Disc LED Round Panel Light

If there are square or rectangular panel lights, there is also a round-shaped one: the Disc LED Round Panel Lights. These panels have a classic round design that makes it more efficient and durable. They can be easily installed as they are very versatile and can be instantly turned on and off. They are very portable and come in different sizes and colors. They do not make noise or flickering when turned on, no UV, no light leak, and no shadow and have a long lifespan.

Moreover, they have a soft and uniform light performance, which means the light in an area is distributed evenly and you can see the degree of intensity of the light and dark areas to be lighted. It can be available in 0~10 V, TRIAC, DALI or CCT dimming and can have an emergency version. Therefore, you have a variety to choose from, depending on what you need for your office.

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