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Commercial LED High Bay Lights - Enjoy bright and uniform lighting.

Commercial High Bay LED Lights - What is High Bay LED Lighting
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What is High Bay LED Lighting?

High Bay LED Lighting is a type of lighting designed for use in high ceilings, such as in warehouses, factories, and other industrial settings. High Bay LED Lighting is designed to provide a bright, efficient, and long-lasting light to a larger area than traditional lighting. The LED light is more energy efficient, generates less heat, and has a much longer lifespan than traditional lighting sources.

What are the types of high bay led lighting?

1. Linear High Bay LED Lighting

2. UFO High Bay LED Lighting

3. Round/Cylindrical High Bay LED Lighting

4. Low Profile High Bay LED Lighting

5. Explosion Proof High Bay LED Lighting

6. Smart High Bay LED Lighting

Benefits of LED High Bay Lights

1. Long Lifespan – LED high bay lights have a longer lifespan than traditional lighting, up to 50,000 hours compared to 8,000-10,000 hours.

2. Low Maintenance – LED lights require minimal maintenance and cleaning, since there are no bulbs to replace or filters to clean.

3. High Efficiency – LED high bay lights are up to 80% more efficient than traditional lighting, helping to reduce energy costs.

4. Improved Safety – LED lights provide improved safety due to their low heat output and lack of hazardous materials.

5. Enhanced Quality – LED lights provide a higher quality of light, making it easier to see and work in.

6. Flexible Options – LED high bay lights come in a variety of styles and sizes, making it easy to find one that fits your space and needs.

7. Environmentally Friendly – LED lights are more energy efficient and don’t contain any mercury or other harmful chemicals, making them more environmentally friendly than traditional lighting.

8. Reduced Glare – LED lights create less glare, making it easier to work in areas with high ceilings.

9. Reduced Heat – LED lights produce substantially less heat than traditional lighting, reducing the need for additional cooling.

10. Cost Savings – LED lights require less energy and maintenance, resulting in lower long-term costs.

Key features to consider before buying high bay led lights

1. Lumen output: Lumen output is a measure of the brightness of the light, and it’s important to consider when buying high bay LED lights. Higher lumen output will deliver a brighter light, which is perfect for areas with high ceilings or large spaces.

2. Color temperature: The color temperature of the light is important to consider when choosing high bay LED lights. A cooler color temperature (around 3000K) can create a more relaxing atmosphere, while a higher color temperature (around 5000K) can create a more energizing atmosphere.

3. Beam angle: The beam angle of the light is important to consider when buying high bay LED lights. A wider beam angle (around 120 degrees) will provide a wider coverage area, which is perfect for large spaces. A narrower beam angle (around 30 degrees) will provide more focused light, which is perfect for spaces with higher ceilings.

4. Energy efficiency: LED lights are more energy efficient than traditional lighting options, and it’s important to consider when buying high bay LED lights. Look for LED lights with a high energy efficiency rating, as this will help reduce energy costs in the long run.

5. Warranty: When buying high bay LED lights, it’s important to consider the warranty offered. A longer warranty will ensure that your lights are covered in the event that they malfunction or need to be replaced. Look for a warranty of at least 5 years.

Key features of ShineLong’s high bay led lights

1. High efficiency: ShineLong’s high bay LED lights are designed to be highly efficient, using up to 80% less energy than traditional lighting solutions.

2. Long life: ShineLong’s LED lights have an expected lifetime of up to 50,000 hours.

3. Versatility: ShineLong’s LED lights are available in a variety of wattages and light distributions, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

4. Low maintenance: ShineLong’s LED lights require minimal maintenance, making them an ideal choice for busy commercial environments.

5. Cost-effectiveness: ShineLong’s LED lights offer a significantly lower total cost of ownership when compared to traditional lighting solutions.

How to install high bay led lights

1. Turn off the power to the fixture.

2. Unscrew the old lamp or light fixture and remove it from the ceiling.

3. Remove the base of the old fixture.

4. Cut off the old mounting hardware and remove it from the ceiling.

5. Install the new mounting hardware for the high bay LED light fixture.

6. Attach the new light fixture to the mounting hardware.

7. Connect the power cables to the new light fixture.

8. Turn on the power and test the new light fixture.

High Bay LED Lights – FAQs

What is high bay LED lighting?

High bay LED lighting is a type of lighting that is used in industrial and commercial settings. It is typically used in places with high ceilings, such as warehouses and factories, and is designed to provide bright, energy-efficient lighting. The LED bulbs used in high bay lighting are more efficient than traditional bulbs and can last much longer. High bay LED lighting is also designed to be adjustable, allowing for different angles, brightness levels, and colors.

Should You Use Lighting Controls With High Bay LED Lights?

Yes, lighting controls are recommended when using high bay LED lights due to their energy-efficiency and ability to adjust the level of light throughout the day. Lighting controls can be used to adjust the brightness of the lights, change the color temperature, schedule when the lights are on or off, and even control the lighting in different areas of a space. Lighting controls are an excellent way to maximize the energy-efficiency of high bay LED lights.

Where is LED High Bay Lighting Used?

LED high bay lights are typically used in industrial and commercial settings, such as warehouses, factories, and large retail stores. They are designed to provide a high level of illumination in large, open spaces, such as those found in warehouses and factories. High bay LED lights are also often used in parking garages, outdoor arenas, and stadiums.

What are the different wattages for High Bay Lights?

The wattage of a high bay light depends on the size of the space that needs to be illuminated and the desired level of illumination. Generally, high bay lights range from 50 watts to 1000 watts. For smaller spaces, such as retail stores or office buildings, 50-200 watt high bay lights may be sufficient. For larger areas such as warehouses and factories, 500-1000 watt high bay lights are often recommended.

What are LED high bay lights used for?

LED high bay lights are used in many commercial and industrial settings, including warehouses, factories, and other large spaces with high ceilings. High bay LED lighting is designed to provide efficient and effective lighting to create a comfortable and safe working environment. It is also used in shops, supermarkets, and other retail spaces. High bay LED lighting is becoming increasingly popular due to its energy efficiency, long lifespan, and adjustable brightness and color settings.

How many LED high bay lights do I need?

The number of LED high bay lights you need depends on the size and layout of your space. Generally, you should aim to have one light for every 10-15 feet of linear space. Additionally, you should consider the height of your ceilings and the amount of ambient light in the space. As a rule of thumb, you should have one light for every 10-15 feet of height.

What is the lighting method used in high bay areas?

The most common lighting method used in high bay areas is indirect lighting. This is because it produces a softer, more evenly distributed light that is less harsh and easier on the eyes. Indirect lighting also reduces glare, which can be a problem in areas with high ceilings. Additionally, indirect lighting is more energy-efficient than direct lighting and can help to save on electricity costs.

How long do LED High Bay lights last?

LED high bay lights typically last upwards of 50,000 hours, or about 5-10 years of continuous use. This is significantly longer than traditional lighting, which typically lasts about 1-2 years. LED technology is designed to be energy-efficient and long-lasting, making it the ideal choice for commercial and industrial lighting applications.

What is a high bay shop light?

A high bay shop light is a type of lighting specifically designed for use in high-ceilinged commercial and industrial settings. High bay shop lights are typically more powerful than regular shop lights, providing more illumination in larger spaces. They are often adjustable, allowing you to customize the angle, brightness, and color of the light. High bay shop lights are also designed to be energy-efficient, helping to reduce electricity costs.

What are the best high bay led lights?

The best high bay LED lights depend on your lighting needs and budget. Some of the most popular options include ShineLong, Philips Lumileds, Cree Lighting, and Dialight. Each of these companies offer a variety of models to suit different requirements and budgets. When choosing a high bay LED light, it’s important to consider the wattage, efficacy, beam angle, and color temperature.

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