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Your Best LED explosion proof light manufacturer in China

Your Best LED Explosion Proof Light Manufacturer ShineLong in China

  1. First of all to know the classification of explosion-proof lights.
  2. LED Explosion Proof Light Features.
  3. LED Explosion Proof Light Applications.
  4. Why Choose ShineLong Manufacture?

First of all to know the classification of explosion-proof lights

Based on the explosion-proof design, there are five main types of explosion-proof lights: flameproof explosion-proof lights, increased safety explosion-proof lights, positive pressure explosion-proof lights, spark-free explosion-proof lights, and dust-proof explosion-proof lights. These types can be used individually, and some lights combine these explosion-proof designs to create compound explosion-proof lights.

According to the anti-electric shock protection type, there are three categories. These types focus on the shell design of explosion-proof lights, and whether the shell is anti-electric shock is a major concern.

According to the protection level of the housing, the shells of many explosion-proof lights provide insulation protection. First, it protects against people and dust, with six levels of protection. There is also water resistance, with eight levels of protection.

According to the support surface material of the lights, they are divided into indoor explosion-proof lights. If it is an indoor explosion-proof light, it is installed on the wall or ceiling.

According to the installation and usage, there are fixed, movable, and portable convenient types. This classification is designed for the convenience of people’s lives.

From the above content, we can see that there are quite a few classification methods for explosion-proof lights. With so many classification methods, there are many styles and types of explosion-proof lights to choose from based on actual applications.

Explosion-proof lights are designed to prevent explosions, not withstand them. They are typically made of durable, non-sparking materials, have a thick glass globe over the bulb, and other features to keep workers and the environment safe if an ignition occurs.


The main applications of this explosion-proof light are as follows:  

  1. Petroleum and natural gas industry: LED explosion-proof lights are widely used in the petroleum and natural gas industry for lighting in flammable and explosive environments such as oil drilling platforms, refineries, and oil tank areas.  
  2. Chemical industry: Chemical factories and chemical storage areas require the use of explosion proof lighting to ensure safety. LED explosion-proof lights can provide reliable lighting in these environments to reduce the risk of fires and explosions.  
  3. Pharmaceutical industry: Pharmaceutical factories need to use explosion-proof lights to ensure the safety of the production process. LED explosion-proof lights fixture are energy-efficient and suitable for use in the pharmaceutical industry.    
  4. Mining and tunnels: Mines and tunnels are potentially hazardous environments that require the use of explosion-proof lights to provide safe lighting and reduce the occurrence of accidents.  
  5. Ports and ships: The lighting requirements in port and ship environments are unique, requiring the use of explosion proof lighting to adapt to high humidity and corrosive climates.  
  6. Other industries: In addition to the above industries, LED explosion-proof lightss are widely used in aerospace, automotive manufacturing, and other fields.

In summary, LED explosion-proof lights provide safe and reliable lighting in flammable and explosive environments due to their high efficiency, energy savings, and long lifespan. Their classification and applications vary depending on different explosion-proof levels, application locations, and installation methods, and can meet the requirements of various industries.


ShineLong is your Best LED explosion proof light manufacturer in China

ShineLong LED Explosion Proof Light offers energy efficiency and high-quality illumination, reducing maintenance costs and increasing safety.Oil and chemical industries have high concentrations of combustible particles in the air that can cause explosions at the slightest of casualties. Such high-risk environments require special equipment that is highly functional and does not cause ignition or spark. ‍ Explosion-proof lighting for hazardous areas can help workers operate smoothly at all times, and there are minimized risks of explosions due to lights.

Here are some features of explosion-proof lights:

Durable casing

Tempered glass lenses

Advanced thermal control mechanisms

Copper free housings

Double folded aluminum fins

Thick frame with robust lenses

The Explosion proof Light with an IP69K rating, it can withstand high-pressure, high temperature wash-downs, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Additionally, its ATEX certification means it’s safe to use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

ATEX LED Explosion Proof Light is built to withstand harsh environments, making it perfect for applications in industries like food processing, pharmaceuticals, and petrochemicals.

Why Choose ShineLong LED explosion proof light ?

ShineLong LED explosion proof light is IP69K, IK10 Approved, ATEX, CE, RoHS Certified.

ShineLong explosion proof lighting Granted by French Design Award and Muse Design Award.

We ShineLong can provide you with Five Value-added Services for deep cooperation customers, and ODM services, only need you to provide LED light software and appearance ideas, our R & D team can help you with free design software and product appearance, in addition to LED light power supply can be specially customized, LED lights after the completion of the development of LED certificates samples and information can also be provided for the whole docking, until the LED Lights on the market, at the same time, our marketing department is responsible for 3D modeling and design colleagues, but also according to the idea to design your brand needs to promote promotional materials and videos. Most importantly, ShineLong also provides a billing period for large LED lighting customers.

Come and join us to make LED light installation easier and let ShineLong light fixtures light up the world.

Shenzhen ShineLong Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with strong technical strength, advanced production processes, and state-of-the-art testing equipment at home and abroad. The company strictly adheres to standard production, continuously develops new products to meet market demand. Our scope of business includes industrial explosion-proof lights, triproof led light commercial panel lights, light tubes, track lights, linear lights, and other industrial lighting fixtures. Please feel free to contact us if you have any needs.

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