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IP69K Rancher Tri-proof LED Light Detail

The IP69K tri-proof light is a product that has passed the highest rating on the ingress protection (IP) scale. This means it is completely dustproof and can resist water jets at pressures of 80 to 100 bar/1,160 to 1,450 PSI, in phases of 14 to 16 l/min, and at temperatures up to 176°F/80°C.

The IP69K tri-proof light is ideal for industries where sanitation is a primary concern, such as food processing and pharmaceutical applications. It can withstand rigorous daily washdown, which helps plants meet strict sanitation standards.

The IP69K tri-proof light is also designed to be energy-efficient, long-lasting, and easy to install. It has a high luminous efficacy, a low power consumption, and a lifespan of over 50,000 hours. It can be mounted on walls, ceilings, or poles, and it has a wide beam angle to cover large areas.

The IP69K tri-proof light is the perfect solution for your lighting needs in challenging conditions. Don’t settle for inferior products that can fail or damage easily. Choose the IP69K tri-proof light and enjoy the benefits of high-quality illumination and protection.

Rancher IP69K Tri-proof LED LIght Feature

  • Energy savings up to 80% Durable and low maintenance.
  • Easy installation: suspension mounting, and ceiling mounting.
  • Easily Adaptable: multi-functions with Dimmable, Emergency, Sensor.
  • Functionalities of Tri-Proof LED Lights: Dimming, Motion Sensor Lights, Emergency Lighting, CCT Adjustable Lights.

About the power supply of the tri-proof light,we can provide brand: OSRAM, Philips and so on.

About the size of the tri-proof lights: we can provide different sizes(600mm、1200mm、1500mm) and also can be customized.

Regarding the installation method of triple-proof lights: we hope to save time for customers and provide 3 convenient installation methods:

(Track Installation、Suspending Installation、Ceiling Mount Installation)

Rancher IP69K Triproof Light Video

Play Video about Rancher IP69K

IP69KTri-proof LED light waterproof grade test

You Might Ask: And what if I have a problem with my triproof LED light fixture?

This is a concern that all of our customers ask about, first contact a salesperson to help you troubleshoot the light; our qualified service technicians or partner companies are very responsive because we know that every project is important to you.

At the same time, I am very proud of the fact that ShineLong is the earliest factory to make triple-proof lamps, and our technology can be said to be the leader in the field of tri-proof LED lights.

We have been recognized by many famous brands, and we have been cooperating with big brands OEM/ODM for more than ten years.

Our R & D and sales staff will go abroad every year to research LED Light development and visit old customers to discuss the market and product technical issues of exchange, we maintain good communication with the market and explore, to ensure that all of our tri-proof light and other lamps and lanterns in the industrial projects in the stability of the lighting.

Why choose a tri-proof LED light fixture?

Easy Installation: Our tri-proof lights have 3 types of installation methods with installation explanation videos and online technical guidance, you can install these fixtures by yourself without any professional help.

Low Maintenance Costs: First of all, the tri-proof lights are usually made of durable materials and simple structural design, which can withstand the influence of harsh environments and have a long service life, reducing the maintenance costs incurred by frequent replacement of lights.

Stable and Durable: Our tri-proof lights use imported LED chips and the driver has passed ENEC certification, the life span of the tri-proof lights is 50,000 hours.

Tri-proof Lights are Wide Applications: according to my experience general procurement of tri-proof lights traders, generally used in ranches, farms, mushroom factories, car washes, parking lots, workshops, stores, supermarkets, subway stations, warehouses, and other industrial places can be tri-proof lights.

If happens to be similar to your needs, or the need to customize, leave us a message now.

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Guarantee with ShineLong

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Our response time is around 3 hours,so if you have an urgent problem with your project,you can call the business directly to secure your project.

Reliable Delivery

We have implemented ERP,PMC system management.Sample orders about 7 days,large orders about 15 days,special oeders can be expedited delivery time.

Guaranteed Warranty

Factory passed ISO9001:2015 international quality management system,all of LED lights have a 5-7 year warranty and all accessories have certifications.

Energy Savings

Up to 70% energy savings over traditional lights,report a 50 percent drop in their energy bill than they would have with conventional lights.

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