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Home > After Sales Service – High quality LED lights
Home > After Sales Service – High quality LED lights

After-Sales Service

At ShineLong, our relationship with the customers does not end at the successful delivery of LED products. We take the delivery process as just the beginning of building our strong relationship with our clients. We build a long-lasting relationship with our clients so that whenever they have the need for customized lighting you think of a reliable LED light supplier. We usually follow up on all our customers weekly to check that the lights are in good condition as we always promise.

Why do we do after-sales service?

After selling our LED lights product to our customers we do not just keep quiet we follow on them to check if they have any questions or problems regarding the product. We have a strong team of after-sales departments who do follow-ups on our customers to make sure that we meet all the satisfaction they needed. ShineLong does follow-ups on the client to make sure that we maintain the existing trust and build a very strong relationship. We have a qualified team that if you have any problem regarding our products, they make sure that they sort you on time so that you achieve your intended mission of our LED lights.

Having been in existence for the past 10 years we know what is necessary to be done for our valued customers and that’s why we make sure we do the follow-ups after delivering our products. The full satisfaction of the customer is not only delivering quality products on time but also following up on them to ensure that the product serves the required purpose.

Service and selling strategies at the time of sales

After-sales services at ShineLong start from the moment we receive an order from our customer even before we deliver. The first thing we do is thank the customer for the business, confirm with you the day you need the products and add the contacts to our system for easy communication. Having a good strategy for after-sale service is good because it enables the company to gain customer loyalty. At this stage, we explain to our client our refund policy such as warranties and refunds.


At ShineLong we believe that customers remember the business that provides good customer service. The first thing we do during follow-ups is ask the customer if the goods were delivered in a good mode and on time. Inquiring about this from the client is very important because they will understand how much we value them and are happy for choosing to work with us. The second thing we do is check up on the installation of the LED lights. If our customer has any problem in installing our product then we use the opportunity to explain to you the procedure of installing and keeping getting the tips of maintaining our durable lights. The next thing is inquiring from our customers if they have any questions or feedback to ShineLong. This enables our company to know where we need to improve and assist the customer in all ways possible for full satisfaction. Our customer service team makes sure that they refer you to our online service so that you can ask anything at any time. We always promise to make follow-ups every week to make sure that everything is working according to the customer’s demand. ShineLong provides follow-up services to all our existing clients for us to have a strong bond.

Build customers loyalty

Having customer loyalty is very important. Most customers appreciate personalized attention and care and that is why it is important to follow up on the clients to gain more trust. When talking with the client we make sure we have all the background information including the name so that you feel more valued and appreciated. Whenever we have discounts or promotions, we make sure that our valued customers are the first to know. By doing so you will feel loved and required in the company because we always prioritize you. We offer rewards to the new customer referrals to make sure that we all enjoy the quality LED lights and get the everlasting solution to the lighting problem despite different projects.

High quality LED lights warranty

You have been asking yourself if ShineLong offers a high quality LED lights warranty. We value all our clients and we make sure that all our clients are satisfied by giving out warranties. Despite providing the best value for your money we also make sure that you have a warranty in case of any problem. As the leading manufacturers of high quality LED lights we offer Five years warranty for the products certified by TUV, VDE, ENEC, UL, DLC, SAA, UKCA, CE, RoHS, ShineLong calculates all the warranties from the date of shipment.

Our warranty periods for the light fixture components all parts, option kits, maintenance kits, spare kits, and accessories shall be free from defective workmanship and materials for the period of five years and three months for the products certified by TUV, VDE, ENEC, UL, DLC, SAA, UKCA, CE and RoHS. All the warranty will be calculated effective date of the shipment.

What our warranty means for you?

If by any chance during the period of specified warranty and ShineLong product proves to be defective and or fails under normal circumstances and applications, ShineLong shall at its option during the warranty period repair or replace the defective products for free. We shall also shoulder the responsibility for any transportation fees that may arise from our company to your location of residence. In case of any other costs incurred, we shall settle through negation with our valued customer.

When is our warranty void to you?

Your product warranty becomes void and shall not apply in specific cases/events, including but not limited to:

  • Any modification of the product(s) after it has been shipped out.
  • Improper usage or incurring damages due to faulty installation.
  • When the product gets damaged by accident, abuse, neglect, or improper handling.
  • Damage by third-party components, accessories, or services not specified in the product’s documentation; and or
  • Any act of nature that is beyond our abilities including – but not limited to – fire, flood, power failure or surge, or any other force beyond ShineLong’s reasonable control.
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