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Case Study: Double Increase in Advertising LED Light Box with ShineLong

ShineLong assists the advertisement box producers with good lighting to increase their sales.

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Our client is a leading producer of the advertisement box in the province. The producer is known for the quality and unique designs of advertisement boxes. The company has been doing the production for over 10 years and every day they produce attractive designs. They have been working with major advertisement companies and they have grown for years. The started as a simple company but it is now the most known production company of the advertisement box. Their vision is to make sure that they produce quality advertising boxes that will bring win-win feedback to their customers and anyone that whom they associated themselves.


Our valued customers need good lighting to fix to the advertising box so that it will attract many people and satisfy their clients. Initially, before coming across ShineLong, the company have tried various lights to fix their advertising box but they were not satisfied with them. The main intention of our customers is to produce the advertising box that will satisfy them together with their customers. “Our company is the leading producer of advertising boxes in the province and we intend to produce products that are best for our clients. Over years, we felled that we were not meeting our customer’s satisfaction because of the lighting we used to design the advertising box before we came across the leading source of lighting solution ShineLong.” Our client has been looking for the best company that they will partner with to produce quality advertising boxes, they have visited various producers of lights and they did not find what they need, “We have been looking for a lighting company that we can partner with so that we can produce quality advertising box. Our company has visited various lighting companies and what we found there was not satisfying.” One day our client decided to google the best company that manufactures and produces good lighting solutions and they came across the ShineLong and they were impressed. “After visiting different lighting manufacturing companies, we were not satisfied and we decided to look on the internet the best producers of lighting and we came across ShineLong company, we visited their website and we decided to try out their products. We are now happy clients because the ShineLong satisfies what we have been looking to have onboard for many years.” Good lighting is the best in the production of quality advertising boxes and it will enable you to win more clients than other companies. Our clients have been looking for quality lighting to get what they feel is client good satisfaction and they had to go out of their way by using various methods in looking for the solution to the problem at hand. “Our company decided that were not going to give up in looking for the best lighting solution that will make our advertising box to be attractive to more clients.”


During our client’s search on the internet for the best company that offers the best and most durable lighting solution to the advertisement box, they came across ShineLong and they decided to carry out the in-depth research on the company by visiting our website. “Upon getting ShineLong on the internet we visited their website to see what they offer and we came to the conclusion to try out the lighting solutions. We receive their request and we promised our client that we were going to satisfy their need. We agree with our valued client to take a few samples of lighting to go and try out in their advertising box and give us feedback if they are happy with the work. “ShineLong is the best company to partner with, upon reaching out to them, they decided to give us some samples to try out with our advertising boxes to check out if it was what we have been looking for. Believe me upon trying out the lighting the first impression was amazing. We fixed the lighting to the advertising box and immediately the client enters into our shop and out of all the advertising box that we had, the client chooses the one we have used ShineLong lights and he was asking for more.” The client reaches out to us after trying our products and happiness was beyond, the customer asked used to partner with them and we were going to supply them with our tri-proof LED lights to use in the advertising box. “Since we partnered with ShineLong we have been getting many orders for advertising boxes and we are happy we came across them after many years of looking for the everlasting solution to our problem.” Shinelong is an expert in LED tri-proof light, we customize them to make sure that we meet all our client’s satisfaction and fitted to all the projects such as the advertising lightbox.


Since the client partnered with ShineLong, they have observed and received more benefits than before. One of the best outcomes is a 95% increase in their sales. They have been receiving overwhelming orders and this has made them be among the leading companies in the production of advertisement boxes in the country. “Our rate of sales has increased rapidly since we started working with the ShineLong. This could have not happened if we did not have a good lighting solution that can make the advertisement to be amazing.” Before using our products, the client did not observe any increase in profit their graph has been constant for so many years but immediately they used our tri-proof LED light they have seen a great impact and a 77% profit increase. The profit is a great impact to their company because since they started operating, they have never realized the rate of profit they are getting today. “Due to the high demand for our products from various parts and the increase in sales we have seen a greater profit increase and this has made us be happy and impress working with the ShineLong. If not because of them our graph could be stuck in the same place over years but now the graph is continuing to rise rapidly.” Another impressive outcome our client has observed since starting using our product is over 500 increases in the number of employees in their company. “Because of the high demand for our advertisement box, we had to employ more workers so that we can meet our target. ShineLong has enabled our company to create more job opportunities and this is a plus for the jobless people. The lighting solution did not benefit our company alone but also enable the unemployed to get a job in the organization.”

How We Did It

We received a request from our clients inquiring if we were going to meet their needs on the light, they were going to use in the advertising box. Being experts in the production of tri-proof LED light that is customized to fit all the projects, we promise to meet their requirements. As a company that values its clients, we offer to give them samples to try out if we were meeting their intended needs. The feedback was impressive because we give them the best and since then we partnered with them. They have been receiving overwhelming orders and they have been in a position to win more clients and overcome their competitors. They are experiencing a greater impact on the sales because of the good lighting solution that is attractive from the Shinelong. Our customer is increasing the rate of creativity by producing unique advertisement box due to the confidence that they have as a result of the fine tri-proof LED lights from the leading manufacturers and producers.

What Our Clients Say About Us

ShineLong is the best company to partner with. They have made our dream of being among the best producers of the advertisement box in the country. The solution that we receive from ShineLong are worth and they always value their customers, they see the future of their clients. One of the most important things that I have found to be unique with ShineLong is that they do not focus on the money that comes from the sales of their products but they first focus on the satisfaction of their clients. Our advertisement box production company will always recommend ShineLong company to any organizations or industries that need the lighting solution because they produce lights that fit all the fields and they make sure that they meet all your required needs. Working with ShineLong has enabled our company to realize that you cannot achieve your own vision and mission if you do not find out the best partners that will lift you to realize your values. Thank you ShineLong for always making sure that you produced the lights that fit our advertisement box, we are happy working with you the best company ever.

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