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Top 10 LED Linear Lights Manufacturers in Spain


Are you in Spain shopping for LED Linear lights in bulk? If so, you’ve probably been asking around for recommendations on the best company to approach.


Well, when planning a bulk purchase, it’s always wise to be vigilant. A simple mistake can cause major inconveniences and losses.

You don’t want that, do you?

Let us help you simplify this by summarizing a list of the best-LED companies and suppliers in Spain.

Here are your best options:

led linear light manufacturers spain

Luxiona Group

luxiona logo

Source: https://luxiona.com/

  • Location: Spain
  • Year Founded: 1920
  • Company Type: Manufacturer
  • Key Products:  LED Linear Lights

Luxiona is a company that specializes in the design, manufacture, and marketing of LED solutions. It’s located in Spain. But has branches in 10 other countries. Luxiona initially started as J. Feliu la Penyalis in 1920. Over time, it developed into three notable brands.

One is Metalarte, which handles decorative lighting solutions. Another one is Sagelux, which deals with emergency and safety lighting. And the final one is Troll, which makes technical and medical lighting solutions. This company became Luxiona Group in 2013. Its mission is to provide services through efficient and progressive brands.

In general, Luxiona products can be used for outdoor lightings applications like sports fields and indoor lighting like hotels and offices. Regardless of the brand, Luxiona ensures its products satisfy customers’ needs. And, without having a negative impact on the environment.


luxes logo

Source: https://luxes.es/

  • Location: Spain
  • Year Founded: 2004
  • Company Type: Manufacturer
  • Key Products: LED Linear Lights

Luxes is an LED manufacturing company with high-quality and high-performing solutions. With close to 20 years of experience, Luxe has achieved a lot. For example, it has managed to reduce C02 emissions by up to 80% on its products.

This company manufactures energy-efficient fixtures for a myriad of applications. Luxes’ products are popular owing to their safety, efficiency, and reliability. This brand also complies with quality controls and has the necessary certifications.

Luxes has been involved in numerous projects. Its aim is to improve the optimal visibility of spaces. It manufactures solutions for indoor lighting and outdoor lighting. Some of its products include LED profiles, linear systems, and LED lamps. It has a showroom in Barcelona which has been crowned showroom of the year quite recently in 2021.


  • Location: China
  • Year Founded: 2010
  • Company Type: Manufacturer
  • Key Products: LED Linear Lights

ShineLong was established in 2010 to help meet the growing demand for LED lights. Since then, this company has cultivated a solid reputation as a reliable, trustworthy, efficient, meticulous, and timely lighting partner. For customers who prefer importing or are looking for the best deals and offers on LED Linear Light, ShineLong is the answer.

This company has more than 200 staff members and operates from a 20,000Sqm building in Shenzhen, China. It deals, primarily, with commercial and industrial lighting. One thing to love about this company is the fact that it is very customer-centric. This means that the team will go above and beyond to ensure you get the fixtures you want conveniently and at the best prices.

ShineLong exports its products to all parts of the world. The company’s supply and shipping network allows it to make the process of importing its quality products easy and fast. Plus, the support team will advise you on the best fixtures to get for your project. Hence, you get more value for your money.

Secom Iluminacion

secom logo

Source: https://secom.es/

  • Location: Spain
  • Year Founded: 1989
  • Company Type: Manufacturer
  • Key Products: LED Linear Lights

Secom is a company that deals with professional, commercial, and technical lighting systems. It was established in 1989 with a mission to bring new values to the lighting industry. Now, it’s a leading LED light manufacturer in Europe.

Secom manufactures different types of LED luminaires for interior, exterior, and industrial lighting. It always listens and collects suggestions from consumers as well as industry experts. Then, it incorporates those suggestions into its designs. Therefore, every customer’s individual needs are met; while enabling the company to produce up-to-date LED products.

Secom is committed to innovating LED technology. Moreover, all its products are made in compliance with European standards and regulations. This ensures that the LEDs they produce offer safe, quality, and sustainable solutions. Also, it has certifications for quality and environmental management.

Rovasi S.L

rovasi logo

Source: https://www.rovasi.com/

  • Location: Spain
  • Year Founded: 1922
  • Company Type: Manufacturer
  • Key Products: LED Linear Lights

Rovasi manufactures commercial lighting solutions. It makes lighting solutions for both interior and exterior settings. Rovasi started operating in 1922. Since then, it has continuously remained ahead of evolving trends and changing demands.

In fact, many companies often seek Rovasi for new and exciting projects. This company desires customer satisfaction above all else. Their goal is to become a reliable and credible industry leader in Spain and internationally.

First-class quality and exceptional customer service have contributed to its good reputation. The company offers a wide range of products. Rovasi also follows a strict policy that ensures its products are of high quality and are reliable. 

Seymeval, S.L

seymeval logo

Source: http://www.seymeval.es/

  • Location: Spain
  • Year Founded: 2014
  • Company Type: Manufacturer, Distributor
  • Key Products: LED Linear Lights

Seymeval started with the aim of providing customers in Europe with quality LED lighting. They offer support in the distribution of lighting solutions and electrical equipment. The company’s aim has always been to serve customers on time and with the best quality, service. All these are at pocket-friendly prices.

Aside from Linear LEDs, it also manufactures LED Panels, ceiling lights, and industrial lighting. Seymeval products are highly efficient and durable. They come in all sizes, formats, and colors. And are delivered within Spain in 48 – 72 hours after the order.

Their delivery service is fast and affordable. This enables a client to get their order in time and complete their project without any delays. This not only makes Seymeval cost-effective but also very convenient and reliable.


ilumax logo

Source: https://www.ilumax.es/

  • Location: Spain
  • Year Founded: 2011
  • Company Type: Manufacturer
  • Key Products: LED Linear Lights

Ilumax is renowned for offering high-quality LED solutions at competitive prices. It is a dynamic and innovative company. This brand is committed to its clients. Ilumax believes its greatest reward is in customer satisfaction. Thus, it engages with clients on a personal level.

This company encourages communication, questions, and feedback. Moreover, it has excellent customer service. The services include technical consulting advice. Basically, there is a team of professionals who advise clients on the most ideal solutions for their lighting needs.

Ilumax also offers project management services. The most unique service it has for its customers is the Light Saving Study. This service enables a customer to get Ilumax’s experience in lighting issues. Ilumax also offers after-sale services. That way they ensure each customer gets full satisfaction.


tivanti logo

Source: https://www.tivanti.com/

  • Location: Spain
  • Year Founded: 1991
  • Company Type: Manufacturer
  • Key Products: LED Linear Lights

Tivanti was founded in 1991 to manufacture technical products and efficient lighting solutions. Its mission is to make optimal solutions in solar protection for each environmentThis company makes products based on the needs of the client. It offers lighting solutions for both interior and exterior applications.

This company’s range of products includes some of the best technical lighting solutions in the market. It uses the latest technology and design for optimal, up-to-date manufacturing. Also, Tivanti ensures its products are of the best quality. Therefore, buyers get more value for money.

Furthermore, this company offers personalized professional services. It provides advice and technical support to the customer from the design process to installation. Tivanti makes sure clients pleasantly enjoy their spaces; while maintaining great design and reducing energy consumption.


mci logo

Source: https://www.mcilight.com/

  • Location: Spain
  • Year Founded: 1972
  • Company Type: Manufacturer
  • Key Products: LED Linear Lights

MCI LIGHT is a subsidiary of a brand known as GRUPO MCI; which was founded in 1972. Its focus is on providing new lighting experiences to customers. How? By using the latest technology in all its products. MCI light understands how lighting affects everyday life. Therefore, it strives to deliver the best solutions depending on the customer’s needs.

This company also ensures every customer’s creative vision is turned into a reality. And that’s not all. MCI works closely with industry stakeholders. It provides a wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting solutions. 

Note, MCI provides custom-made solutions for customers with specific needs. Its products are available in more than 85 countries worldwide. The best thing about this company is that it maintains direct contact with its clients. And pays attention to each of their expectations. 


setga logo

Source: https://setga.es/

  • Location: Spain
  • Year Founded: 1988
  • Company Type: Manufacturer
  • Key Products: LED Linear Lights

SETGA is an innovative hub for LED Lighting technologies. It comprises engineers who’ve dedicated their lives to exploring new lighting solutions. This company believes in the power of research. In fact, its extensive exploration has helped them transform unexplored technologies; turning them into reliable and efficient lighting solutions.

SETGA’s lighting solutions are capable of responding to contemporary challenges. This company has always shown commitment to integration, sustainability, and equality. Its staff members are driven by self-improvement, talent, and passion.

To date, SETGA operates in more than 16 countries to accommodate global diversity. Its lighting solutions are convenient for exterior and interior settings. And this company’s experience and dedication are what make it worthy to be on this list.



With this list, I am sure it will be easier to find an ideal LED Linear Light manufacturer near you. As long as you already have a vision for your project, the rest is simple.


However, it gets even simpler if you decide to entrust us with your lighting needs. At ShineLong LED, your happiness and satisfaction come first.

We’ve been in the LED industry for quite some time and have everything needed to produce, ship, and deliver quality Linear Light fixtures.

Thinking about the environment and you!

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