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The Best LED Lights Manufacturers
A Comprehensive Guide in 2023

Let’s face it:

Finding a credible, reliable, trustworthy, competent, and dependable supplier/manufacturer is never that easy.

There are thousands of lighting companies out there all fighting for a share of the global demand. And, obviously, you wouldn’t want to bet on the wrong company for bulk orders, right?

If so, you’re in the right place.

In this post, you’ll get to learn about:

  • The best of the best companies in the lighting industry.
  • Why you should consider them?
  • As well as, where they excel the most?

So, whether you are looking for LED panels, tube lights, bulbs, tri-proofs, strips, or even floodlights…Just to mention a few.

Here’s an in-depth list of the lighting industry’s most trusted and reputable manufacturers.

LED Triproof Light Manufacturer


LED2WORK GmbH logo
Source: https://www.led2work.com/
  • Business Type: Manufacturer and Custom Design Of LED Tri-Proof Light
  • Established Year: 2007
  • Location: Germany
  • Products: LED flexible arm luminaires, LED ARTICULATED ARM LUMINAIRES, LED system luminaires, LED Recessed Luminaires, LED surface-mounted luminaires, LED signal and hybrid luminaires, LED tube luminaires, and Custom LED designs

As a major LED light manufacturers in Germany, LED2WORK has quite an impressive reputation in the industry. They’ve been in business for over a decade; offering high-quality, durable, and efficient fixtures for all kinds of spaces. This company uses some of the best and latest LED technologies to come up with top-tier products.

LED2WORK specializes in numerous types of LED fixtures; including LED Triproofs, workplace lights, machine luminaries, industrial fixtures, and even customized LEDs just to mention a few. And the fact that this is a German company means that they are strategically positioned to serve the European market; quickly and efficiently.

One thing to love about this brand is that they offer some of the finest LED fixtures in the industry. What’s more, you have the option to choose from different models of the same fixture. Hence, increasing your chances of getting exactly what you are looking for; or light fixtures that will blend in seamlessly with your space and/or intended use.

#2. ShineLong

Source: https://www.shinelongled.com/

ShineLong is the #1 choice for those looking for the best LED Tri-proof light manufacturer in China. With over a decade in the lighting industry, this company has secured its spot among the most reputable and credible players in the industry. And that’s why hundreds of global brands only trust ShineLong for their eco-friendly, cost-effective, and safe lighting needs.

This company is a leading supplier of Tri-proof fixtures and boasts of a wide range of LED lights and models. That includes LED panels, LED tube lights, industrial LEDs, linear LED fixtures, as well as customized luminaries. And since they offer customization services, they are ideal for anyone looking for something more personalized and fine-tuned to meet their lighting preferences.

Aside from producing superior, durable, efficient, and cost-effective fixtures, ShineLong also offers the best customer support and after-sale services. They have a meticulous design and manufacturing process that guarantees high output and superior quality products. And the best part is that they have numerous safety and quality certifications from acclaimed global regulatory authorities; including UL, DLC,  SAA, ENEC, TUV-GS, UKCA, ERP, and CE, RoHS among others.

#3. FKB GmbH

Source: https://www.fkb-gmbh.com/
  • Business Type: Distributor and Custom Manufacturer of LED Triproof Lighting
  • Established Year: 1976
  • Location: Germany
  • Products: Machine Tube Lamps, Surface-mounted lamps, Recessed lamps, Spotlights, and Lifting platform lamps.

Despite being founded in 1976, FKB ventured into the lighting industry in 1985 through its TECHMALUX® brand. Since then, this German company has been manufacturing and supplying some of the best recessed, surface-mounted, tube, and spotlights. Their commitment to quality has made their products to be highly sought after.

Now, there are many things to love about FKB. For example, they offer a comprehensive range of lighting products; all suited to meet the needs of different residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. Moreover, their customization services allow anyone to get exactly what they are looking for. Plus, they’ve got approved certifications from reputable authorities including TUV, VDS, UL, and CSA.

The company’s customer service is also quite commendable. FKB focuses greatly on client satisfaction and fostering a healthy, happy relationship. And that’s why many in Europe and other parts of the world hold their brands in high regard. And the best part is that their +40 years of experience puts them at an advantage over most LED light manufacturers.

LED Panel Light Manufacturer

#1. Yaham Optoelectronics Co., Ltd

Yaham logo
Source: https://yahamlighting.com/
  • Business Type: Manufacturer of LED Panel
  • Established Year: 2001
  • Location: Shenzhen, China
  • Products: LED High Bay Lights, LED High Mast Lights, LED Flood Lights, LED Street Lights, LED Area Lights, LED Grow Lights, LED Canopy Lights, and LED Commercial Lights.

Yaham Lighting is a leading LED panel light manufacturer located in China. They’ve been in the lighting industry for close to two decades now. With so much experience, Yaham offers you more than just quality products. How? This company offers you built-up knowledge, skill, and insights on everything there is to know about LED lights in general.

And, with Yaham, you don’t have to worry about volume and delivery times. Their 50,000sqm factory and 500 experienced employees are a true testament to the company’s manufacturing might and capabilities. Couple that with safety and quality certifications from international authorities like CCC, RoHS, CQC, CE, PSE, C-tick, and ETL.

What’s more, Yaham manufactures a wide range of products; all tailored to meet the needs and requirements of different types of spaces and environments. Their product catalog includes industrial fixtures like Highbay LEDs, High Masts, and Floodlights; Commercial luminaries including LED panels, Street lights, Canopy fixtures, and Tri-proofs; plus, several essential lighting accessories.

#2. Anhui Chenxin Lighting Electrical Appliance Co., LTD

Chenxin logo
Source: https://www.ahcxlight.com/
  • Business Type: Manufacturer of LED Panel lights
  • Established Year: 2000
  • Location: Anhui, China
  • Products: LED Filament Bulbs, LED Tubes, LED Bulbs, LED Energy Saver, LED Panel Light, LED Desk Lamp, LED Spotlight, LED Downlight, and LED G4/G9 Lamps.

Established over 20 years ago, Anhui Chenxin Lighting Electrical Appliance Co., LTD is one of China’s best LED panel light manufacturers. They specialize in a wide array of products including LED Panels, Tubes, LED Filament Bulbs, Downlights, Energy Savers, LED Bulbs, Office Lights, Industrial Fixtures, as well as Commercial LEDs.

Now, one of the biggest perks of working with this company is its massive size and high production capacity. CX Lighting operates inside a 500,000sqm factory with a workforce of over 2000 experienced employees. This means that their orders are processed and fulfilled in good time; regardless of size.

Moreover, CX Lighting has an able and creative R&D team; high-tech machinery/equipment, and an efficient manufacturing process. They follow very strict protocols when designing, creating, and testing their products. Plus, a customer-centric approach is what gives this LED manufacturer an added advantage over others in the industry. That’s why CX Lighting is a brand trusted by many brands and customers globally.


ELKO EP logo
Source: https://www.elkoep.com/
  • Business Type: Distributor of LED Light Panel
  • Established Year: 1993
  • Location: Czech Republic
  • Products:LED Tubes, LED Bulbs, LED Panel Light, LED Downlight, and LED Stripes.

Sitting at the heart of Europe, ELKO EP has been in existence for close to three decades. And much like some of the companies on this list, it wasn’t primarily a lighting company at first. However, the quality, superiority, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and aesthetic appeal of their LED lights are worth mentioning. Simply put, ELKO is a company that strives to perfect, innovate, invent, and lead in LED light technology.

Their product catalog mainly consists of electronic fittings and equipment; for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. And as far as lighting is concerned, you can count on them to get you the best lighting control modules, LED panels, bulbs, tubes, downlights, strips, and street lights. Moreover, they have different models of each product to ensure everyone gets exactly what they need.

All their products are certified and developed in compliance with European safety and quality standards. Plus, having customers and branches (supply depots) scattered all over the world makes ELKO products quite accessible for everyone. This is probably why they’ve won numerous awards for exemplary service delivery.

#4. B.E.G. Brück Electronic GmbH

Source: https://www.beg-luxomat.com/en/
  • Business Type: Manufacturer of LED Lighting Products Including Panel Light, Downlights
  • Established Year: 1975
  • Location: UK/Germany
  • Products: Panel Lights, Outdoor lights, LED floodlights, and LED Downlight.

If you are looking for an experienced, reliable, innovative, and trustworthy LED panel light manufacturer, B.E.G. is one of the best available. They specialize in security fixtures and LED lighting. With over 45 years in the industry, they know what it takes to design, manufacture, and distribute high-quality electronic products.

The company’s lighting segment – LUXOMATIC® – features impressive LED fixtures for Outdoor, Indoor, and Industrial use. And unlike most companies on this list, B.E.G. offers you special features to complement your lights. That includes motion sensors, dimmers, and time/light-sensitive automatic switches. Meaning you won’t have to worry about switching your fixtures on or off ever again.

Their goal is to improve lighting control, system efficiency, security/safety, and customer experiences. Not to mention the fact that the company has certifications from renowned safety and quality authorities. And if you are worried about the environment, B.E.G. has put in place effective policies and measures to ensure their factory processes and products are sustainable and eco-friendly.

Parking Garage Lighting Manufacturers

#1. Encore LED, LLC

Encore LED logo
Source: https://www.encoreledlighting.com/
  • Business Type: Distributor Of Linear Parking Garage Fixtures
  • Established Year: 2013
  • Location: USA
  • Products: Parking Garage LED Lighting, Linear Exterior Lighting, LED In-Ground Light, Area Lighting, Commercial Canopy Lighting

With premium, high quality, and energy-efficient LED lighting products coupled with unmatched customer service, Encore LED, LLC offers a complete, reliable, and satisfactory service. Because lighting plays an important part in enhancing safety around a parking garage, Encore LED provides high-quality fixtures with higher brightness and enhanced color rendering. These qualities ensure that parking garage users have an easier time recognizing shapes, colors, and individuals around them.

As a distributor of linear packing garage LED fixtures, the company offers high efficiency and eco-friendly LED lighting fixtures for almost any application – from new construction to retrofitting. The company also offers unmatched and responsive customer service. For starters, Encore LED offers a personalized service to ensure that every customer gets the best lighting system for their unique needs.

What’s more, Encore LED offers free lighting evaluation to their new and existing clients with a careful and comprehensive report detailing energy consumptions and expenses. Moreover, they will also calculate projected savings. And, it gets better; these guys will suggest LED alternatives to the current lighting system together with a complete price estimate – on labor and product costs.

#2. Independence LED

Independence LED logo
Source: https://independenceled.com/
  • Business Type: Manufacturer Of LED Parking Garage Lighting Fixtures.
  • Established Year: 2007
  • Location: USA
  • Products: Parking Garage Lighting, High Bay Light, Vapor tight, LED tubes, Grow Light

Trusted by organizations like the US military and some Fortune 100 companies, Independence LED provides authentic, reliable, and energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures. The company – located in southeastern Pennsylvania – offers modern lighting fixtures that last up to five times longer compared to traditional lighting.  Moreover, these fixtures will help you save over 50% in energy costs with innovative features – occupancy sensing and smart control for dimming.

Independence LED also ensures its customers get high-quality, high-performance products through advanced engineering and rigorous quality assurance throughout the manufacturing process. Moreover, the company has received several accolades including the Best Lighting Retrofit from the US Green Building Council and the Green Business of the Year award from the Main Line Chamber of Commerce.

Independence LED also offers responsive customer care services with an impressive, industry-leading warranty – which, FYI, is 10 years. What’s more, the manufacturer offers specialty fixture design where they provide custom LED engineering services. This method of manufacturing ensures that customers get exactly what they are looking for. The company is also BAA (Buy American Act) compliant with over 50% of their components manufactured domestically.

#3. LEDone Distribution

LEDone logo
Source: https://www.ledonecorp.com/
  • Business Type: Wholesale Company For LED Products
  • Established Year: 2013
  • Location: USA
  • Products: Vapor tight, Parking Garage Lighting, LED bulb, Wall Light, Area Light, Barn Light

LED One is a reliable LED wholesale company providing quality and cost-effective fixtures for both indoor and outdoor applications. The company also provides long-lasting, energy-efficient fixtures for various purposes and applications from retrofitting to construction. What’s more, LED One is committed to providing high-quality, long-lasting, and eco-friendly LED lights.

And as such, the company has several certifications including DLC (DesignLights Consortium) and Energy Star certificates. LED One also employs a rigorous testing process to ensure that its products are of the highest quality and efficiency. This also means that the products are optimized with a special focus on people and the environment

The company also ensures that their products have better color quality, optimum light output for better visibility – always a plus in parking garages and basements. What’s more, their lights are also long-term tested – including stress tests – to ensure they can endure even the harshest operating environments.

Moreover, LED One is a member of the EnabLED Luminaires & Retrofit Bulbs Licensing Program which ensures products are designed using cutting-edge engineering and technology to offer consumers reliable, efficient, and safe LED products.

#4. VLUX

VLUX logo
Source: https://www.vlux.com/
  • Business Type: Wholesale Company for Weatherproof Lighting Fixtures
  • Established Year: 1975
  • Products: Weatherproof Lighting, Street Lighting, Downlights, Emergency Lighting, Interior Recessed Lighting

VLUX has been providing high-quality and reliable weatherproof lighting fixtures since 1975. The company has mastered the processes of injection, extrusion, and molding of glass-fiber reinforced polyester used as a raw material in the manufacture of weatherproof lighting fixtures. This company has a growing reputation for providing reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly lighting fixtures.

And it is due to this reputation that they have worked on various projects around the world including the Qatar science and Technology Park, the IKEA store in Istanbul, the Dubai airport, terminal II, and the Parking in Mersch, Luxembourg. The company – located in Belgium – provides long-lasting fixtures that are placed in a glass-reinforced polyester, compression-molded housing, and sealed with a poured gasket to protect them from water and other elements.

VLUX also provides fixtures with enhanced color rendering and optimized light output to ensure proper visibility without increasing energy costs. What’s more, the company provides a detailed production process and mounting details for their products to ensure complete transparency and accountability. Moreover, the company is EN 60598 and IP65 certified meaning that their lighting fixtures are dust-tight – zero dust ingress – and are protected against water jets from almost any angle.

Tubular Lighting Manufacturer

#1. Sammode

Sammode logo
Source: https://www.sammode.com/en/
  • Business Type: Technical Lighting Expert
  • Established Year: 1927
  • Location: France
  • Products: Industrial Lighting, Architectural Lighting, Agri-food Industry Lighting

Established in 1927, Sammode has over 90 years of unparalleled experience in the design and manufacture of reliable and high-performance luminaires for almost any application. This company has the unique experience of producing fixtures used in various high-demanding industries from energy and transport to agri-food and construction. Sammode has an impeccable record of providing custom, industrial, and architectural lighting solutions for various clients.

Sammode also ensures rigorous testing and quality assurance at every stage of the design and production process. The company offers functional yet inventive, simple yet efficient, and robust lighting fixtures together with unmatched customer service to keep them ahead of the competition. The manufacturer utilizes quality raw materials in their production process to ensure their products are resistant, robust, and adaptable even in the most challenging applications.

What’s more, the company constantly tries to improve its products – through customer feedback and innovation – to ensure increasingly reliable and durable LED fixtures. Moreover, Sammode’s tubular lights are simple and effective and will fit seamlessly into most places from chemical factories to road tunnels and residential buildings. On the customer service side, the company is incredibly responsive and offers consultants, installers, and advice to its customers whenever needed.

#2. Rohrlux GmbH

Rohrlux GmbH logo
Source: https://eng.rohrlux.com/
  • Business Type: Manufacturer Of Tubular Lighting Fixtures
  • Established Year: 1956
  • Location: Germany
  • Products: Machine and industrial luminaires, LED work lights, Flexible tube luminaires, Special automotive lights, Inspection, and hand lamps

Rohrlux has been producing professional, reliable, and durable lighting solutions since 1956. Over the years – over 60 years – they have gained experience and perfected their craft to produce robust and adaptable lighting solutions for various applications. What’s more, the company has produced tubular LED lights used in craft, shipyards, industry, construction, trains, planes, and much more.

As you can imagine, these are very demanding industries, and any fixtures used need to be of the highest quality to ensure safety. The company – located in northern Germany – stays true to the “Made in Germany” mantra by carefully monitoring their production process – which starts with the careful selection of raw materials. Moreover, they ensure the products undergo intensive testing and quality assurance at every stage of the process.

Rohrlux also has a flexible production process which allows them to offer precise articles for OEM – even in small quantities – and private labels. In the realm of customer service, the company not only provides reliable products but also offers a personalized service for every customer. Moreover, the company guarantees extreme product longevity, reliability, and adaptability by making its products repairable. As such, you can expect to get the relevant spare parts for Rohrlux products within a short time.

LED Flood Light Manufacturer

#1. Schréder

Schréder logo
Source: https://www.schreder.com/en
  • Business Type: Leading Outdoor Lighting Company
  • Established Year: 1907
  • Location: Belgium
  • Products: LED Floodlight, LED Street Light, Landscape Light, LED Panel Light, LED Tubes, Wall Pack

Established in 1907, Schréder has spent over a century perfecting the art of lighting, and thus earning its place among the leading outdoor lighting companies in the world. Moreover, the company uses only the best technology to produce robust, reliable, simple, and adaptable LED lighting fixtures. As such, the company has provided lighting solutions for various projects from the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong to the Maverik Center in West Valley City.

What’s more, Schréder provides high-caliber lighting with impeccable color rendering and brightness. The company provides LED lighting solutions for various demanding applications from construction to retrofitting. Their fixtures are programmable for staging light shows, have on/off capabilities, and have low energy consumption – which is always needed in a floodlight installation.

Moreover, Schréder has an extensive catalog of robust, high-quality, high-performance luminaires that will fit almost any application – from intensive lighting for television broadcasts to soft ambient lighting for promenades. Now, the company truly excels in customer service. Schréder goes above and beyond to help customers choose the best lighting system for their specific needs.  And here’s the kicker: they have a presence across the world meaning that its supply chain is incredibly streamlined.

#2. Ultravision LED Solutions

Ultravision logo
Source: https://ultravisionledsolutions.com/
  • Business Type: Manufacturer and Distributor of LED Floodlights
  • Established Year: 2010
  • Location: USA
  • Products: LED Floodlight, Parking Lights, Street Lights, High Bay Lights, Billboard Lights

Ultravision LED draws on the collective experience of its team to provide affordable, reliable, robust, and customized lighting solutions. These adaptable fixtures can be employed in many applications from warehouse and distribution centers to new constructions and even LED retrofitting of existing systems. What’s more, the company pays special interest during the design and manufacture of their products – through intensive testing – to ensure they are energy-efficient, affordable, and safe.

The company’s lighting products are also certified with CCC, CQC, CE, RoHS, C-tick, ETL, and PSE – meaning their standards are on another level. Moreover, the company ensures its LED components are housed within industrial-grade housings to protect against dust, moisture, and other contaminants. As such, Ultravision LED products can be used to light walkways, streets, parking lots, roadways, etc., while still helping you cut down on maintenance costs.

Now, apart from manufacturing, Ultravision LED also doubles up as a distributor of LED lighting fixtures. This is always a plus for clients – wholesalers and retailers alike – since they get a complete service from a single entity. This streamlined process also ensures speedy repairs and spare parts whenever needed.


Source: https://www.nasgled.com/
  • Business Type: Manufacturer of LED floodlights
  • Established Year: 2015
  • Location: USA
  • Products: LED Floodlight, LED Tubes, Downlights, Street Lights, Wall Pack

Established in 2015, NASG LED (North American Sales Group) designs and manufactures LED lighting fixtures for various demanding – and not so demanding – applications. Such applications include residential, commercial, retail, and industrial lighting. Although relatively young, the company employs advanced technology, intensive testing during production, and meticulous research and development.

This production process ensures that NASG LED products are robust, reliable, durable, resistant, affordable, and functional in almost any application. This level of adaptability makes it easy to use NASG LED products in any project whether it’s a new construction or a retrofitting of an old lighting system. What’s more, NASG LED products are energy-efficient and eco-friendly to ensure users can cut down on energy consumption and costs while providing sufficient illumination.

Moreover, the company has several certifications such as the UL-classification – the most accepted Classification Mark in the US, cUL – in Canada, Energy Star, DesignLights Consortium, TÜV LVD, and more. All these indicate that the company has complied with safety and energy consumption standards not only in the United States but worldwide. The company also offers affordable rates and incredible customer service – including an experienced installation team – to ensure timely and reliable installation and repairs.

#4. Lumerica Corporation

Lumerica logo
Source: https://www.lumerica.com/
  • Business Type: Manufacturer of Floodlights for Commercial Applications
  • Established Year: 2000
  • Location: USA
  • Products: LED Parking Lot Lights, Flood Light, Vapor Tight, High Bay Light, Wall Pack

Lumerica, located in the United States, specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality LED lamps and light fixtures for commercial applications. Such applications range from industrial, residential, and municipal lighting. Lumerica products are designed to produce ample light to meet industry specifications – in terms of intensity and color rending – and can often be used to retrofit existing systems while matching the prevailing light output but at lower costs.

Speaking of costs, they provide the experience and tools needed to help you determine which LED fixture best suits your specific needs. Now, while LED fixtures are not always the solution to every lighting problem, you can count on Lumerica products to solve many of them. Moreover, the company has been around since the year 2000.

This means that they have incredible experience and insights in the manufacture, distribution, and installation of reliable, adaptable, and robust fixtures for retrofitting existing systems or installation in completely new areas.

What’s more, the company utilizes modular components while manufacturing their products to guarantee the components are readily replaceable thus ensuring low maintenance and operating costs for their clients. And not forgetting that Lumerica products are easy to install and compatible with most industry-standard motion sensors and photocells.

LED Street Light Manufacturer

#1. Grah Lighting

Grah Lighting logo
Source: https://www.grahlighting.com/
  • Business Type: Manufacturer of LED Street Lights
  • Established Year: 1997
  • Location: Slovenia
  • Products: Street Lights, Industrial Lights, Office Lights

Grah lighting – based in Slovenia – has been around since 1997 producing high-tech LED fixtures for various industries, companies, and applications. This includes some leading car manufacturers in the automotive industry, municipalities, retail, and commercial spaces. The company also employs cutting-edge technology like their Aerolite LSL technology – used in their street lights.

This technology guarantees longevity of the product, energy efficiency, robustness, adaptability, imperviousness, and clear illumination. Grah has also perfected its product development lifecycle – from product conceptualization to deployment. This level of mastery ensures that the process is optimized – in terms of raw material acquisition, testing, and spare part production – to ensure that products are always affordable, efficient, and safe.

The company also employs unique technology in design and prototyping to guarantee products are intensively tested before proceeding to the next stage of production. This constant process of testing and optimization helps Grah products achieve flawless standards – like the IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 – and TÜV SÜD. Moreover, the company takes an active role in environmental conservation by ensuring their production process and raw materials are pollution-free. To top it all off, the company offers responsive customer care to help with any complications or inquiries.


Source: http://www.oceansking.com/
  • Business Type: Manufacturer and Supply Professional Street Lights
  • Established Year: 1995
  • Location: Shenzhen, China
  • Products: LED Street Lights, LED High bay lights, Flashlights, Explosion-proof Lights, Floodlights

Ocean’s King Lighting Science & Technology Co., Ltd. – OKTECH – was founded in 1995 in Shenzhen, China to design, manufacture and supply professional LED light fixtures for various applications. Such applications can be arduous – like in water treatment plants, mining, and street lighting – or simple. The company is composed of 10 different departments, each specializing in a specific part of the production process to ensure products are suitable for most applications.

What’s more, OKTECH products have numerous certifications from several internationally recognized bodies such as ISO – 9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 – GOST (Russian Federation), BASEEFA, and DNV. This essentially means that the company’s products have met all the requirements of safety, reliability, adaptability, and durability.

Moreover, their products are designed and extensively tested to withstand the harshest weather conditions, humidity, dust, and moisture – which is exactly what’s needed in a street light.

The company also pays special attention during production to ensure their products are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and also save on costs. In the realm of customers and service, the company has invested in over 100 service centers across China and other branches overseas. This ensures that their customers receive professional and timely services.

#3. Conssin Lighting

Conssin Lighting logo
Source: http://www.conssinlighting.com/
  • Business Type: Specialist Manufacturer of LED Lights
  • Established Year: 2007
  • Location: Shenzhen, China
  • Products: Industrial floodlights, LED High bay lights, Work Lights, LED Street lighting

Established in 2007, Conssin Lighting – located in Shenzhen, China – specializes in the manufacture of LED light fixtures for various applications. The company has built a solid reputation for providing high quality and reliable lighting solutions for industrial, commercial, architectural, and mining applications both for the domestic market and overseas

What’s more, this company draws on its experience to provide clients with affordable, reliable, and robust lighting solutions. The company also employs innovative product design and development technology to provide customizable products that fit almost any purpose. Moreover, these products meet – and surpass – industry specifications such as light output and color rendering.

As such, Conssin products can be used to retrofit current lighting systems or be installed in completely new environments. The company also strives to provide safe and durable products at lower costs. As such, they conduct intensive testing and quality assurance throughout the product production lifecycle. What’s more, as part of their drive to provide quality products, the company continuously tries to improve through research and customer feedback.

The company also partners with various wholesalers and retailers to ensure their customers receive products and parts wherever and whenever they need them.

LED Downlight Manufacturer

#1. United Electrical Distributors

United Electrical Distributors logo
Source: https://www.uedinc.com
  • Business Type: Distributor of Indoor LED Downlights.
  • Established Year: 1985
  • Location: USA
  • Products: Satco HID LED Replacement, Lithonia Indoor LED Lighting, Lithonia Outdoor LED Lighting, GE LED Lighting

Since its establishment in 1985, United Electrical Distributors has been among the top distributors of electrical products for various applications. Over its lifetime, the company has cultivated and maintained partnerships with various vendors across the supply chain. These partnerships allow the company to deliver reliable, quality, and cost-effective lighting solutions to its customers in a professional and timely manner.

And speaking of lighting solutions, the company provides fixtures for various applications including industrial, architectural, residential, warehousing, and more. United Electrical Distributors ensures their downlights – and other electrical products – meet and surpass industry standards. The company does this in several ways including making sure their manufacturers run intensive tests on the products during production. As such, the distributors’ products are robust, adaptable, durable, safe, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly.

Moreover, the company’s products are carefully calibrated to provide advanced color rendering, extreme heat management – for longevity – and brightness. These qualities ensure that the company’s products can be used to create lighting systems in new constructions or retrofit old ones. And lastly, the company – located in Greenville, South Carolina – offers unmatched customer service and is dedicated to assisting its clients.

#2. ThinLight Technologies

ThinLight Technologies logo
Source: https://www.thinlightusa.com/
  • Business Type: Manufacturer of LED downlights
  • Established Year: 2010
  • Location: USA
  • Products: LED downlights, LED Canopy Lighting, LED Backlight Panels, LED High Bay Light, LED Linear Light, LED Stadium Lights

Since 2010, ThinLight Technologies has been producing next-generation LED lighting solutions for various customers and markets. Such markets include the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Canada. The company – although relatively young – produces uniquely designed LED fixtures paying keen attention to detail. What’s more, the company has a reliable product development lifecycle that allows them to produce quality products from design to deployment.

This process also allows them to produce and test products in large volumes. Moreover, the company accommodates custom options from large or odd product sizes to custom mounting needs and wire management requests. The company also owns an in-house, patented process that ensures uniformity and reliability – in terms of illumination. As such, their products produce an even brightness.

This process also allows them to produce highly efficient –in terms of energy – lighting solutions. Apart from even illumination, ThinLight Technologies offer LED lighting solutions with high color rendering. Therefore, their products can be used for retrofitting or in new constructions. What’s more, all of the company’s products are UL certified and extremely easy to use – from mounting and installation to replacing graphics.

LED Linear Light Manufacturer

#1. Edge Lighting

Edge Lighting logo
Source: https://edgelighting.co.uk/
  • Business type: Manufacturer Of LED Linear Luminaire
  • Established year: 2005
  • Location: UK
  • Products: Linear lighting, Modular Lighting, Downlights & Spotlights, Decorative Lighting, External Lighting, Emergency & Exit

Since 2005, Edge Lighting has been producing LED linear lighting solutions for various applications. Such applications include individual, industrial, municipal, and architectural. The company employs cutting-edge technology in the design and manufacturing of bespoke luminaires for numerous markets. Their technology also allows them to conduct intensive testing of their products throughout the production process to ensure safety and quality.

What’s more, Edge Lighting products are designed to be energy efficient, adaptable, cost-effective, and durable for creative and dynamic applications. The company – located in the UK – is committed to quality, value, and service to their customers and this commitment is quickly visible through their products. The manufacturer focuses on the essentials such as simplicity, imperviousness, efficiency, and functionality to provide unique and customer-oriented lighting solutions.

This ensures that Edge Lighting products are robust and effective in almost any application.  The company is also committed to environmental conservation, and therefore their products are recyclable. Moreover, the company is highly responsive to customer needs and demands. Their highly skilled staff are always ready to offer advice on the best solutions for specific lighting problems.

#2. Phlox Corp.

Phlox Corp
Source: https://www.phlox-gc.com/
  • Business type: LED Linear Lighting Company
  • Established year: 1996
  • Location: France
  • Products: LED backlight, Linear light, Bar lighting, Tunnel lights, Dim light

Phlox Corp. was established in 1996 and since then, they have been producing high-tech products for industrial, residential, municipal, aerospace, and more. Over the years, Phlox Corp. has patented numerous technologies on the design and development of unparalleled lighting solutions. The company’s unique product development process allows them to provide LED fixtures with higher luminance, longer lifespan, and better uniformity.

What’s more, the company has a talented R&D department that continuously pushes the edge of lighting technologies to discover new and innovative products. Through this constant process of research and improvement, the company can consistently provide reliable, robust, safe, and adaptable products to its customers. Therefore, the company’s products are energy efficient, slim, and have uniform brightness. As such, it comes as no surprise that Phlox Corp. products are used by some of the best companies in the world.

These companies include General Dynamics, Airbus, Philips, Delphi, Sony, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration – NASA. Moreover, over the years, the company has developed a robust partnership with distributors in over 29 countries. This manufacturer also offers highly responsive customer services and is ready to help with any request.

#3. Krut LED

Krut LED logo
Source: https://krutleds.com/
  • Business type: Manufacturer Of LED Linear Lights
  • Established year: 2013
  • Location: USA
  • Products: LED linear high bay, LED Linear lights, Parking lot lights, Floodlight, Corn Light, Downlights, LED Panel

Although relatively young, – just over 7 years old – Krut LED has consistently produced innovative LED lighting solutions for various applications. Such applications range from industrial to residential and retail. The company manufactures high-quality, easy-to-use, safe, and robust lighting fixtures that are eco-friendly, smaller, and lighter. To do this, they start by sourcing high-quality components before commencing the production process.

Moreover, they conduct extensive testing during production to ensure their products comply with industry standards. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that their products are UL, DLC, and Energy Star certified. Krut LED also utilizes state-of-the-art technology to ensure its luminaires are optimized for better color rendering, brightness, and energy efficiency. This makes Krut LED products easy to use whether for retrofitting or in new installations.

Due to its location – in the United States – Krut LED has been able to partner with other companies like Georgia Power, AEP, and Duke Energy to provide rebate benefits to customers. Moreover, Krut LED is highly reactive when catering to customer inquiries and demands. The company has also partnered with reputable distributors to ensure that customers receive products in a timely and professional manner.

LED Tube Light Manufacturer

#1. Light Engine

Light Engine logo
Source: https://www.lightengine-tech.com/
  • Business Type: Distributor and Manufacturer of Tube Light
  • Established Year: 1996
  • Location: Hong Kong
  • Products: LED tube lights, LED Downlight, LED stripe, LED Bulb, and LED Grow Lights.

Light Engine is not only a champion in sustainable and eco-friendly lighting technology but also one of the biggest manufacturers in China. The company has been in the industry for over 25 years; offering high-quality, durable, and efficient lighting solutions. Being a huge manufacturer, Light Engine is among a select few, reliable, trustworthy, and capable LED Tube Light suppliers.

Aside from that, they also offer other kinds of light fixtures including UVC lights, horticultural farming lights, LED panels, LED bulbs, waterproof LEDs, and so much more. One of the biggest factors that earn this company a spot among the best in the industry is its high production capacity. That’s because Light Engine’s main factory in Huizhou has more than 130,000sqm of working space.

The company has invested a lot in automating its manufacturing process, thus, increasing production speed while reducing human error. And to make sure all of Its LED lights are modern – featuring current technologies – the company has a fully equipped and staffed R&D lab in Hong Kong.

#2. Aura Light International

Aura Light logo
Source: https://www.auralight.com/
  • Business Type: Distributor of LED Light Tube
  • Established Year: 1987
  • Location: Spain
  • Products: LED Downlight, LED stripe, LED Bulb, and LED Grow Lights.

With its head office located in Stockholm, Sweden, Aura Light is a true testament to the evolution of lighting technologies and LEDs. Despite venturing into LED in the late 80s, the company’s history dates back to the early 1930s under the brand name LUMA – when incandescent bulbs reigned supreme.

Anyway, their vast experience in the lighting industry, coupled with a strong and innovative workforce, has allowed this company to develop some of the best LED tube lights in the market today. And that’s why Aura Light International is a trusted brand – not only in Europe but also in the rest of the World. This company is very big on sustainability and developing light fixtures that are not only efficient but also kinder to the world around us.

Aura Light has a wide product and service portfolio revolving around three main aspects of lighting; i.e. luminaries, light sources, and lighting control fixtures. Therefore, regardless of what you’re looking for, chances are that Aura light has something exciting for you.  


Cerulen logo
Source: http://www.ceruleanled.com/
  • Business Type: Manufacturer of LED Tube Lights
  • Established Year: 2012
  • Location: China
  • Products: LED Wall Washer, LED Cabinet Light, LED Solar Light, LED Neon Light, LED Garden Light, LED Tube Light, and LED Strip Light.

With close to a decade in the lighting industry, Cerulen limited has gradually evolved into a market leader in LED tube light manufacture. It’s a Chinese-based company with an impressive, pocket-friendly, and wide range of products. This company puts a lot of emphasis on its Research & Development.

Hence, allowing them to come up with up-to-date, efficient, eco-friendly, and aesthetically appealing products. And the best part is that you can get customized LED fixtures to meet your preferences and needs. What’s more, the company’s customer support and after-sales services are quite commendable. They’ve got a team of professionals ready to walk you through every step of upgrading your lighting system.

That way you’ll get the best fixtures for your space and great value from your investment. Not forgetting the fact they are very inclined toward sustainability. Basically, CERULEAN LEDs are engineered to be environmentally friendly and safe for use.

#4. AM Conservation Group

AM Conservation Group logo
Source: https://www.amconservationgroup.com/
  • Business Type: Manufacturer of Energy Efficient Glass and Polycarbonate LED Tube Lightings
  • Established Year: 1989
  • Location: USA
  • Products: Commercial lighting, T8 Single-End Bypass, T5 Direct Replacement, Commercial Flat Panel, Flat Panels, UFO High Bay, Linear High Bay, and Wall Pack.

If you are looking for 100% American-Made LED Tube lights, then you should consider AM Conservation Group. It’s a big company that deals with bulk production, sale, and supply of various types of products. Unlike most of the companies on this list, AM isn’t primarily an LED lighting company. But, they do manufacture LED fixtures and lighting products.

Now, AM’s primary objectives are centered on providing water and energy-efficient products for their customers. As well as offering top-tier services for modern and essential utilities. The company has been there for decades – earning them the much-needed experience in the lighting industry to compete with top players. And in their efforts to improve the efficiency of utility products, they’ve also improved sustainability.

Thus, helping to conserve our planet by making it possible for sensible, efficient, and careful utilization of energy and water. Moreover, they have a very courteous and helpful customer support team to help you get the best LEDs for your space.

LED Strip Light Manufacturer

#1. Flexfire LEDs, Inc.

Flexfire LEDs logo
Source: https://www.flexfireleds.com/
  • Business Type: Manufacturer of LED Strip Lights
  • Established Year: 2011
  • Location: USA
  • Products: LED Strip Lights, LED Strip Light Kits, Aluminum Mounting Extrusions, LED Power Supplies, Dimmers, Amplifiers, And RGB Controllers, Lighting Control Sensors, and LED Strip Connectors & Wire.

Aside from being American-based (Costa Mesa, CA), FlexFire LEDs is one of the best lighting manufacturers for interior and exterior lighting. This company is well known for its innovative, durable, and well-designed LED strip lights. One of the most exciting perks about FlexFire’s LED products is their longevity and superior quality. And that’s why the company offers customers up to 15 years of warranty on all of their products. Impressive, right?

Well, there’s more. FlexFireLEDs has worked with major brands including Marriott properties, Embassy Suites, Hilton Hotels, Bellagio Villas, and much more. And that’s a true testament of their capabilities; to deliver quality lighting solutions for any type of space or work environment. Moreover, their commitment and dedication to customer satisfaction are impressive. Aside from making sure their clients get the best experience, FlexFireLEDs also offers customization services. This means that they can help you design and produce strip lights that reflect your brand’s elegance, style, and overall status.

Their customer-centric approach has made them a favorite among American LED light shoppers. Plus, their fixtures are UL approved, thus, guaranteeing you safety and performance. Therefore, if you are looking for an American-based LED strip light manufacturer; that listens and is ready to prioritize your needs ahead of their profits; FlexFireLEDs is the company to talk to.

#2. RP-Technik GmbH

RP Group logo
Source: https://www.rp-group.com/
  • Business Type: Manufacturer of LED Flex Strips
  • Established Year: 1981
  • Location: Germany
  • Products: LED Flex strips, LED Panels, LED light strips, Recessed light, Aluminum profiles, and Power supplies.

The RP Group in Germany has, for years, been a reliable, trustworthy, and well-equipped LED strip light manufacturer. With over four decades in the lighting industry, this company is one of a few that guarantee you experience and skilled manufacturing. Their main focus has been always been on creating durable, efficient, and eco-friendly emergency lighting systems.

To ensure they guarantee safety and efficiency, RP Group has amassed numerous certifications from global regulatory authorities. Therefore, you not only get quality LED fixtures from RP-Technik but also lighting solutions you can trust. This company has numerous clients; both local and international. It keeps on growing in popularity owing to its impressive customer services and support staff.

Anyway, aside from LED strip lights and emergency lighting, RP-Technik also deals in general lighting fixtures; including LED panels, floodlights, downlights, spotlights, ceiling lights, as well as battery systems. Plus, with several sales locations in different parts of Germany and Europe, it’s even easier to get access to their LED strip products.

#3. Shenzhen Bond Optoelectronic Company

Bond logo
Source: http://www.bondleds.com/
  • Business Type: Manufacturer of LED Flex Strips
  • Established Year: 2011
  • Location: Shenzhen, China
  • Products: LED strips, LED module, Neon strip, and LED driver.

For the best LED strip lights made in China, Shenzhen Bond Optoelectronic Company is one of the best choices for manufacturing and supply. This company offers you professional services with over a decade of experience. Like most Chinese companies, Bond LED puts more focus on delivering quality, contemporary, and efficient lighting systems. And, as is evident, from their customer base, they do live up to their promise.

For a company driven by competency and innovation, Bond LED always goes the extra mile. To ensure that their products not only conform to current technologies but also give clients a unique and fulfilling experience. This company boasts of several certifications from reputable regulators including ISO and CE; hence, guaranteeing the safety and efficiency of their lighting systems. They have a dedicated R&D team that works diligently to create better and more innovative lighting systems.

What’s more, this company has a very comprehensive quality control process. This helps them to spot and remove flawed LED components at every stage of the manufacturing process. Aside from LED strips, Shenzhen Bond Optoelectronic Company also manufactures Neon strips, LED modules, and drivers.

#4. MaxBrite LED Lighting Technology, LLC.

MaxBrite logo
Source: http://www.maxbriteled.com/
  • Business Type: Manufacturer of LED Strip Lighting
  • Established Year: 2006
  • Location: San Jose, California
  • Products: Tiny Strip, Tri-Proof Luminaires Fixture, LED Corn Light, LED Parking Lot Light, Controllers, and Power Supplies.

15 years of industry experience and an able-bodied workforce are some of the things that set MaxBrite LED Lighting Technology, LLC apart from the rest of the pack. This American company based in San Jose, California has built a strong reputation around quality, consistency, and innovation. They manufacture LED fixtures and accessories; including modules, lattices, wall-packs, tri-proofs, parking lot lights, controllers, reels, and strip lights.

For MaxBrite, customers always take first priority; whether it’s in support, service delivery, or shipping. It has very polite and helpful support staff; who work hand in hand with clients to ensure they have an easy time finding the right LED fixtures for their space. And that’s not all. Cost-wise, MaxBrite is all about affordability. And that’s why they often strive to ensure that they give buyers great offers and the most competitive prices on the market today.

One of the many things to love about this company is the fact that they’ve got a wide range of products. This makes it easier to find the right lighting system for your space as well as any other accessory that will be needed. Whether you are looking for an indoor or outdoor fixture, MaxBrite probably has something suitable for you.

LED Ceiling Lights Manufacturers

#1. Waldmann

Waldmann logo
Source: https://www.waldmann.com/
  • Business type: Manufacturer of LED Ceiling lights
  • Established year: 1928
  • Location: Germany
  • Products: Suspended Mounted Luminaires, High Bay Luminaires, Wall-Mounted Luminaires, Suspended Luminaires, Recessed & Surface-Mounted Luminaires, Mounted Luminaires, LED Panel

For a long time, Waldmann has been building the finest lighting systems in the world. Being a technological giant in the lighting industry, they are undoubtedly one of the largest employers in Germany. They value their society and consider themselves a part of it. Therefore, their activities are aimed towards promoting responsibility and sustainability within the community. The company has proven this from the core, through its commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing.

Waldmann has a social commitment toward employment, education, science, culture, and sports. In a nutshell, they care about people and their needs. The company supports numerous projects that contribute to a future-oriented environment. They produce light products for industries, offices, health care centers and so much more. For Waldmann, light is the backbone of all operations. Their light products offer maximum quality and user-friendliness.

With the use of LUM Connect, they have managed to realize smart lighting solutions and increased user convenience while boosting energy efficiency. It is easy to operate and has diverse functions to enable luminaires, which are the main products, to be controlled intelligently. Moreover, Waldmann purposes their light fixtures to ensure people can do whatever they desire with ease. With their top-notch technology, this is humanly possible in every way. This company derives pleasure from satisfying its customers and society at large.

#2. Aura Light International

Aura Light logo
Source: https://www.auralight.com/
  • Business Type: LED Ceiling Lights Manufacturer
  • Established Year: 1930
  • Location: Sweden
  • Products: Downlights, linear lights, LED panel

Aura Light International is passionate about its mission to make the world a better place with its sustainable lighting solutions. This company offers sustainable, economical, and high-quality lighting solutions with a long service life which they refer to as brighter lighting. Their lighting systems are modern and of high technology. These solutions reduce energy costs while improving lighting environments.

It is one of the few companies that have understood the economic benefits of investing in sustainable lighting. Even more, they have lighting expertise that helps with lighting calculations and savings to help you get the lighting that suits your needs. They are endowed with a wide range of luminaires, light sources, and smart lighting controllers for different environments; to fit user needs. With these sustainable lighting solutions, you are guaranteed that you’ll be improving in the foreseeable future.

They value innovation and are therefore constantly developing lighting systems that have as little impact on the environment as possible. Their products have timeless designs with long life and they require minimal maintenance with low energy consumption. Aura believes in the importance of understanding the effect of lighting; hence, its commitment to helping consumers to understand the same. Plus, the company is ISO certified and works to ensure all its partners follow global rules and guidelines.

#3. Nessen Lighting

Nessen logo
Source: http://nessenlighting.com/
  • Business Type: Manufacturer of Ceiling Light Fixtures
  • Established Year: 1927
  • Location: USA
  • Products: Ceiling and wall fixture, Floor Lamps, Table lamps, Picture lights, Indoor wall pack

Nessen Lighting is famous for its unique and quality design of lamps. Their lamps are made of brass which has been the common material used for lamps since the ancient Greek days. Why? Well, here are a few fun facts about this metal. For starters, Brass is often responsible for a lamp’s durability and beauty. When shaped by skilled hands, brass becomes rigid and lasts a very long time. Moreover, brass does not rust.

And when it is left outside, brass eventually changes into a darker bronze color which gets better over time! This quality is what gives Nessen lamps their impressive reputation. They mainly attract professionals who appreciate good products when they see them. The company believes in good performance and being perfectionists.

As a result, they have partnered with designers like Cristian Diez, Jerome Simon, Marc Heinlein, Heinz Filzer, and Peter Wooding Design Associates. For raw materials, they source far and wide from the marble finishers of Carrara, to the brass mills of Dusseldorf, to the Murano glassmakers. Nessen does not gamble with quality and design. And that’s why their special, attractive designs cater to their client’s requirements. And better yet, their team can help design a fixture as per your request or preference.

LED Bulb Manufacturers

#1. BuyRite LED Lighting

BuyRite logo
Source: https://www.buyriteledlighting.com/
  • Business Type: Distributor of LED Bulbs
  • Established Year: 2013
  • Location: USA
  • Products: C7 LED bulb, GU24 base LED bulb, GU10 base LED bulb, MR16 LED bulb, PAR20 LED bulb.

Based in New Jersey USA, BuyRite LED Company distributes LED bulbs to industries, the government, commercial businesses, and residential developers. With a lot of experience in the lighting industry, this company gives you good quality and convenience through their online website. They believe that LED lighting is the way to go; especially, with the rising costs of electricity. Basically, these lights save a significant amount of electricity due to their low energy consumption.

Anyway, BuyRite LED lighting fixtures come with a long lifespan; which helps to save the cost you would incur to replace bulbs occasionally. Aside from that, this supplier offers great shipping incentives; including cheaper rates, free shipping for bulk orders, doorstep delivery, and so on. That way, you get to save more with every purchase from BuyRite. Awesome, right? Well, there’s more.

Now, being a supplier, BuyRite sources high-quality LEDs from the best companies. Thus, not only guaranteeing you value for your money but also gives a variety of lighting options to choose from. Therefore, regardless of the nature or size of your project, you can rest assured that BuyRite will come through for you. They have a website that presents all their products accurately; making it possible and convenient for customers to shop from the comfort of their homes.

#2. Huzhou Lindal Lighting & Electrical Co. Ltd

Lindal logo
Source: http://www.zjlindal.com/
  • Business Type: Manufacturer of LED Light Bulbs
  • Established Year: 1983
  • Location: Huzhou, China
  • Products: LED bulb, LED panel, LED floodlights, LED ceiling lights, LED tri-proof light

Known to be China’s leading green technology manufacturer, Lindal Lighting’s goal is to be the top provider of innovative, top quality, and environment-friendly lighting products. The company has always been consistent in its quality and committed to fulfilling consumers’ needs. Most of their products are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Moreover, the lighting solutions they offer are next-gen level; i.e. improved quality and efficiency with reduced energy consumption.

Lindal Lighting specializes in research, developing, and manufacturing products that are widely used in the commercial, industrial, and architectural lighting space; including street lights, indoor and outdoor lighting, and stage lighting, just to mention a few. Its lighting products are designed innovatively with the latest technology. This company has gone a step further by ensuring consumers get lighting tips and expert assistance from specialized personnel. More so, the prices of their products are pocket-friendly and every lighting fixture is made as per the client’s request.

Even with 30+ years of experience, Lindal lighting continues to develop and improve its products to fulfill today’s lighting needs. With its impressive portfolio, this company has done right when it comes to satisfying the needs of customers on a worldwide level. Not forgetting, the company is ISO certified and has exported its products to more than 60 countries. And it has recently expanded to three factories in Zhejiang with modern facilities and equipment, and well-trained staff.

#3. Kennedy Webster Electric

Kennedy logo
Source: https://www.kennedywebster.com/
  • Business Type: Distributor of Electrical Supplies Including Bulbs
  • Established Year: 1912
  • Location: USA
  • Products: LED bulb, Stage and studio lighting, Medical and Scientific Lighting

Kennedy Webster Electric is a family-owned and operated distributor of LED lighting systems. Its main goal is to make sure your experience buying lighting fixtures is satisfactory. The company is housed in a 65000 square foot facility with many different types of lamps. They have fixtures for audio and visual, aircraft, entertainment, graphic arts, marine industry, medical industry, photography, stage and studio, and the projection industry.

The company’s CEO, Raymond Schumacher, has over 30 years of experience in the lighting industry. He is always hands-on with the operations of the company; including overseeing everyday operations. In addition, its staff is friendly and experienced. They are very committed to ensuring every customer’s needs are catered to. And that’s not all. Kennedy Webster’s lighting products are of high quality since it purchases materials from the best manufacturers.

And if you need help shopping, the company’s simple website has a buyer’s guide; to help you make the right decision about the most suitable lighting fixtures to purchase. Not to mention, this distributor offers a variety of models for you to choose from; when you are not sure about the type of bulb you need. Their top categories are projection lights, LED bulbs, Xenon lighting fixtures, stage/studio/TV lamps, and Welch Allyn battery equivalents. Their prices are great and even affordable for the ordinary consumer.

Commercial Lighting Companies

#1. Jaykal LED Solutions, Inc.

Jaykal logo
Source: https://jaykalusa.com/
  • Business Type: Manufacturer of lamps for commercial use
  • Established Year: 2008
  • Location: USA
  • Products: Indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, chandelier lighting, pendant lighting

Jaykal LED Solutions, Inc. was founded in 2008 to supply innovative LED products to local, federal, and municipal sectors in developing countries. The company’s main targets, where they had their earliest installations, were India, Yemen, and China. They later expanded to the US market 3 years later and secured deals with industry bigwigs like the United Nations World Food Programme and the Coca-Cola Company.

Note, the Federal sector has unique needs. Therefore, for Jaykal to fulfill those needs, they had to establish manufacturing in Danbury through a company owned by the US Department of justice. They finally made a big shift to a 10,000 square foot warehouse in Habernson. This was convenient as it reduced the time taken to execute important projects. Their main focus is indoor and outdoor lighting and believes in improving efficiency when it comes to modern lighting solutions.

To date, Jaykal’s lighting products have been used in hospitals, colleges and universities, municipalities, armed services, the US government, and the US coast guard. The company is constantly working on new products and technology; to produce fixtures that are up to date with the current lighting needs of consumers. Moreover, they have manufactured, tested, and certified their products to ensure they offer the most lumens per watt and have a long lifespan. Like most commercial LEDs, their products use less energy as compared to other forms of lighting.

#2. Califia Lighting

Bivar logo
Source: https://www.bivar.com/
  • Business Type: Manufacturer of LED lighting products for commercial
  • Established Year: 2011
  • Location: USA
  • Products: LED Indication, Positioning Components, Securing circuit cards, Linear LED lighting, Zero Light Bleed

Califia Lighting is a Bivar Company that was established to serve customers looking for energy-efficient LED technology. It serves both the industrial and commercial markets. Being a Bivar affiliate means that Califia comes with many years of experience. And it has proven to be reliable when it comes to making life better with LED lighting. The company has a variety of products including luminaires which are designed to reduce operating costs; for commercial and industrial environments.

Califia products have an easy-to-use system that also incorporates leading technologies in the lighting industry. This, in turn, guarantees top performance and allows for upgrades in the future. The company’s products are used vastly; from airplanes to submarines, you name it! Their innovation and next-generation designs are what have made their brand that widely popular. Other than that, Califia has great customer service; which is very important in any business.

What’s more? Their trained employees are committed to serving customers in the best way possible. They have a working principle that “every employee is an owner of the company.” Hence customer success is each employee’s personal commitment. And that guarantees them more customers. Califia Lighting Company collaborates with engineers and strives for progressive innovation every day. Because of this, you will find that their products are always at par with any emerging trends in technology.

#3. Cleanlife Energy

Cleanlife logo
Source: https://cleanlife.com/
  • Business Type: Manufacturer of LED Lights for commercial, OEM equipment
  • Established Year: 2012
  • Location: USA
  • Products: PPE, Safety supplies and UVC lighting, Multi-family, Residential and Hospitality lighting, Commercial, Outdoor, next-generation lights, and Signage lighting.

Cleanlife Energy was established to find a better way to manufacture and distribute products that are safe for people and the environment. It was founded by Justin Miller when he was studying abroad. This is where he learned how to manufacture fluorescent lamps and realized how much of a negative impact these lighting fixtures had on the environment and people’s health. With this knowledge, he decided to focus on LED lighting because it is better, cleaner, more energy-efficient, and more versatile.

For the last 10 years, what started off as a dream to manufacture LED lighting, has morphed into a reputable global company. Cleanlife manufactures highly customized LED solutions for big clients like the Coca-Cola Company, Walmart, Hilton, Pepsi, Marriott international, and many other Fortune-500 businesses. They also make products that are suitable for the residential market. The main goal of this company is to keep the environment clean. Hence, it is FDA-registered for importing and distributing essential medical safety products and personal protective equipment.

Fun fact, Cleanlife has been named America’s fastest-growing FDA-registered private company 4 times in a row and one of the Elite northeast Ohio companies 3 times in a row. They have also received the 2017 smart culture award, and are a certified Energy Star partner. This just proves how good of a job they are doing.

LED Drivers Suppliers

#1. MEAN WELL Drivers

Source: https://www.meanwell.com/
  • Business Type: Manufacturers Dedicated To Standard Power Supply Products
  • Established Year: 1982
  • Location: Taiwan, China
  • Products: LED Driver, LED Accessory, Adaptor, Configurable, PV Power, Rack power, Charger

MEAN WELL is one of the few manufacturers in the world that are dedicated to standard power supply products. It has been ranked 4th globally in DC output power supply. Their order of business includes research, design, manufacturing, sale, and customer service; when selling their products and skill. The company aims to work as a reliable and committed partner to suppliers, contractors, employees, and even consumers. It does this to build mutual relationships; based on good intentions and beneficial understanding.

Such relationships have enabled them to grow tremendously over the past three decades. MEAN WELL boasts of having approximately 2800 employees in their headquarters, branches and sales offices, four production bases. They’ve been working diligently and smart to ensure their drivers are the best in the market. As is evident, their purpose is rooted in mutual growth/partnership, quality power supply, reliability from their products, and improving LED lighting systems.

Not to mention, MEAN WELL believes in quality assurance and customer satisfaction. The company is continuously pursuing innovation; while providing the best performance-to-cost value of their standard power supply products. Their vision, as a company, is to balance technology, culture, and environmental protection. They do this to promote innovation, harmony, and a healthy world.

#2. BOKE

BOKE logo
Source: https://bokedriver.com/
  • Business Type: LED Driver Manufacturers
  • Established Year: 2010
  • Location: Dongguan, China
  • Products: LED driver, External Power, Dimmable power (strip), Dimming power (square), and Waterproof power.

BOKE Driver Co., Ltd. has managed to master a variety of LED intelligent technologies and operates as a high-tech enterprise. Its main focus is on the development of technology and innovation of its products to meet every customer’s needs. With over 10 years of experience, Boke has more than 3000 employees who focus on the key components of LED drivers, intelligent LED lighting control, and management of industrial equipment.

Their products are famous for their quality and high performance. They have collaborated with more than 30 international companies to provide creative and high-quality lighting. The company ensures all its products are efficient in saving energy and not harmful to the environment. They have the capabilities to provide innovative solutions to those whose needs are the most demanding. What’s more, BOKE even has a UL and TUV approved Witness Test Data Program laboratory.

This lab carries out chemical analysis, material identification, electrical inspection, optical measurement, safety checks, and reliable evaluations among many other functions. When it comes to customer care, they provide excellent services. Thus, the clientele is guaranteed smooth communication and a good experience. BOKE also offers market protection policies, project consultations, and technology support.

#3. Lifud

Lifud Logo
Source: http://www.lifud.com/
  • Business Type: LED Lighting Drivers Manufacturers
  • Established Year: 2007
  • Location: Shenzhen, China
  • Products: Commercial lighting driver, Industrial lighting driver, Constant voltage driver, Outdoor lighting driver, LED display power supply

Lifud, as a company, has stuck to the principles of responsibility, integrity, and dedication. They are determined to become the leading provider of LED lighting drivers, power supply, and an intelligent system solution. The company offers excellent performance and highly reliable LED drivers. Their smart lighting systems are used in commercial, residential, industrial, and any other environment that requires lighting. Their aim is to turn the world’s lighting into eco-friendly and human-centric lighting.

The company has two factories, one in Shenzhen and another in Sichuan. And it has, recently, expanded to over 70 regions including Europe, America, Middle East, and Southeast Asia. They have a large customer base with over 4000 customers. In fact, every 1.7 seconds, there is a Lifud LED driver being installed or used somewhere in the world. So, why is Lifud popular?

Well, Lifud ensures they are continuously innovating; to satisfy customers’ growing and changing demands. The company often invests in research and technical strength; so that their products are very energy efficient and friendly to the environment. This way, even the quality of life is improved. Their core values are technology, quality, and proper service. And they have ensured every customer gets exactly that. Lifud is planning to build an ecosystem that offers a win-win situation for customers, suppliers, research institutes, and even universities.

9 Useful Tips to Help You Find the Best LED Lighting Supplier & Manufacturer


With so many manufacturers and LED products available today, it’s not easy to find the best-suited lighting solutions for your project.

In fact, even with all the top, trustworthy suppliers discussed above, you’ll still experience difficulty in your search.


Because there are numerous considerations that determine what your ideal fixture will look and function like.


Your choice has to be convenient, cost-effective, reliable, committed, and able to service your order within a short amount of time.

So, how can you find such a manufacturer?

Well, that is what I want to walk you through in this section. So, here are a few awesome, expert tips you can use to find a suitable LED lighting producer.

1. Map Out Your Plan


Before going shopping, you need to have a rough idea of what you are looking for. It’s will be impossible to find fixtures best-suited for your space without first understanding its needs.

And that’s why experts always recommend prior planning.

In this case, planning simply means:

  • Finding out how big your space is.
  • How much light intensity will be needed to fully illuminate the area?
  • How many fixtures will be needed?
  • Where will each fixture be placed?
  • What kind of fixtures?
  • What are their consumption and lumen output ratings?
  • Which features should the fixtures have?
  • And so much more.

Simply put:

Planning allows you to see the entire scope of your project. That way, when you go shopping, you’ll know exactly what your space needs. 

2. Come Up With a Budget

Get this:

While it’s important to understand the needs of your space, business, or intended lighting project, you must also consider your financial capabilities.

Failing to budget can cause you to under or overspend.

And while the former may work to your advantage, the latter means that there are other aspects of the project that will stall due to lack of funds.

You don’t want that, do you?

If so, do a quick online search to get price averages of all the lighting fixtures you want to buy. That way you’ll know how much money you need to execute and successfully complete your project.

Moving on…

3. Come Up With a Short List of 10 Possible Manufacturers/Suppliers


It’s all about finding the right lighting company.

With your budget and project plans in hand, it becomes easier to know which companies will be most suitable.


You just have to answer these three questions…

  1. Do they have the LED lighting fixtures you are looking for?
  2. Are their prices within a reasonable range?
  3. Do they have the capacity to handle your order within a short time?

Any manufacturer that meets these three requirements should be considered a potential candidate.

Pro Tip:

When searching for suitable suppliers, don’t shy away from looking beyond your borders. Sometimes, you can get better deals and quality through importing instead of sourcing from a local supplier.

4. Fine Tune Your Shortlist Down to 3


At this point, you want to shorten your list down from 10 suppliers to the best 3. How should it be done?


It’s all about the merits that each company has over the rest.

For example:

Company A might offer the best quality, Company B has the best prices, Company C can process and ship your order fastest, and so on…

Sometimes, you’ll find manufacturers that have more than one perk over the rest. And when you do, you have to make sure you give them more priority.


To filter out more companies, you need to consider a few things; including –

  • Overall Costs.
  • Shipping Convenience.
  • Access to the Manufacturer.
  • Processing Speed.
  • Current Customer’s Experiences.
  • Offers and Deals.
  • As well as, whether they offer customization services.

Checking these factors will help you shorten your list to the top three most eligible suppliers.

5. Choose the Best Company for You Out of the Top Three


You need to be extra vigilant because mistakes may end up being costly in the long run.

So, how is it done?

Well, it’s all about getting to know each company a little bit more.

You can do that by:

  • Reading Through User/Client Reviewsto see if there are any complaints about the services. And how the company responds to customer and order-related issues. This will help you paint a clearer picture of the kind of services you should expect.
  • Browsing Through Their Website.Does it look professional? Does it highlight every bit of information about the company? Is it neat and organized? And don’t forget to get the manufacturer’s contact information.
  • Making inquiries. Call the company, ask as many questions as you want. Take note of how they respond. Are they polite? Are they more focused on what you need or is the conversation more about when you are going to place the order? Do they sound professional? Are they willing to give you a deal/offer? And so on.
  • Contact a Client.If it’s possible, try reaching out to one of the current/former clients of the company. Let them walk you through their experience. In most cases, you’ll get honest, first-hand answers to all your questions about the company.
  • Pay the Manufacturer a Visit.It’s important to see the site where your order will be processed. Here, you want to check on the manufacturing process, equipment, workforce size, the kind of raw materials they use, how they check for quality, and so on. Luckily, with the wide adoption of video calling, you can take a tour of any factory in the world from the comfort of your home.
  • Do a D&B Check.It’s always good to know the company’s creditworthiness and financial status.

Meeting and talking to the company staff is more than just collecting information. It helps you to decide whether you can comfortably and easily deal with them.


You’ll be 100% sure that they can handle your order with ease and convenience.

6. Ask For Samples


To get a good feel of what you are buying, you need to get samples from the manufacturer.

This allows you to examine the quality, design, and functionalities of the fixture before inking a bulk order.

Remember to check whether the light fixtures meet international regulatory standards.


Check if every feature works as it should. For example, if the light is dimmable, does it dim properly?

Does the fixture’s housing give you assurances on durability, corrosion resistance, and ingress protection?

Are the company’s warranty terms reasonable?


Does the company provide quality testing reports and accurate specifications sheets?

If everything checks out, you can move on to the next tip.

7. Always Inquire about the Turnaround Time


When should you expect delivery of your order?

Simply put, the manufacturer should be able to process, ship, and deliver your fixtures within a reasonable timeframe.

Asking for a sample is always a good way to test this.


If the company fails to send you a sample in time, chances are high that your order delivery will be delayed too.

8. Go Over Shipping and Delivery Options


Before inking a deal, it’s always important to know how the supplier plans on getting your products to you.

Obviously, it should be fast, safe, convenient, and easy for you to get your order.

For importers:

Always check if the manufacturer has made any successful deliveries to your country.

Make sure they are clear on the mode of delivery; i.e. do you pick up the shipment from your landing port or will they ship it to your doorstep?

Knowing all this helps you to prepare yourself mentally, financially, and time-wise.

9. Discuss After-Sale Service, Customer Support, Return Policies, and What Happens If Something Goes Wrong

Here, you want to know:

  • Which after-sale services do they offer?
  • How much support you’ll be entitled to; before, during, and after the purchase?
  • Who will be your liaison?
  • What should you do if you don’t receive your shipment?
  • Which contingencies are in place to curb delays?
  • In case of damaged or wrong product delivery, what’s the manufacturer’s return policy?

And so on…

In Summary

Finding a suitable manufacturer doesn’t always have to be that hard. You just need to have the right information.

Note that finding the right supplier is imperative; it will save you from disappointments, loss, and unwanted delays.

Hopefully, the list of LED manufacturers above simplifies things for you.


If you still can’t find the right company for your project from the list above, the tips we’ve provided will help you get the most suitable one.


You can always count on ShineLong LED Company for the best LED products and the most convenient services. We’ve always got you covered.

Thinking about the environment and you!

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