January 2018

Why commercial LED lighting?


Why Should You Use LED Lights on Your Commercial Premises? LED (light emitting diodes) lights are the state of the art technology when it comes to lighting solutions. Since they were introduced to the market, it has become common knowledge that these lights are more beneficial when compared to traditional lighting solutions - [...]

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November 2017

LED Lights and Environment


LED Lights and Environment Every person should feel part and parcel towards the conservation of our surroundings. The conservation can only be achieved if people perform their activities in ways that don’t cause harmful effects on the environment.  Various governments are concerned about the increasing levels of global warming which is as a [...]

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Why LED light?


Why big and small economies should switch to LED Lighting technology? With LEDs emerging literally as bright spots in the modern lighting industry, switching from conventional lighting to LEDs is worth all the effort for big or small economies. LEDs are cost-effective, has the extended lifespan, and require minimal maintenance. It is estimated [...]

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August 2017

Commercial lighting


LED Lights Technology in Commercial Lighting Commercial lighting accounts for a huge proportion of the total energy consumption in most countries. In the U.S, for instance, 40% of the total energy consumption is as a result of lighting commercial buildings.  Conventional incandescent bulbs are to blame for the high energy consumption. Incandescent bulbs [...]

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June 2017

LED future


Is the future of LEDs technology bright? There has been a significant shift in the lighting industry over the past recent years thanks to LED technology. LED lights are known for their long life, low carbon emissions, efficiency and quality of light which is part of the reason that has helped it gain [...]

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ShineLong Going Public


ShineLong Going Public With price increase in energy and growing demand for sustainability, there has been an increased demand for high-efficiency and environmentally friendly lighting. This demand can now be met by LED lighting technology brought about by recent advances in LED manufacturing such as ShineLong. ShineLong is one of the global players [...]

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