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Top 10 LED Panel Lights Manufacturer in The United Kingdow

We can agree that:

LED technology has become popular over the years. More so, it has advanced impressively.

Now, what is Linear light?

It is simply a long, box-shaped luminaire. Not square, not round, linear. They are installed in different ways including being suspended, recessed, or mounted on ceilings or walls. 

Linear lights evolved in the 1950s from fluorescent tubes.

They were mainly used in industrial spaces. And since they use many light-emitting diodes, these fixtures tend to be bright and very energy-efficient.


The trickiest part is usually finding the right fixtures. A simple mistake can result in massive losses. Especially, for those making bulk purchases.

You don’t want that, do you?

If so, here’s a list of the best LED Linear light manufacturers in the U.K.

led linear light manufacturers uk

Dialight PLC

dialight logo

Source: https://www.dialight.com/

  • Location: UK
  • Year founded: 1938
  • Company Type: Manufacturer
  • Key Products: LED Linear Lights 

Dialight started as a company producing Panel Lights for aircrafts. That was in 1938. Fast forward to 1971, they manufactured their first LED product. Dialight is now among the best in LED technology. In fact, it is a world leader in LED technology.

Dialight has installed countless LED fixtures worldwide. Its main focus is only LEDs. This company has revolutionized the use of LEDs. It makes products like traffic control lights, indicators, and lighting for industrial sites. Not forgetting, it does so around the world. The company visualizes a world with good illumination. Safe, productive, and environmentally friendly lighting products.

To achieve this, they ensure their products reduce energy costs. Also, the company makes sure they have low maintenance costs and a carbon footprint. So, Dialight guarantees you safe and efficient products.

Thorlux Lighting

Thorlux logo

Source: https://www.thorlux.com/

  •  Location: UK
  • Year Founded: 1936
  • Company Type: Manufacturer
  •  Key Products: LED linear lights

Thorlux was founded in 1936 by Fredrick William Thorpe as a division of FW Thorpe PLC group. This company is known for its wide range of LED luminaires. It designs, manufactures, and distributes its LED luminaires. Apart from that, the company also manufactures other LED lighting and control systems. 

These products are used in architectural, commercial, and industrial applications. They are also convenient for floodlighting and tunnel applications. Additionally, Thorlux offers services like design, product testing, and LED prototyping.

Other services offered by Thorlux are export, technical support, and advice on LED products. Its sales offices are in Ireland, Germany, United Arab Emirates, and Australia. Finally, the company has a team of professionals in the export department. This team advises and handles customers’ requirements. Whether it’s for small projects or large international projects.


  • Location: China
  • Year Founded: 2010
  • Company Type: Manufacturer
  • Key Products: LED Linear lights

ShineLong is a well-known company that manufactures a wide range of LED Lights. It makes LED products suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial use. This company puts in the effort to ensure its products satisfy customers’ demands. Its products have proven to be reliable and efficient. Not forgetting their impressive quality

Moreover, they can customize their products to meet your exact project’s needs. With ShineLong, your ideas are brought to life. The company mostly manufactures LED tri-proof lights, linear lights, and panel lights. To be specific, it uses high-quality gold wire LEDs, aluminum, and good raw materials. This ensures their products can serve you for a lifetime. 

ShineLong’s goal is to be innovative and it has constantly achieved that. The company has technical proficiency and quality control. It also takes pride in achieving customer satisfaction. Even better, it has after-sales services. That is unique. It is also a reason why you should consider ShineLong for your LED linear lighting needs.


airius logo

Source: https://www.airius.co.uk/

  • Location: UK
  • Year Founded: 2004
  • Company Type: Manufacturer
  • Key Products: LED linear lights

AIRIUS started with a mission to provide smart ways to save energy. It is a company that specializes in LED lighting. Additionally, this company deals with purification, destratification, and Electrical contracting services. It aims at helping businesses save energy bills. And also focuses on improving the comfort of their environment. 

Its products are made with high-quality components and efficient designs. They deliver this while also ensuring their customers save some coins. This is one reason many companies turn to AIRIUS for their LED Lighting.

This company is dedicated to making products that transform the environment. They achieve this through thorough research. So, every product they make available to the market is safe and efficient. Moreover, AIRIUS products are up to date with new innovations. And as a plus, they help you install their LED products to fit your space.

SAS International

sas logo

Source: https://sasintgroup.com/

  • Location: London, UK
  • Year Founded: 1968
  • Company Type: Manufacturer
  • Key Products: LED linear lights

SAS International has, over the years, been manufacturing quality lighting products. It is a privately owned company with a good reputation for innovation. In fact, its products are in high-profile significant buildings around the world

This company is solution-driven. As a customer, you get maximum value for your money. In fact, it has invested in the best manufacturing facilities. This ensures they provide valuable solutions to the built environment. Plus, SAS international listens to its customers’ needs and works to satisfy them.

It has a professional team of experts in the technical field. They help customers choose the best designs for their projects. The team also offers technical support services. The company aims to always achieve the customer’s vision. Regardless of the design complexity or size. This company has courage and belief that it can achieve what no one else can.


robus logo

Source: https://robus.com/

  • Location: UK
  • Year Founded: 1984
  • Company Type: Manufacturer
  • Key Products: LED Linear Lights

ROBUS started in 1984 as an Irish company. It was not until 1996 that the company entered the UK market. By 2018, it had established its presence in more countries including the Middle East, Australia, as well as New Zealand.

Moreover, ROBUS staff acts as a family. Each employee is value-driven by the group’s values. These values include accountability, ambition, customer focus, and empowerment. More so, ROBUS has a worldwide reputation for its first-class customer service. In fact, it is a business built on customer loyalty. 

Its vision is to be the most trusted LED lighting brand in the market. So, Why ROBUS? First, its products. It delivers high-quality, reliable, and innovative LED products. Lastly, you will have no hurdles working with them. The company promises its customers to be easy to deal with.

Detail Lighting

detail lighting logo

Source: https://www.detaillighting.co.uk/

  • Location: UK
  • Year Founded: 2000
  • Company Type: Supplier, manufacturer
  •  Key Products: LED Linear Lights

Detail Lighting is a company that designs and supplies LED lighting. Everything it produces meets a specific project’s needs. It has a team of 11 dedicated people. This team brings knowledge and expertise to the company. This company values the success of its lighting solutions. 

It manufactures well-designed products at affordable prices. Plus, all its products are in line with the UK lighting regulations. These products are mainly bespoke lightings like pendants and linear lights. 

Detail Lighting has also demonstrated its expertise in other areas. Areas like color temperature, intensity, color rendering, and light source positioning. The company’s team offers consultation services. For any layout design you need, the team is willing to help you make the best choice. They discuss your requirements and come up with a suitable solution.

Mount Lighting

mount lighting logo

Source: https://mountlighting.co.uk/

  • Location: UK
  • Year Founded: 2000
  • Company type: Manufacturer
  • Key Products: LED linear lights

Mount Lighting is a family business that was established in 2000. Its mission is to make the LED process easy; from specification to manufacturing and delivering. It mainly deals with commercial lighting. This company is preferred because it works with the customer every step of the project. It is involved in the design process up until the project is complete. 

This company makes sure every project is completed exceptionally. It also makes sure it is within the customer’s budget. Mount lighting is refreshing and innovative. This company makes bespoke lighting solutions from high-quality European Light components. It has a team of experienced and devoted staff with technical expertise. 

The company has technical datasheets and guides available for download. Another plus is their flexible production schedules. They are quick in their manufacturing and finish projects on time.


uk led logo

Source: https://ukledlighting.com/

  • Location: UK
  • Year Founded:
  • Company Type: Manufacturer
  • Key Products: LED linear Lights

UK LED lighting is a company with an unquestionable passion for lighting. It has built a solid reputation in the lighting industry. Why? Because it provides quality LED solutions to customers including architects and contractors. Another reason is its attitude. UK LED has a team of people with a professional attitude to every aspect of any project. 

You can count on this company for quality, great product designs, and customer service. It has proven that its solutions are reliable and of high quality. Some of its products include led downlights, led panels, floodlights, and linear lights. These products are suitable for both commercial and residential buildings. 

Moreover, the products are up to date with new innovations. This means they are always relevant. You can definitely consider getting your LED linear lights from UK LED lighting.

Lumineux Lighting

lumineux logo

Source: https://lumineux.co.uk/

  • Location: UK
  • Year Founded: 1986
  • Company Type: Manufacturer, Supplier
  • Key Products: LED Linear Lights

Lumineux lighting is a family-owned company and part of B&T Associates. It has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of LED lights for more than 30 years. Even though it has been in the game for a while, it keeps improving the services it offers. Every Lumineux customer gets value for their money. In fact, it has met their most important need. Value and quality at reasonable prices. 

It manufactures high-quality commercial and industrial lighting products. And even better, it delivers its products the next day after your purchase. This company also provides 5-year warranties to its customers for peace of mind.

Now, its products are available through different avenues. The main one is through leading national electrical wholesaler groups. Also, there is a team to help you identify the best lighting solution for your requirements for free. More reason to purchase from them!



With the information given above, finding LED linear Lights in the UK is no longer a hassle. In fact, for some of these companies, you can get their products from the comfort of your home.

Don’t need the hassle?

Well, why not talk to us today? At ShineLong, we listen to you and offer the best lighting solutions to suit your project; regardless of its nature or size.

We are your #1 partner for quality lighting solutions.

Thinking about the environment and you!

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