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Expert T6, LED Tube

Improve Your Lighting by Switching To Our Expert T6 LED Tubes

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CE, RoHS certified


7 Years Warranty

Efficiency options: 120lm/w , 140lm/w

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Expert T6, Features

Expert T6, Description

It doesn’t take much to figure out how inefficient and costly it is to use T5 fluorescent lights nowadays. If you’ve been using these light fixtures, then you probably know how annoying they can be at times. From their incessant flickering and delayed switching on to the fact that they always break down every now and then, it easy to see why you’d need a better alternative. Fortunately, with our expert T6 LED tubes, you no longer have to bear with the inconveniences that come with using fluorescent lights. Now, you may be asking; why should you switch to ShineLong’s T6 LED tubes? Well, here are a few reasons why.

Our T6 LED tubes are not only better than their fluorescent T5 versions but also very strong and durable. They can last for over 70,000 hours and come with a 7-year warranty. Also, they are made from the best materials – a Mitsubishi PC cover, #6060 Aluminum housing, and an AL PCB Board – to ensure that they are eco-friendly and fully shielded from damages, corrosion, and premature aging. They also have an internal driver that’s responsible for ensuring that our tubes don’t flicker hence offering you more convenience. And that’s not all!

In terms of energy efficiency, our T6 LED tubes to operate at 120lm/W or 140lm/W efficiency. This means that you get to spend less on better and sufficient lighting. In addition, these tubes come in different colors including warm, cool and purple shades of white. Because of this, you can use them in quite a number of areas including homes, offices, commercial spaces, malls, warehouses, hotels, and so on. If you combine the conveniences, performance benefits, and easy/affordable migration process, you’ll realize that switching to our Expert T6 LED tubes may be the best decision ever. If so, contact us right now to get your FREE quote or to learn more about these awesome tubes and their benefits.

Expert T6, Data Sheet

Expert T6 Dimension
Article NumberSL-T62X10-108-XSL-T64X20-240-XSL-T65X20-264-XSL-T65X25-288-X
Size549 x 23.5 mm1149 x 23.5 mm1449 x 23.5 mm1449 x 23.5 mm
Power10 W20 W25 W30 W
Beam Angle120°120°120°120°
CRI> 80> 80> 80> 80
AC Input100~240 V100~240 V100~240 V100~240 V
DC Output30~40V30~40V30~40V30~40V
SDCM< 3< 3< 3< 3
Efficiency(±5%)120 lm/w120 lm/w120 lm/w120 lm/w
Lumen Output1150~1250 lm2300~2500 lm3875~3125 lm3450~3750 lm
Packing info25 pcs/ctn25 pcs/ctn25 pcs/ctn25 pcs/ctn
Carton Size610*190*195 mm1210*190*195 mm1510*190*195 mm1510*190*195 mm
20’GP360 CTNs266 CTNs201 CTNs201 CTNs
40’GP750 CTNs557 CTNs412 CTNs412 CTNs
40’HQ913 CTNs639 CTNs500 CTNs500 CTNs


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