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Case Study: Lighting Solution in Mushroom Room

ShineLong helps the Mushroom farmer with a quality lighting solution to decrease the harsh external environment and provide a good working environment for the workers.

case study mushroom room lighting
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Our client is a mushroom farmer who owns various mushroom rooms in the region. The farmer is the best supplier of quality mushrooms and has been winning in the market for some time. The mushroom farm has been in existence for 12 years and within all those years they have extended their rooms and the production has gone up. The farmer started with one mushroom room, due to good planning and strategies the farmer now owns over 500 rooms and planning to increase them up to 1000 rooms.


Our customer needed quality lighting for the mushroom farm that will enable the workers to have a good working environment and also minimize the effects caused by external factors. “Since we started the mushroom project have been having a problem with the lighting in the farm that has cost me a lot in treating some of the external effects that occur as a result of poor lighting. The farm has also experienced the loss of the workers because of the harsh environment they felt uncomfortable working on the farm.” Before partnering with ShineLong the mushroom farm has tried various ways to solve the problem but they did not meet the quality lighting they intended for the farm. “Our Mushroom farm deals with the production of large quantity and quality mushroom that requires a lot of attention. Over the years we have been doing research on finding out good lighting to increase the survival of the perishable crop. We have tried various lighting solutions but the problem has not been solved to the extent that we need as the farm. I remember 2 years ago we install different lighting from various companies to find out which one is the best that we can use in all the mushroom rooms.” Despite putting all the efforts and resources into finding out the everlasting solution to the problem, the farmer ended up realizing that all the lighting that they have installed had no difference and they only solve the 40% of the problem they had at hand. However, our customer never gives up on finding the everlasting solution to the problem. The farmer decided to carry out the survey with other farms that produce mushrooms in the other regions, to check the lighting that they are using and if they encounter the same problem that the customer is facing. “Our farm is a team of people who never give up on looking for the solution to the problem. After various attempts, we decided to carry out surveys with our competitors from other regions to identify if they have the same problem and find out the lighting they have to install in their mushroom rooms and we found out various feedbacks.”


Upon carrying out the survey and receiving various feedback, they found out that some of the leading mushroom producers in other regions have no problem with the lighting. They receive a recommendation for tri-proof LED lighting from ShineLong and they decided to do a background checkup of the organization. “The results that we received from the survey we conducted were amazing because our competitors from other regions had no problem with their lighting. Our competitors recommended to us the company that provides professional lighting solutions to the mushroom farms and we decided to do in-depth research with the organization before taking any initiative. During our research of the ShineLong company, we found that it is the leading organization with the best lighting solution, and we decided to try their products.” The client contacted us and we were impressed for choosing ShineLong we promise them that they will never encounter a light problem because we were going to end the problem. Our customer indicate that he needed a few tri-proof LED lights to try out with a few rooms to check if there were any changes to the problem. “We decided to take a few samples from ShineLong to try out first before installing them on all the rooms.” Being the experts in lighting solutions, we were very confident that our client will be satisfied with the lighting in the room. ShineLong tri-proof LED light is the quality professional lighting for all the fields including the mushroom rooms. After three months of trying out our lighting products, the client was so impressed with the lighting because they have never seen the yield produce that they saw after trying out ShineLong products. “Upon trying out the ShineLong lighting products we were very impressed because that is what we have been looking to get for many years. We install all the ShineLong lights on all our mushroom room farms and we have experienced the impactful effects in terms of production and the working condition for all our workers.” A happy customer is a happy producer, ShineLong makes sure that they provide quality products that will add value to the customer’s intention and make sure that they receive gain out of it. Our customer is satisfied with our professional lighting products on the farm and they can now produce as many mushrooms as they can.


Since our customers install the professional tri-proof LED lights from the ShineLong, they have something to smile about since they have realized up to 87% increase in mushroom production.” From the day we partnered with the ShineLong company we have realized a rapid increase in the level of production of mushrooms. “Before using the ShineLong lighting solution, we used to encounter a lot of damage in the mushroom production due to the effects caused by the external factors. Since we installed the lighting solution, we have realized a good production, the number of mushrooms that are damaged a very less, and this had enabled us to supply a large number of mushrooms to the markets throughout the seasons.” ShineLong makes sure that the lighting that they installed in the mushroom farms is professional and it will serve the customer according to the farmer’s demands. After the mushroom farmer partnered with us, the farm realized a 66% increase in the profit rate. “There is a greater improvement in the rate of profit that we are getting because of the increase in the production level. Our workers have a good working environment and they are doing their work very well in making sure that the production of the mushroom is high and meets the required quality. This has enabled our farm to yield more profit and continues encouraging us to put more effort and resources so we don’t decline the graph that we have today.” Due to the increase in demand for mushrooms in the market world today, our client has added over 100 new mushroom rooms since installing our lighting products because they are confident, they are going to make a profit out of it. “We have installed over 100 additional mushroom rooms on our farm because we are very confident with the lights that we are using and we have seen the greater improvement. Mushroom farmers need to look for professional lighting solutions from ShineLong for them to meet the high demand that we have in the market today. The farm is planning to install more additional mushroom rooms in the coming future because of the secret we have known after using the Shinelong Lighting solution.”

How We Did It

Upon receiving the request for a trial from our client, we tried to understand their problem and we promised them that we were going to end their problem because ShineLong offers the best lighting solution and we satisfy all our client’s needs. ShineLong is the leading manufacturer and producer of tri-proof LED lights that are favorable to different kinds of projects. We knew that the client will be satisfied with our lighting solution because we focus on meeting the client’s demand. After three months of trying our lighting products with a few mushroom rooms, our client was so impressed and decided to install the ShineLong lights in all the rooms. Due to the increase in production as a result of good lighting solution, our mushroom customer is planning to increase the number of rooms and workers the produce more mushrooms to meet the rising demand in the market.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“We have never regrated partnering with ShineLong company, they are the best and genuine manufacturers and producers of professional quality mushroom room lights. We have worked with them and we have seen the impressing results we are very satisfied working with them. Our farm will always recommend ShineLong to any mushroom farmer because they value their clients and they not only give out good products but also follow up on their clients to make sure that their requests have been made. Thank you ShineLong for enabling our farm to produce quality and quantity mushrooms and yielding more profit.”

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