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Alibaba Online// 2020

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About the event

COVID-19, all parties, events, visits will be transferred online. Shinelong used to visit European and American clients twice a year and attend international lighting shows, but this year is so special that none of this will happen. So we pay more attention to the online channel, began to introduce the online factory, live recommendation products. Last Friday’s first live broadcast was a great success, helping many customers solve the problem of not being able to go out and visit China.

This time, we will hold the second live broadcast, hoping to present our LED products through this form, for you to solve the existing project confusion.


Jack Han
Jack Han
Senior LED Lighting Expert
Senior LED Lighting Expert

Live Schedule

We know how valuable your time is, so we scheduled the entire event around product for each lighting solution.
Live Time: 15th Sep. 2020 Beijing 17:00 - 19:00

  • Introducting Over Company 17:00
  • Introdcuting Showroom and Product Lines 17:10
  • Parkade - Best Light for Parking Garage 17:25
  • Rancher - Best Light for Farm 17:40
  • Alpha - Best Light for Warehouse 17:55
  • Slice - Best Office Lighting 18:10
  • Eye - Best Security Light 18:25
  • Reviewing 18:40
  • Ending 18:55
It was a great experience with online introduction of your factory last time. Especially now when we cannot come to China to visit our potential suppliers. Your team did a great job! Really hope to visit your factory in person when COVID-19 situation in the world gets better.
Paul Dean
Lighting Project Manager

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