, and since then they have worked with us even in the new branches that they have opened.


  1. Upon receiving the feedback from our client that they wanted to work with ShineLong, we considered all the requirements they needed. We recommended the best UV lights for the sterilization of the hotel and assured them that they would not experience the problem again.
  2. We chose to work with ShineLong because of the findings we received during our pre-visit. We gave them the contract, and our company was very impressed with the work they have done. They acted quickly, collected all the information on what we needed as an organization, and acted promptly to solve the problem.
  3. ShineLong is the best organization when it comes to UV light installation because we prioritize customer satisfaction, taking their problems as our responsibility. Since we installed the first UV light in the hotel, they have not experienced any problems, and they are enjoying the benefits of a disinfected environment achieved through the use of UV light.
  4. Since we partnered with ShineLong, we have received nothing but positive feedback from our customers, and they have increased the frequency of their visits to our hotel.
  5. As experts in UV lights, we ensure that we choose the best lights for all projects, and we make sure our clients are fully satisfied.


  1. Our valuable customer has received positive feedback from their clients, and they are happy with the installation of UV light. The first impact that they have observed is a total of 93% profit increase. This happens because they do not experience contamination of food that put them at a loss. The number of customers visiting the hotel is flowing compared with before UV light installation.
  2. Since we installed the UV light from ShineLong, we have seen the rise in the profit margin. This happens because we don’t waste food anymore due to contamination caused by pathogens. UV light prevents all kinds of germs from contaminating the food. The number of clients that we receive daily grows rapidly because they enjoy the healthy food that we serve and good accommodation because everywhere is clean and germs-free.
  3. Before setting UV lights to provide sterilization to the hotel, the flow of customers was low, and the number of employees has remained constant for too long. Immediately after the installation of the UV light, the flow of the customers flows, and there was a demand for increasing the number of employees in the hotel. Our client increased 20 additional new staff in the 5 branches.
  4. Over the years, we have maintained a constant number of employees in our company because the routine was normal as usual. After joining hands with ShineLong and installing a good lighting solution, we experienced a high number of people visiting the hotel, and the number of employees we had cannot serve anyone coming in, so we increased the number of employees, hence creating job opportunities for the unemployed. We are looking forward to opening other branches and increasing the number of job opportunities in the hotel.
  5. The hotel has received an additional 200 guests weekly who come for the accommodation. The level of cleanliness in the hotel has attracted many guests, and this is an advantage to the hotel, all because of the installation of the ultraviolet lights.
  6. Since we installed the lights, the number of guests seeking accommodation in the hotel has increased rapidly compared to before. Being a germs-free hotel, we are happy to see our clients being satisfied with the services. Prioritizing health in the hotel is the key thing that the client checks. When they see the installation of the UV lights, they are sure that the place is safe for their health.

How We Did It

  1. ShineLong is dedicated to prioritizing our clients’ needs above all else. When hotel management teams inquire about our services, we carefully document their requirements and assure them of our commitment to delivering precisely what they need. We guide them through our process, ensuring their satisfaction.
  2. Upon receiving their valuable feedback, we promptly take action to provide the necessary solutions. As a premier lighting solutions organization, we offer top-quality ultraviolet lights and guarantee their optimal functionality. Our commitment extends beyond installation; we conduct ongoing follow-ups to ensure that the lighting system serves its intended purpose, thereby earning our clients’ trust.
  3. Our unwavering dedication to meeting our clients’ needs not only benefits them but also leads to increased profits and expansion, as many clients choose to open additional branches. This creates a mutually beneficial partnership where ShineLong places the priority of our customers above our own interests, ensuring a win-win situation for all involved.

What Our Clients Say About Us

  1. ShineLong is an outstanding company with which we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating. Their primary focus is not just on their own interests, but ensuring utmost client satisfaction.
  2. The key contributor to the success of my hotel is their precise and effective lighting solutions. Since partnering with ShineLong, we’ve witnessed significant improvements in our clients’ well-being and have successfully eliminated any food contamination concerns through their thorough germ disinfection.
  3. We wholeheartedly endorse ShineLong to fellow businesses experiencing lighting challenges, as they provide enduring solutions to these issues. ShineLong, we are immensely grateful for elevating our business with the installation of UV lights; you are truly the premier lighting solutions provider we’ve ever worked with.
  4. Our experience with ShineLong highlights the importance of choosing the right partner, demonstrating a profoundly positive impact on your business growth. ShineLong stands as the ultimate expert in versatile lighting solutions for all project types.

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