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Improve Your Indoor Garage by Investing in High-Quality Lighting

What features make up high-quality indoor garage lighting?


Some will say the quality of lighting; others will go for durability; while others will say brightness.

In any case, everyone is right.

Packing garage

There are so many things that prove that a lighting fixture is of superior quality.

And that’s why:

When searching for the best fixtures for your indoor garage lighting, you have to ensure you get the best of the best fixtures.

Obviously, you are here because you have questions about garage lighting.

So, you may be wondering…

Whichever the question, this post details everything you need to know plus more.

But first:

Chapter 1: What is Indoor Garage Lighting?

Basically, indoor garage lighting could be one of two things; it could be the process of illuminating your indoor garage or the illumination fixture or system in use.


Any expert will tell you that…

Proper indoor garage lighting is important.


Well, the garage is one of the few rooms in a house that serve multiple purposes.


It’s quite simple. Aside from being a place where you park your car, a garage can also be used for a number of functions.
Here are some of them.

Chapter 2: Common Uses of an Indoor Garage

For Storage: A garage is the best place to keep items that are rarely in use but still essential. It could be old pieces of furniture, books/magazines/posters/arts, tools, equipment, machinery, spare parts, paint cans, supplies, and so on.

As a Workshop: Want to build something? The best place to do so is in the garage. Whether it’s woodwork, welding, or even for artistic purposes, a garage offers you the ideal environment for hands-on work at home.

For Repairs and Side-Projects: Where else can you can personally repair or maintain your car, if not in the garage? Moreover, if you have a dream project of reviving your vintage Jaguar E-type sports car or Indian Chief motorbike, your indoor garage not only offers you the privacy you need but also the convenience of working on it whenever you are free.

As an extra room: The garage – if well insulated – can also function as a bedroom whenever you’ve got too many guests sleeping over.

For Laundry: Some people also keep and use laundry machines and dryers in the garage.

And of course, for parking.

Cool, right?

Generally, an indoor garage comes with a myriad of uses including the ones mentioned above. That’s why it’s often a vital part of any house.


If you take a minute to think about it…

Most garages are constructed with little windows. This means that even during the day, the room can be dark.

Therefore, proper indoor garage lighting is always essential especially for those being frequently used.

That being said…

Chapter 3: How Does Garage Use Affect the Room’s Air Quality and Lighting?

Do you know that:

Each time you use your garage – for whatever reasons – there’s a small side effect? But not to you, obviously.

Now, if you are wondering; how? Here are a few scenarios that can play out.

Scenario 1: Using your garage for storage or as a workshop.

We all know that it’s almost impossible to clean a busy garage on a daily basis. And it gets even worse if the garage is cluttered. Basically, clutter interrupts air flow.

Therefore, this may lead to the accumulation of dust and moisture; both of which are not only unhealthy but also bad for your indoor garage lighting fixtures and electronics.

Gradually, this can cause damages or a reduction in your light fixtures’ lifespan.

Scenario 2: Using your garage for parking and car repairs.

When you drive your car in or out of your garage, little amounts of exhaust fumes may get trapped.

With time – little by little – the fumes start forming soot on your garage walls, ceilings, and lighting fixtures.

In turn, the brightness of your fixtures may be affected.

car repairs

Scenario 3: Using laundry machines and dryers in your garage.

This often leads to a lot of moisture formation. Generally, the whole process raises the room’s humidity. Too much water or vapor can be harmful to electronic devices especially lighting fixtures.

That’s why:

If you’ve been using old indoor garage lighting systems, you are bound to experience frequent lighting issues and failures.


This begs the question…

Chapter 4: Which is the Best Type of Indoor Garage Lighting?

It’s a fact:

There are so many indoor garage lighting options in the market today.

Therefore, it’s important to know about the perks of each available option in order to find the best one for you.

Generally, LED light fixtures are often the best. And that’s mainly because of their perks and impressive features.

That’s why when shopping for the ultimate garage lighting fixture, you need to ensure that it’s an LED luminary.


It should be an LED garage lighting that lives up to the following conditions:

1. Indoor Garage Lighting Should be Bright Enough

This is very important – especially when you are using your garage for things like reading, repairs, or any other workshop-related tasks.

It not only improves your work experience but also keeps you safe from accidental injuries.

Luminaries like the ShineLong Parkade LED lights offer a brightness of up to 7000 lumens. Great, right?


2. Remember, Efficiency is Key of Indoor Garage Lighting

Packade 130lm per watt

This is very important – especially when you are using your garage for things like reading, repairs, or any other workshop-related tasks.

It not only improves your work experience but also keeps you safe from accidental injuries.

Luminaries like the ShineLong Parkade LED lights offer a brightness of up to 7000 lumens. Great, right?

3. Indoor Garage Lighting Should be Damage-Proof

What does this mean?


The fixture should be dustproof, waterproof, vapor-proof, and strong enough to withstand impact.

And that’s exactly what you get from LED luminaries like the ShineLong LED Parkade.

damage-proof test by a car

4. Durability is Also Important of Indoor Garage Lighitng

Obviously, you are looking for a light fixture that will serve you for years to come.

A fixture, that doesn’t break down easily and is simple to maintain.


Those are things you won’t get from fluorescents, incandescent lights, halogens, and other old-school lighting systems.


An LED fixture like the ShineLong parkade guarantees you longevity. And if you are wondering; how long exactly?

How do 75,000 hours or +10 years sound?

Impressive, right?

5. Convenience of Indoor Garage Lighitng


If you are going to buy an indoor garage lighting fixture, invest in the one that’s most convenient for you.

LED luminaries are always very convenient.

In what way?

Well, aside from having dimming capabilities, LED luminaries like the Parkade offer conveniences like:

  • Switching on/off instantly,
  • They don’t emit heat,
  • Are easy to maintain,
  • Eco-friendly,
  • And are shadow-free just to mention a few.

From this, it’s evident that LED indoor garage lighting fixtures are the best lights for garage ceiling and wall mounting.

And depending on your garage lighting layout, working in or using this room becomes easy for you and anyone in your home.

This brings us to the last question about indoor garage lighting…

Chapter 5: Are there any Cheap Garage Lighting Ideas for Newbies?

Well, it depends on your design preferences, space size, and the garage’s primary use.

Clearly, by now you know all about an indoor garage’s air quality. Moreover, we’ve discussed the best light to use in such an environment – an LED light especially ShineLong’s Parkade Tri-Proof Luminary.

Now that you know which fixture to buy and why, the next step would be to look at your design and lighting options.

Here are a few factors that can help you to find the best LED light for your garage:

Indoor garage lighting

The Size of the Space

A large garage has more illumination needs than a smaller one.


To get enough light, you can opt for –

  • Numerous small, distributed luminaries
  • Or a few high-performance lighting fixtures.

With brightness levels of up to 7000 lumens, ShineLong Parkade LED lights offer very bright and sufficient lighting. In most cases, one is often enough, but you can get as much as you need to properly light up your space.

Your Mounting Preferences

Parkades can be mounted in so many ways.

For example:

  • You can opt to fix this lighting fixture on your ceiling.
  • Also, this luminary can be suspended.
  • And lastly, it can be wall-mounted.

Generally, mounting solely depends on your design plan.

But as you decide on a mounting option, ensure you think about how it will affect light distribution.


Evidently, if you use your garage to repair your car or for a vintage car side-project, wall-mounted LED luminaries would be great for you to get light to the lower sides of the car.

Also, suspended mounting is often ideal for spaces with very high ceilings. This ensures you get light to the most important parts of the room.

Your Lighting Budget

It never hurts to look for cost-effective options.

Therefore, indoor garage lighting ideas don’t have to be costly.

To save money on your lighting, you can opt for fixtures that are:

  • Efficient,
  • Bright,
  • Durable,
  • And damage-proof

The ShineLong Parkade Tri-Proof LED light offers you all these and more.

Evidently, indoor garage lighting is an important issue. Doing it right ensures that you enjoy high-quality lighting at a very low lighting budget and for a long time.

With the information above, you are well-equipped to optimize your home’s indoor garage lighting.

Do you have any questions? Or would you like to contribute to the topic? If so, feel free to say something on the comments section.

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