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Home > Products > LED Tri-proof Light > EcoMini IP65 Tri-proof LED Light > EcoMini 1-10V Dimmable Tri-Proof LED Light
Home > Products > LED Tri-proof Light > EcoMini IP65 Tri-proof LED Light > EcoMini 1-10V Dimmable Tri-Proof LED Light

1-10V Dimmable Tri-proof LED Light

ShineLong’s Ecomini 1-10V dimmable tri-proof led light

IP65 Tri-proof LED Light

EcoMini IP65 Tri-proof LED Light Description

This is a high-quality product that can adapt to various indoor environments, It has the following features that distinguish it from other IP65 LED lights:

  • It has an IP65 waterproof rating, which means it can resist water, dust, and moisture. This makes it suitable for places such as garages, warehouses, factories, parking lots, supermarkets and more.
  • It has a switch color temperature and power adjustment function, which allows the user to choose from four color temperature options (3000K, 4000K, 5000K or 6000K) and different power levels. 
  • This enables the user to customize the light according to their needs and preferences.
  • It has a high cost performance ratio, which means it can save up to 80% of energy consumption compared with traditional light sources. 
  • This reduces the electricity expenses and the environmental impact of the product. 
  • It has a long life span of 50000 hours, which minimizes the maintenance costs and the waste generation of the product.
  • It has a Tool-free series installation function, which means it can be easily and securely installed on the ceiling or hanging line with 316 stainless steel buckles. 
  • These buckles ensure the water tightness of the product and allow the user to connect multiple light fixtures without difficulty.
  • It has a 1-10V/DALI dimming system function, which means it can adjust the brightness level according to the ambient light or the user’s preference. 
  • It also has a Microwave induction function that can turn the light on or off automatically when it detects movement.

The IP65 waterproof light is a reliable and efficient product, that provides uniform and bright lighting effects for various indoor occasions. 5-years warranty that guarantees the quality and performance of the product. EcoMini is a product that deserves the user’s attention and consideration.

EcoMini IP65 Tri-proof LED Light Features

Standard Date Sheet

Article NumberPower (W)Lumen (lm)

* Where the first “X” represents diffuser type, it can be F(Frosted), T(Transparent)

* The number after the first “X” represents length of light. “2”=600mm, “4”=1200mm, “5”=1500mm

* The second “X” represents CCT, it can be W(3000K/4000K), P(5000K), C(6000K)

* DIP Switch Power optional: 

  • 600mm: 12/15/18/20W
  • 1200mm: 20/25/30/35W
  • 1500mm: 27/34/40/45W

* DIP Switch CCT optional:

  • 3000K/4000K/5000K & 4000K/5000K/6000K
Light SourceSMD2835
Beam Angle120°
AC Input220-240V
DC output35-170V
Power Factory>0.95
Operating Temperature-20~+40℃

Efficacy Version

Cover                Standard                Premium


Frosted               135lm/w                  145lm/w


Please note:

1. Above efficacy based on 4000K

2. All values are based on an ambient temperature of 25°C

3. Efficacy tolerance is ±10% and wattage tolerance is ±10%

4. If CRI>90, light efficiency will be reduced by 10-15%


Parkade IP66 tri-proof light IES

Guarantee with ShineLong

Response Time

Our response time is around 3 hours,so if you have an urgent problem with your project,you can call the business directly to secure your project.

Reliable Delivery

We have implemented ERP,PMC system management.Sample orders about 7 days,large orders about 15 days,special oeders can be expedited delivery time.

Guaranteed Warranty

Factory passed ISO9001:2015 international quality management system,all of LED lights have a 5-7 year warranty and all accessories have certifications.

Energy Savings

Up to 70% energy savings over traditional lights,report a 50 percent drop in their energy bill than they would have with conventional lights.

ShineLong's Five Value-added Services

ODM services, brand product modeling, and promotional materials, LED light design, LED power supply customization, lighting software development, LED lights for the full range of qualification certificates for the docking service and billing.

We ShineLong can provide you with value-added services for deep cooperation customers, and ODM services, only need you to provide LED light software and appearance ideas, our R & D team can help you with free design software and product appearance, in addition to LED light power supply can be specially customized, LED lights after the completion of the development of LED certificates samples and information can also be provided for the whole docking, until the LED Lights on the market, at the same time, our marketing department is responsible for 3D modeling and design colleagues, but also according to the idea to design your brand needs to promote promotional materials and videos. Most importantly, ShineLong also provides a billing period for large LED lighting customers.

Come and join us to make LED light installation easier and let ShineLong light fixtures light up the world.

Discounts for Electrician,Contractor,or other Trade

Our team continuously creates valuable partnerships with various electricians, contractors, lighting solution businesses, lighting design companies, and other tradespeople to ensure you all receive the special discounts and services possible with unbeatable quality and a proven track record.

★Direct from factory prices – means you get the lowest prices. There are no middlemen to add extra cost. Our customers are our biggest customers, and your satisfaction is our highest priority.
★Get assistance with rebate research and application– making it easier for you to find and file rebates available in your area. we are here to help you save money and money on any rebate or incentive program you need to take advantage of.
★Go on our referral list of contractors, installers, and other lighting services– at no extra cost, you will enjoy an opportunity to increase your business through our unique database of lighting consistently do quality work so you can talk with them directly.
★Priority service in providing free lighting plans– allowing you to give immediate results to your customers and claim your money saved on our low-cost service. All the information will be collated and ready for you to present to your customers as soon as they contact you.
★Huge discounts for larger bulk orders– the more deals with us, the merrier for your business. Discounted prices are confirmed after you place a valid bulk order for our lighting products.
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