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Tri-proof light is a specialized commercial or industrial light. Many design companies and contractors buyers, importers, especially new buyers or businessmen who have just ventured into the light industry not long ago, may not know much about tri-proof lights, so I hereby introduce the basic information to help those who need to understand the function […]

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Your Best LED Explosion Proof Light Manufacturer ShineLong in China First of all to know the classification of explosion-proof lights. LED Explosion Proof Light Features. LED Explosion Proof Light Applications. Why Choose ShineLong Manufacture? First of all to know the classification of explosion-proof lights Based on the explosion-proof design, there are five main types of

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  What is LED linear lighting? LED linear lighting is a type of ceiling lighting that uses lots of light-emitting diodes (LED) together in a long, narrow housing, resulting in a sleek line of light. The use of LEDs gives them a long lifespan and also makes them extremely energy efficient. It’s a simple and practical

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Story of Parking Garage LED Tri-proof luminaires are durable and eco-friendly alternative lighting systems to traditional fluorescent tubes. LED Tri-proof luminaires are designed to withstand severe environments and will help you reduce your energy consumption by up to 80%. LED Tri-proof Light are specifically built to withstand conditions susceptible to water, dust and corrosion impacts.

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