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Best Security LED Light Manufacturers in Canada

LED (Light Emitting Diodes) are semiconductor devices that emit light. LED lights are the most recent innovation in home and commercial lighting. They last longer, use less energy, convert more light to energy, produce less heat, and are much more durable than incandescent bulbs.

Security LED Light is an advanced technology that produces a highly intense beam of light in a concentrated area. It is an innovative, long-term solution for indoor and outdoor security. These LED lights are designed to light up your store, home, or property at night so that you can ensure security. With its simple installation, it can be mounted just about anywhere, with no need to worry about wiring.

ShineLong is the most trusted and top-rated manufacturer of LED lights. We offer a range of high-quality, top-selling security lights to keep you safe and secure. Check out our products today! In this article, you will find the top-rated and most reliable LED light manufacturers in Canada.

security led light manufacturers canada

RAB Design Lighting

RAB Design Lighting logo

Source: https://rabdesign.ca

RAB Design Lighting Inc. is providing quality LED security light products and exceptional service since 1968. This company is an expert in the designing and manufacturing of commercial and industrial lighting products. It also imports and supplies to Canadian electrical distributors.

Thorn Lighting is a company based in Europe, and RAB Design Lighting Inc. is an exclusive distributor in Canada.

  • Nature of the Company: Appliances, Electrical, and Electronics Manufacturer
  • Headquarters: RAB Design Lighting is located at 222 Islington Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M8V 3W7, CA.
  • Time of Establishment: RAB Design Lighting was founded in 1968.

Main Products: RAB Design Lighting is offering the following types of indoor and outdoor LED lights;

  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Wall Lighting
  • Flood Lighting
  • Area Lighting
  • Canopy
  • Vapourproof
  • Linear Vapourproof
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Sensor Fixtures
  • Sign And Facade
  • HID And Incandescent
  • Photocells
  • Rough Service Applications
  • Work/Dock Light


  • Indoor Lighting
  • Wraparound
  • Ceiling Panels
  • Strip Light
  • Under Cabinet Lighting
  • Vapourproof
  • Linear Vapourproof
  • Highbay
  • Canopy
  • Closet Light
  • Hazardous
  • HID and Incandescent
  • Worklight/Dock light


RONA logo

Source: https://www.rona.ca

RONA is Canada’s largest independent hardware and home renovation retailer with a network of more than 375 stores. They have both corporate stores and independent dealers. RONA’s in-store and online retail selection are among the best of any retailer around. It also provides installation services to consumers PLUS expert assistance for your building or renovation project.

  • Nature of the Company: RONA is a banner of Lowe’s Canada, one of Canada’s leading home improvement companies.
  • Headquarters: Home & Garden RONA Scarborough Golden Mile is located at 768 Warden, Avenue, Scarborough, Ontario, M1L 2G9.
  • Time of Establishment: RONA is a banner of Lowe’s Canada, which was created in 1939.

Main Products: RONA is offering many electrical devices including the following Indoor and outdoor lighting;

  • Indoor lighting
  • Pendant Lighting
  • Bathroom and Wall Lighting 
  • Flush Mount Lighting 
  • Table Lamps 
  • Lamp Shades 
  • Floor Lamps 
  • Recessed Lighting 
  • Track Lighting 
  • Desk Lamps 
  • Under-Cabinet Lights 
  • Night Lights 
  • Picture Lights


  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Outdoor Wall Lighting 
  • Post Lighting 
  • Outdoor Flush Mount Lights
  • Security & Flood Lights 


Manufacturing facility is situated in Shenzhen, China. ShineLong specializes in the manufacture of LED lights. We export to the U.S.A. and Europe, supplying a variety of appointments, analysis, quality control, and one-stop logistics solutions to our customers in these regions. We’ve been handling illumination projectors, distributors, and retailers for a long time. From experience already obtained in the sector, we can better provide you with a solution.

  • Nature of the Company: China Wholesale LED Lights Manufacturer
  • Headquarters: ShineLong is located at No. 35 Baolong 2nd Rd., Nanyue, Longgang Dist., Shenzhen City, Guangdong, 518116, China.
  • Time of Establishment: ShineLong was founded in 2010.

Main Products: ShineLong offers the following LED products;

  • LED Tri-proof Lights
  • Parkade IP66 Tri-proof Lights
  • Rancher IP69K Tri-proof Lights
  • Gauls IP68 Tri-proof Lights
  • Alpha Vapor Tight
  • EcoMini IP65 Tri-proof Lights
  • Rancher Mini IP66 LED Tubular Lights


  • LED Panel Lights
  • Slice EU LED Panel Lights
  • Slice US Flat Panel Lights
  • Intact Square LED Panel
  • Smart LED Panels
  • Disc Round Panel Lights


  • LED Tubes
  • Expert T8 LED Tube Lights
  • Expert T6 LED Tubes
  • T5 Tube LED Light
  • T5 Batten Light


  • LED Linear Lights
  • K-lens LED Linear Light
  • Slide LED Shop Light


  • Customized Lights
  • Eye Security Lights
  • Flip UVC Disinfection Box
  • Zone Induction Lamp


  • Industrial Lighting
  • Single High Bay Lights
  • Mega High Bay Lights
  • UFO High Bay Lights
  • Highbay Lights
  • Flood Lights
  • Tunnel Lights

Led security light with sensor – ShineLong

ShineLong’s LED security lights are easy to install and come with a motion sensor that is activated by movement. It automatically switches on when it senses motion and turns off after a set period. ShineLong’s Led security lights with sensors are the best in the market for safety and value.

Wholesale security led sensor light – ShineLong

Are you looking for wholesale rates of security-led sensor lights? ShineLong offers a wide range of LED sensor lights for home and business use. We have sensor lights for the porch, garage, stairway, hall, closet, and more. ShineLong has the best wholesale security-led sensor lights supplier at the lowest price.

Security camera with led light – ShineLong

ShineLong’s LED security light with a camera is the most reliable and effective LED security light, which meets all your security needs. It can work day and night to make sure that you are always protected.

Le Ming Trading Inc

Artesolar logo

Source: https://www.artesolar.com/

Lepro, formerly known as LE, was founded in 2011 and has grown to become a world leader in the LED market. It has set up sales and service teams in many places around the world, committed to providing customers with outstanding products and services.

  • Nature of the Company: LED lighting, LED bulb, LED strip lights, and light fixture brand, manufacturer
  • Headquarters: Le Ming Trading Inc is located at 801-6081 No. 3 Rd. Richmond, BC, V6Y 2B2, CA.
  • Time of Establishment: Lepro, formerly known as “LE”, was founded in 2011.

Main Products: Lepro is offering the following products;

  • Light Fixtures
  • LED High Bay Lights
  • Parking Lot Lights
  • LED Recessed Lighting
  • LED Shop Lights
  • LED Flood Lights
  • Solar Flood Lights
  • LED Ceiling Lights


  • LED Light Bulbs
  • A19 LED Bulbs
  • E12 Candelabra Bulbs
  • E26 LED Bulbs
  • GU10 LED Bulbs
  • BR30 LED Bulbs

SYNCO Technology Inc.

SYNCO Technology Inc logo

Source: https://syncotech.ca/

SYNCO Technology Inc. specializes in energy-efficient residential LED lighting fixtures, distributing our products nationwide. Their products are recognized for their environmentally friendly approach to lighting, which has been optimized to conserve both energy and money.

  • Nature of the Company: LED lighting fixtures manufacturer
  • Headquarters: SYNCO Technology Inc. is located at Shaughnessy Street, 9239, Vancouver, British Columbia V6P6R5, CA.
  • Time of Establishment: SYNCO Technology Inc. was founded in 2019.

Main Products: SYNCO Technology Inc. is offering the following LED products;

  • 5 inch LED Surface Mount Panel Light
  • 2×4 Flat Panel
  • 2×2 LED Flat Panel
  • 4 Inch Round Led Slim Panel Light
  • 4 Inch 3CCT White Round Led Slim Panel Light
  • 4 Inches Square 3CCT Led Panel Light
  • 4 Inches Gimbal 3CCT Led Slim Panel Light
  • 14 Inches LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light
  • 12 Inches LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light
  • 7 Inch LED Surface Mount Panel Light
  • 9 Inch LED Surface Mount Panel Light
  • 11 Inch LED Surface Mount Panel Light
  • LED Sensor Light
  • 6 Inch Round Led Slim Panel Light

Jessar Industries Inc.

Jessar Industries Inc logo

Source: https://www.jessar.ca/

Jessar industries Inc. was founded in 1996. Over many years, Jessar has become extremely experienced in the retail industry. They have been able to refine their product ranges so that they specialize in household and electrical goods. Thanks to its dedication to excellence and customer service, Jessar has distributed its products across Canada- including national retail stores, as well as those with a national account.

  • Nature of the Company:  Import and distribute household articles and electrical products
  • Headquarters: Jessar Industries Inc. is located at 341 Allée du Golf, St-Eustache Québec, Canada J7R 0L5.
  • Time of Establishment: Jessar industries Inc. was founded in 1996. 

Main Products: Jessar Industries Inc. is offering the following types of LED lights;

  • Night light
  • Under cabinet
  • Recessed light
  • Strip light
  • Table lamps
  • Floor lamps
  • Decorative light
  • Track light
  • Ceiling light
  • High bay fixture
  • LED Panel light
  • Security light
  • Work light
  • LED Floodlight
  • Parking light
  • Wall mount

Arclite Best Lighting Solutions Inc.

Arclite Best Lighting Solutions Inc logo

Source: http://arclite.ca/

Arclite Best Lighting Solutions Inc. is a Canadian company that researches, develops, and manufactures LEDs for both commercial and residential usage. With eight years of sales and operating experience, we have the skills to meet your needs no matter what your requirements may be.

We believe in satisfying all of our customers. That’s why we tailor every project to match your individual needs, including homebuilders, distributors, and corporate partners. And as part of company policy, we put customer satisfaction at the top of our priority list.

  • Nature of the Company: LED Lights Manufacturer
  • Headquarters: Arclite Best Lighting Solutions Inc. is headquarters in Canada.
  • Time of Establishment: Arclite Best Lighting Solutions Inc. has 8 years of sales and operating experience.

Main Products: Arclite Best Lighting Solutions Inc. is offering the following types of LED lights;

  • Indoor Lighting like ceiling fixtures, wall lighting, step lighting, cabinet lighting, etc
  • Outdoor Lightings like street lighting and landscape lighting
  • Emergency Lighting like motion sensor lights
  • Track Lighting like Track-Juno Style

Captain Electric Inc.

Captain Electric Inc logo

Source: https://captainelectric.ca/

Captain Electric, an electrical service, repair, and Installation Company, was registered in Canada in 2005. The company, formerly known as Nova Electrical Contractors Inc. incorporated in Ontario in1992, legally changed its name to Captain Electric, to focus on Electrical Service Work. It is providing high-quality LED lights for your indoor and outdoor needs.

  • Nature of the Company: Electrical service, repair and Installation Company
  • Headquarters: Captain Electric Inc. is located at 1885 Clements Road, Unit #267, Pickering, ON L1W 3V4.
  • Time of Establishment: Captain Electric is an electrical service and installation company founded in 1992.

Main Products:

  • Indoor Lighting
  • Home / Kitchen / Bathroom Lighting
  • Recessed Lighting (Pot Lights) LED
  • Under Cabinet Lighting


  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Accent Lighting
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Security Lighting

Hot Electric Inc

Hot Electric Inc logo

Source: https://www.hotelectric.ca/

Hot electric Inc. has a talented team of dedicated professional electricians who have to believe in hard work, honesty, and integrity. This company provides excellent customer service and always uses safety precautions.

Hot electric Inc. offers a variety of services for you; its electrical services are efficient and sustainable, but it also offers more than that! It provides informational resources to help you someday reach sustainability.

  • Nature of the Company:  Residential and commercial electrical devices manufacturer
  • Headquarters: Hot Electric Inc. is located at 11137 157A St. Surrey, BC V4N 4R3, Canada
  • Time of Establishment: Hot Electric Inc. was founded in 2011.

Main Products: Hot Electric Inc. is offering the following types of LED lights;

  • Pot Lights
  • Track Lighting
  • Chandeliers
  • Garden Lighting
  • Under Cabinet Lighting
  • Security Lighting

The Bottom Line

Security LED lights are very important to ensure the safety of your homes and businesses. Are you looking for the best manufacturer in Canada? We have listed above a list of our top picks.

ShineLong is the best manufacturer and supplier of high-quality LED lights. We supply the best quality products and always lead the industry with our innovation. We supply a variety of LED lights for your residential and industrial needs. Contact us today!

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