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Railway Station Lighting

Railway Station Lighting plays an essential role in the safety of passengers, both entering and exiting the station. Without good lighting, you can’t see stairs and handrails which, in turn, can lead to accidents.

Railway Station Lighting is an essential part of any train station. A company that has been at the forefront of this industry for many years and is known for providing the best quality lighting solutions to train stations is ShineLong.

ShineLong is the leading provider of train station lighting. We provide superior quality, simple installation, and complete customer satisfaction. Our mission is to make rail travel safer, more reliable, and more comfortable for everyone. Contact ShineLong for a free quote today!

Train Station

Features of Rancher Mini Tubular Lights for Train Station Lighting

Rancher Mini Tubular Lights for train station has the following features;

  • IP66 Waterproof, IK10 Protection, 94V0 materials
  • Smaller Diameter 40mm Exquisite Design
  • Patent cylinder design, PC housing & Aluminum board & Stainless steel caps, and clips
  • SMD2835 LED Light Source with Global Patent Protection
  • Linkable, S316 components
  • Flicker-free internal driver
  • High Efficacy, 120~140 lumens per watt (+/-5%)
  • With Aluminum Rebreather
  • L80B10 life space of 50,000 Hours (@ Ta = 25°C)
  • PC material – UV Resistance
  • 5 Years Warranty

Full Solutions from Custom Train Station Lighting Manufacturers

Custom Color Temperature

ShineLong offers a variety of different color and temperature options to provide a safe, welcoming, and bright environment for train stations. Some examples are: Warm white 3045±175K; Natural White 3985±275K; Pure White 5029±283K; Cool White 6065±415K

Custom Length

ShineLong provides high-quality train station lighting for the safety of employees and passengers. There are various lengths and prices for each product so that you can find one that suits your budget best. We offer train station lighting of the following lengths: 600 mm, 1200 mm, 1500 mm.

Custom Efficacy Version

ShineLong has been providing the best train station lighting solutions for many years and has been able to guarantee passengers will always remain safe and secure. Custom efficacy version of Rancher Mini Tubular Lights for train station lighting comes in two forms: frosted PC cover standard 120~130lm/w version, and premium 130~140lm/w version.

Custom Function

ShineLong's Rancher Mini Tubular Lights provide an ideal luminous and comfortable environment for employees and passengers. The custom functions of Rancher Mini Tubular Lights are: 0/1-10V dimmable, DALI control, and emergency.

Custom Packaging

ShineLong's Rancher Mini Tubular Lights for train station has eco-friendly custom packaging. Custom packaging is available in various Carton sizes, Lengths, and N.W. (CTN). Packaging has the following features: custom label, laser logo, and printed outer box.

Custom Power Supply

To maintain proper lighting at the train station without any hindrance, ShineLong offers the following custom power supplies: Meanwell, Osram, Philips, Lifud, Tridonic, and Boke.

Quality Rancher Mini Tubular Lights for Train Station Lighting

Shinelong is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality and cost-effective Rancher Mini Tubular Lights for Train Station Lighting. Our lights are designed to provide long service life, low maintenance, and energy efficiency.

Rancher mini tubular light is a high-quality product due to IP66 waterproof, IK10 protection, patent cylinder design, PC housing & aluminum board & stainless steel caps and clips, SMD2835 led light source with global patent protection, and L80B10 life space of 50,000 hours (@ TA = 25°c).

These features and 5 years of warranty prove that Mini Tubular Lights are a very high-quality product available on the market.

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Best in Train Station Lighting Factory

ShineLong is a professional LED lighting factory, which has been in this field for more than 10 years. Our factory is the best-LED lighting factory in China, promising the best and most affordable store lighting solutions.  We want to provide the world with the best quality products. That is why we offer quality, research, and development plan to guarantee that it happens successfully.

We have an excellent design process that ensures our output is always of high quality. All our products have been safety tested and approved by renowned authorities like UL, TUV-GS, SAA, and CE. With the help of ShineLong, you can customize your train station to match what you need. Contact us today for more details!

Customer-based Train Station Lighting Design

ShineLong is a professional LED lighting supplier. It specializes in LED train station lighting design and supplies high-quality LED-based Train Station Lighting for railway stations and other public places. We are a one-stop shop for customers looking for a complete solution.

ShineLong’s customer-based Train Station Lighting Design is an innovative station modernization solution. It utilizes LED technology to create a brighter environment that is more energy-efficient and sustainable. It offers a high-quality Train Station Lighting service, from feasibility studies to individual lighting designs for passenger platforms. We have the knowledge and skills to provide for your needs.

Why Choose ShineLong Rancher Mini Tubular Lights For Train Station Lighting?

ShineLong Rancher Mini Tubular Lights are the perfect way to illuminate your train station. These lights are energy-efficient, with a life span of 50,000 hours. They’re also are IP66 waterproof and have a patent cylinder design. It also has PC housing and aluminum board & stainless steel caps and clips. It is a high Efficacy, 120~140 lumens per watt (+/-5%), product. Its PC material is UV Resistance and it comes with 5 years warranty.

With certifications from highly trustworthy regulatory authorities, Rancher Mini Tubular Lights are the most prestigious on the market. If you need to buy lights for a railway station, look no further than ShineLong. We offer a wide selection of quality lights that last a long time and provide a bright, beautiful glow.

Train Station Lighting Suppliers Since 2010

ShineLong is the best train station lighting supplier since 2010. We own a total of 20000 square meters in usable area with 2 buildings. In this building, we have 20 assembly lines equipped with 10 SMT machines, 4 automatic aging machines for LED panels, and 1 quality control lab.

We have a professional R&D team that can provide customers with high-quality LED train station lighting products and solutions. We prioritize excellence in product and service quality. Are you looking for the perfect lighting for the train station? ShineLong’s Rancher Mini Tubular Lights are a perfect choice.

Wholesale Train Station Lighting Manufacturer

ShineLong is a leading wholesaler and manufacturer of high-quality train station lighting in China. It is one of the most trustworthy LED train station lighting manufacturers due to its strict quality control process to ensure every product is of high quality. With years of experience in designing and manufacturing unique products, we can offer you products at competitive prices.

Looking for wholesale train station LED lights? Sure you are! Thanks to our one-stop shop, the process of buying the right lights at low prices has never been easier. Contact us today!

Buy Train Station Lighting in Bulk

Lighting is a crucial part of any railway station. Rancher mini tubular light is the best light for the train station. Whether you are looking to buy train station lighting in bulk or just a few, we have the perfect solution for you. Our lights come with a 5 years warranty. Explore our website and find out more about our products. Get in touch with us!

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