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LED light tunnel

LED Light Tunnel is the kind of light that is perfect for underground tunnels, logistics, plazas, warehouses, stadiums, and other outdoor places. It is the most ideal alternative to high-pressure sodium, high-pressure mercury, and metal halide lamps. It is specifically designed to improve the visibility of drivers, especially in a very long tunnel, to avoid accidents and falling asleep while driving. The maintenance is at a minimum level because it is normally created to last long. It is wiser for the government or companies to purchase lights that have a longer lifespan than the average tunnel lights as it is cost-effective and time-efficient. No one wants to waste their time, money, and effort for lights with low quality, right?

LED Light Tunnel can have a variety of beam angles, can easily be CE- and RoHs-certified, and can have an IP65 rating. The material is normally comprised of PC lens and 6063 aluminum alloy.

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