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Parkade, Indoor Garage Lights

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  • IP 66, IK10
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • Dimming, DALI, Sensor, Emergency version
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Parkade, Features

Parkade, Description

Your All-in-One Lighting Solution to Indoor Garage Lighting

Are you tired of having lousy and costly indoor garage lighting fixtures in your parking spaces? If so, the ShineLong Parkade LED light is exactly what you need. Thanks to their stunning design, unrivaled durability, impressive strength, and high luminous flux, our parkades offer you everything you need in a parking light. And aside from being beautiful luminaries, these LEDs are designed to be very efficient hence saving you a lot of money on power bills and maintenance.

So, what do you get when you buy our Parkade LED Lights? Well, there are quite a number of perks and features that come with these luminaries.

For example, if your indoor garage lighting expenses have been weighing you down, our parkade LEDs’ 100~120lm/w or 130~150lm/w energy efficiency eases the burden by providing you with more light at a low power consumption rate. In addition, the fact that these fixtures can last up to 75,000 hours  (8+ years of uninterrupted lighting) means that you also get to save a lot on maintenance and replacements.

What’s more, the Parkade is designed to be robust and comes with an IP66 and IK10 protection rating. This means that you won’t have to worry about your lighting fixtures getting damaged by dust, water, vapor, or impact. These LEDs are manufactured using the best and strongest materials including an Aluminum casing, stainless steel, and PC covers to effectively combat the effects of aging and corrosion. And to top it all off, you can get your parkades with a few added features including a hydronic microwave sensor, 0~10V, DALI, and TRIAC dimming as well as an emergency version capable of lasting up to 3 hours.

Our Parkade LEDs are eco-friendly and certified by international authorities including CE, RoHS, SAA, ERP, DLC, UL, and TUV-GS. The best part about these luminaries is that they are very easy to install and offer you flexible connection options including wall mounting, side connection, plug-and-play, and self-wiring connections. Also, they come in different sizes, lengths, and wattages offering you more options to fit into your lighting requirements and preferences. This makes them ideal for indoor commercial spaces including parking garages, warehouses, tunnels, airports, metro stations, supermarkets, gas stations, showrooms and so on. Are you impressed? If so, ask for your FREE and competitively-priced quote today!

Parkade, Data Sheet

Parkade Dimension
Article NumberSL-A65X2-20-XSL-A65X2-30-XSL-A65X4-40-XSL-A65X4-50-XSL-A65X5-50-XSL-A65X5-60-X
Size600*94*69 mm600*94*69 mm1200*94*69 mm1200*94*69 mm1500*94*69 mm1500*94*69 mm
Power20 W30 W40 W50 W50 W60 W
Beam Angle120°120°120°120°120°120°
CRI> 80> 80> 80> 80> 80> 80
AC Input200~240 V / 100~277 V200~240 V / 100~277 V200~240 V / 100~277 V200~240 V / 100~277 V200~240 V / 100~277 V200~240 V / 100~277 V
DC Output30~40 V30~40 V30~40 V30~40 V30~40 V30~40 V
SDCM< 4< 4< 4< 4< 4< 4
Efficiency(±5%)100~120 lm/w100~120 lm/w100~120 lm/w100~120 lm/w100~120 lm/w100~120 lm/w
Lumen Output1900~2300 lm2900~3500 lm3800~4600 lm4800~5800 lm4800~5800 lm5800~7000 lm
Packing info6 pcs/ctn6 pcs/ctn6 pcs/ctn6 pcs/ctn6 pcs/ctn6 pcs/ctn
Carton Size660*220*230 mm660*220*230 mm1260*220*230 mm1260*220*230 mm1560*220*230 mm1560*220*230 mm
20’GP629 CTNs629 CTNs304 CTNs304 CTNs262 CTNs262 CTNs
40’GP1286 CTNs1286 CTNs708 CTNs708 CTNs550 CTNs550 CTNs
40’HQ1513CTNs1513CTNs792 CTNs792 CTNs659 CTNs659 CTNs


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