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T5 Tube LED Light

T5 LEDs – a Cost-Effective Way to Light Up Your Commercial Space

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CE, RoHS certified


3 Years Warranty

Non-dimming, triac dimming, 0~10v dimming  version available

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T5, Features

T5, Description

It’s quite unfortunate that up to today, there are still a number of people struggling to keep their commercial spaces illuminated by using old T5 fluorescent luminaries. These lights are not only ineffective by also low-performance lighting solutions. If you are one those people and you’re looking for ways to reduce your lighting expenses, then you need to switch to ShineLong’s energy-efficient and durable T5 LED tube light fixtures. These fixtures are designed to save you money in more ways than one.

For instance, due to the fact that our T5 LED tubes can be installed into T5 fluorescent light holders, there is no need for new wiring and fixture setups hence saving you cash that you’d have used to purchase wiring items, pay the electrician, as well as your time. Also, thanks to their high energy efficiency rating – 100~110lm/W – our LED tubes offer you more luminous efficacy at a very low power consumption rate which clearly translates to reduced power bills – by up to 70%. And that’s not all! ShineLong T5 LED tube light fixtures to last for years which means you won’t have to worry about replacing these LED lighting fixtures for a long time.

Moreover, installing and maintaining our LED tubes is quite easy. You won’t have to put up with common issues like delayed lighting, flickering, noise, UV exposure, toxicity, and other problems associated with T5 fluorescents.  Due to the fact that these fixtures come in different wattages and lengths, it’s easy for you to find that blends seamlessly into your lighting needs. Basically, our LED tubes offer you more convenience, affordability, better lighting, and durability than any other fluorescent tubes in the market. Therefore, don’t wait any longer. Choose to upgrade your lighting now in order to enjoy the benefits of using ShineLong LEDs in your commercial space. We have a FREE and competitively-priced quote just for you.

T5, Data Sheet

T5 Dimension
Article NumberSL-T52X10-60-XSL-T53X12-72-XSL-T54X20-108-XSL-T55X30-192-X
Size600 mm900 mm1200 mm1500 mm
Power10 W12 W20 W30 W
Beam Angle120°120°120°120°
CRI> 80> 80> 80> 80
Working Voltage
DC 30~40VDC 30~40VDC 30~40VDC 30~40V
SDCM< 4< 4< 4< 4
Efficiency(±5%)90~100 lm/w100~110 lm/w100~110 lm/w100~110 lm/w
Lumen Output900~1000 lm1100~1300 lm1900~2100 lm2900~3200 lm
Packing info56 pcs/ctn56 pcs/ctn56 pcs/ctn56 pcs/ctn
Carton Size73*45*24 cm103*45*24 cm133*45*24 cm163*45*24 cm
20’GP360 CTNs266 CTNs201 CTNs168 CTNs
40’GP750 CTNs557 CTNs412 CTNs357 CTNs
40’HQ913 CTNs639 CTNs500 CTNs399 CTNs


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