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UL rating lights

A Know-It-All Guide on UL Rating Lights Let’s face it: We both know that water and electricity are two rivals that cannot coexist. And in the event of them coming into contact, several hazards are posed including: Damaging of the electrical appliance. A fire outbreak. Or dreadful enough, electrocuting a person or pet. For those […]

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Rising costs of raw materials in LED

Rising costs of raw materials in LED The need for more energy efficient lighting and high-performance lighting technologies have lately increased the demand for certain materials considered to be critical in LED industry. This demand has led to an increase in raw material costs, which has, in turn, resulted in an upsurge of price increase throughout

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LED lighting trends in USA

LED lighting trends in the USA Tubes supporting LED technology consume 80% less energy as compared to the incandescent ones, with durability exceeding ten years. Although some LED tubes may be more expensive than the incandescent, the former is more cost effective in the long run since they have minimal maintenance costs in addition to

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