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Top 10 LED Panel Lights Manufacturer in Spain

LED panel lights have become popular around the world. Especially for businesses since they need to have good lighting all the time. Panel lights become common since it is a great solution for bay lighting. It’s mostly installed in commercial buildings as well as in workshops to illuminate the area better.

Panel lights hold multiple lights and they are spaced evenly. That way, the light distribution will be even. It’s one of the reasons why commercial spaces are using this type of lighting fixture. Individual light bulbs can’t do it the same way as how the panel lights. Using just one bulb will not be enough.

The modern panel lights are now available in LEDs. The light-emitting diodes provide more benefits since it is more energy-efficient. It’s the best alternative for fluorescent lights since they are more stable. Commercial facilities will benefit from using LED panel lights. It can lift the mood and performance of their employees.

LED panel light manufacturer Spain


Airis logo

Source: https://www.airisled.es/

  • Location: Spain
  • Year Founded: 2003
  • Company Type: Manufacturing
  • Key Products: LED panel lights

AIRIS offers different lighting fixtures including LED panel lights. They promise to provide their customers energy-efficient lighting solutions. That’s why they monitor their customer’s electric consumption even after-sales. So that they can make sure that their products can help you save right from the start.

They have 17 years of experience when it comes to lighting areas around Spain. AIRIS was able to carry out more than 2,000 installations already. They also have a testing facility to ensure that their products work for their customers.

Aside from that, they also have commercial support as well as technical advice. It will provide the guarantee of our installation. But more than anything, all their lighting fixtures are guaranteed to last for at least 3 years. It will provide you more than your money’s worth.


  • Location: China
  • Year Founded: 2010
  • Company Type: Manufacturer & Supplier
  • Key Products: LED panel lights

They are known to be the top-notch and high-tech LED panel manufacturing in China. Although they extend their products around the world. Therefore, they are also considered as one of the top LED panel lights manufacturers in Spain.

ShineLong uses high-quality pure gold wire LEDs. It includes other raw materials such as #6063 aluminum. That will ensure that their LED panel lights will work better than their competitors. They also offer a lifetime service warranty for their customers.

Their goal is to help their customers’ businesses to grow. That’s by providing them high-quality LED panel lights that they can use for a long time. It will help the customers save time and money as they bring them innovative and customized lighting solutions.

Secom Lighting SL

Secom Lighting logo

Source: https://secom.es/

  • Location: Spain
  • Year Founded: 1989
  • Company Type: Manufacturer
  • Key Products: LED panel lights

Secom was founded in 1989 and they were able to bring value to every link from the lighting marketing chain. Their main focus is to design, manufacture, and market different lighting sources. They have the latest and innovative development when it comes to LED technology.

With their 30 years of experience, the company has already established itself as the leading company from the European lighting sector. That’s all because of their architects, engineers, installers, distributors, and customers. Currently, they sell their products in five continents.

Artesolar Iluminación

Artesolar logo

Source: https://www.artesolar.com/

  • Location: Spain
  • Year Founded: 2010
  • Company Type: Manufacturer
  • Key Products: LED panel lights

Artesolar designs, manufactures, markets, and distributes LED lighting. They have an Engineering and Support department that researches light efficiencies for their clients. The company offers the most efficient alternative to cost consumption lighting balance.

The company always makes sure to listen and collect every suggestion from everyone around them. They also make sure to incorporate those suggestions in their design chain. That helps them to create luminaires that can adapt to everybody’s needs. They are one of the top LED panel lights manufacturers in Spain.


JISO logo

Source: https://jisoiluminacion.es/

  • Location: Spain
  • Year Founded: 2001
  • Company Type: Manufacturer
  • Key Products: LED panel lights

This LED panel lights manufacturer in Spain has almost twenty years of commercial experience. They have been in the technical lighting sector for about two decades. That’s why you can already consider JISO ILUMINACION an expert in LED lighting.

They are passionate about providing their clients the lighting they need. This manufacturer designs both indoor and outdoor luminaires. It includes luminaires, light sources, high-quality and the latest LED regulation and control systems.

They are one of the best-LED panel lights manufacturers in Spain since they always have original designs. They also have the latest designs that will make your lighting projects at home better. It also includes commercial places, businesses, and even public spaces. Their goal is to offer innovative luminaires for their clients.



Source: https://ledisson.com/

  • Location: Spain
  • Year Founded: 2007
  • Company Type: Manufacturing
  • Key Products: LED panel lights

LEDISSON is a leading Spanish company that manufactures and offers LED lights. They have started the manufacture and marketing of LED lighting products for professional use. That’s why they are one of the top LED panel manufacturers in Spain.

LED was rarely marketed in Spain back in 2007. But LEDISSON went for this technology and developed specific products meant for the professional sector. Their vision and the continuous development of both the company and their product, made them stand out.

The company positioned itself as a reference brand around the market. Their policy was based on two aspects. The first is to design the product with very reliable components. Then offer a wide range of technical advisory. They also optimize the lighting installation for their clients.

Kadylux Electronics SL

Source: http://www.kadylux.com/

  • Location: Spain
  • Year Founded: 2011
  • Company Type: Manufacturing
  • Key Products: LED panel lights

Kadylux Electronics SL is located in the southeast area of Spain. It was established in 2011 by a professional group. They all have more than 25 years of experience in the lighting sector. This group is responsible for the development of a dimmer push button that activates light from the 90s.

Since then, their products have evolved and adapted to the way people live. The company focused mainly on developing products that will stand out. This innovation involves energy-saving luminaires that provide a great user experience. Their goal is to make people’s lives easier by offering better lighting solutions.

This LED lights manufacturer develops and manufactures its products. They choose the raw material that will be ideal for achieving the best performance of the product. The company makes sure to improve every day which made them popular about their lighting products.

Antonio López Garrido SA

Antonio logo

Source: https://algsa.es/

  • Location: Spain
  • Year Founded: 1971
  • Company Type: Manufacturing
  • Key Products: LED panel lights

This company has a long history since it was founded in 1971. Antonio López Garrido dedicated his whole life to developing lighting.

Also known as ALG, it’s composed of a team of professionals. It was dedicated and specialized for distribution and commercialization.

They distribute and commercialize these innovative electrical and electronic components. Products such as lamps and LED components are included in the lighting industry. ALG headquarters are located in Quart De Poblet De Valencia, Spain. It has a long tradition of manufacturing and designing luminaires.

The company’s mission is to improve the lives of its clients. They have almost 50 years of experience with innovation and lighting. ALG is also the first when it comes to low consumption and energy-saving LED lights. They are the pioneers of offering LED bulbs in Spain.

ThreeLine Technology

ThreeLine logo

Source: https://www.threeline.es/

  • Location: Spain
  • Year Founded: 2006
  • Company Type: Manufacturing
  • Key Products: LED panel lights

In 2006, this LED panel light manufacturer started in Almansa, Spain. Started as a lighting electronics company, they evolved and became specialists when it comes to LED lighting. ThreeLine designs and develops its CE-marked products.

That way, they are compliant with the current safety and electromagnetic compatibility regulations. Their main objective is to provide great quality and highly efficient lighting. In addition, they want to achieve more than 80% of energy savings.

ThreeLine understands that the investment in R&D development will be the pillar of their future.  Together with their technical department, they can work with the other company. That way, they can develop different innovative lighting products. It will make the lives of many to be more effortless.

Globe Light

Globelight logo

Source: https://globelight.es/

  • Location: Spain
  • Year Founded: 1911
  • Company Type: Manufacturing
  • Key Products: LED panel lights

GlobeLight offers professional lighting solutions. They were able to adapt to modern times for both interior and exterior lighting. The company accepts interior design projects, industrial, architectural, and for illuminating large spaces. It also includes public and sports lighting.

They usually collaborate with global lighting projects from a professional perspective. It’s a company that’s dedicated to the sector for LED lighting and energy efficiency. They are within the Globe business group that was created by Globeservice who serves all over Spain.

GlobeLight manufactures lighting fixtures in their factory and combines their designs with different brands. These are all international and prestigious brands such as Philips, Meanwell, Nichia, and Cree. They collaborate with these brands for global projects which makes them more experienced in the lighting sector.


Those are the top 10 LED panel lights manufacturers in Spain. If you need to get lighting solutions to your home or business, you already know where to go. These manufacturers can be accessed on their websites. So you don’t have to worry that you may not be able to discuss your needs.

The best part is even if you’re not located in Spain, you can still buy your LED panels lights from them. They all serve different countries and continents so you can make sure that you will get the lighting solution you need. The best part is that these manufacturers have been around for a long time.

It’s important that you can trust the LED panel lights manufacturer. If it’s your first time being assigned to deal with the luminaires, it can be challenging. Without knowing, where to begin, can also add to your dilemma. But since you already have the top 10 list,  you can just choose from them.

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